Thursday, April 15, 2010

Huffington Post Special Report: Lieberman On Nuclear Weapons

Our good friend Huff-Watcher alerted us to a long thread earlier this week in the "Politics" section of the Huffington Post. The thread is entitled "Lieberman: Obama Won't Get Nukes Treaty Without Major Changes."
Basically what Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn) had to say was that he didn't think President Obama would have the votes necessary to pass the arms control treaty without "major changes." Now, Lieberman has never been the most popular senator among the Huffington Post readership, and not entirely without good reason. That being said, he is also a prominent Jewish senator, and many of the Huffington Post talkbackers crossed the line into blatant anti-Semitism. Mostly the "dual loyalty" kind, as we have come to expect. Our good friends azcowman (RIP), jeanrenoir and Fireslayer made an appearance, though there were others. Huff-Watcher collected most of the following comments from the unmoderated thread. Click below to read the results.

For everybody but themselves. [There is a book that chronicles the war crime$ of the HBRWS. They wrote it themselves.]

"Would somebody please take Fredo out in a row boat?" [By the way, this guy formerly known as "kevenseven" is quite proud of the fact that police had visited his home after he made threats against government officials. Apparently he continues to do so.]

"You're exactly right. Ever since 1980, when they threw in with Reagan and the far right, after having been lifelong Democrats and liberals, or, earlier, socialists outright, the neocons have literally tried to control the foreign policy of every single White House for Israel. Until Obama, the only one that successfully resisted them was Bush I, and he had so much Texas oil money behind him, he didn't have to worry about rich far-right, ultra-Zionist Jewish contributors. But all the rest--Reagan, Clinton, and Likud's sock puppet, Bush II, who invaded Iraq on the basis of cynical lies to achieve "regime change" for Likud, not us--were utterly in the pocket of Likud, because of rich, right-wing Jewish donors. Gore sold out to these Zionist donors in taking Lieberman EXACTLY as McCain sold out to them in taking Palin, Bill Kristol's dream come true, another moron like Bush, who was immediately given a neocon to fill her totally blank cranium with the kind of far-right Zionist madness she regurgitated to Chris Wallace a few weeks back, when she recommended that Obama could improve his poll numbers by "playing the war card" and invading Iran!! So, yeah, the sainted Gore, just like Bill Clinton, and just like AIPAC's favorite Hillary, was destined for total control by Likud, with Lieberman being his Cheney. In fact, with Lieberman there on 9/11, Gore would have ultimately been just as pressured to invade Iraq as Bush II was."

"What because having 1500 nukes is not enough?
Joe Liebermann is not an American citizen, what he does is not for the greater good of the American people and this country but for Israel.
Iran is not and probally will never be threat to the U.S. and the missile defense is still fighting a war that ended 20 years ago."

"Still putting Isreal's interests before those of the USA. Lieberman belongs in the cell next to Jonathan Pollard."
[response: "True true lol."]

"Lieberman is always willing to carry out the tasks assigned by AIPAC."

"Israel is the chosen people" is a maxim they have chosen. They aren't, and even the Bible tells them that they aren't. It's convenient for them to say it is so, but the Bible doesn't even tell them it is So."

"Lieberman is at the end of his career. He'll be gone after the next election. He has a job lined up as a lobbyist for AIPAC and as a commentator on Fake-A** news, so why should he care? He is already financially set for life. Screw America, like Palin, he only wants to get PAID."

"AIPAC told Lieberman to oppose it unless he push Obama to use stronger language with Iran. Like I said before, Lieberman works for everyone EXCEPT Americans."

"Independent my a@#s!!! He is AIPAC's representative.
Fox, really? This man is a sham. He will never get anywhere close to the White House, he is a pathetic puppet whose alliance is not with the people of the USA."

"What a human BJ,... Lieberisrael need to go work in Israel he is not a true American..."

"The Senator for Israel continues to think only of his own country - Israel!"

 "I suspect old age is catching up with Sen. Joe Lieberman if for any minute he entertains the belief that when the New Start Treaty says that the United States would not stage an atomic attack against a country that does not have nuclear weapons, it does not include either Iran or North Korea."

 "Let me guess. Lieberman would give all our nukes to Israel."
 [responses: "Bingo," and "Either that or he'd give them to Iran."]

"Nah, but he'd make sure that if Israel wanted us to use them in their stead, we would. That way, we hold all the negatives and Israel gets away scott free."

"One and a half years, Connecticut. Only one and a half years more we have to put up with this AIPAC and Aetna owned "independent".
I don't think START II is as big a deal as they make it out to be, since, even with the reductions, Russia and the US still have enough weapons to _kill everyone multiple times. The bottom line is whether anyone will dare us them, and since we're the only ones who have ever used it......"

 "Lieberman will do or say anything his GOP buddies want. He is NOT an Independent, but a puppet not only for the GOP but for AIPAC. He should be registered as a foreign agent, not a senator.
This man has no loyalty to our country. He will always do what is best for Israel, not for the United States. The first three letters of his name say it all - LIE."

 "Ah, the Independent senator from Tel Aviv
has something to say, on Fox News!
Go figure?"

"Ah, the Senator from Tel Aviv has spoken."

"We need that defense to protect our allies and ourselves from Iran."
The Senator from Israel has spoken!

"Lieberman has no loyalty to either CT or America. The sooner he leaves office the better."

"Mr. Lieberman, line one..its Israel..something about a check being deposited into your account...they said you'd understand"..."

"It is hard to distinguish how much of Liebermans opposition to the nuclear treaty is due to his concern for Israel or the United States. His omission of a position on Israel's nuclear stockpile is disturbing."

"Joe (AIPAC) Lieberman is beyond disgusting. He needs to be stripped of his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee NOW. Joe is all about Joe and Israel, not about America."


  1. Its fascinating to watch people raise the ad hominem argument even where a subject has nothing to do with Israel at all. Not that Lieberman's faith is any of their business. They wouldn't have brought it up if he was a Christian or a Muslim. But its open season on a Jew on the HP.

  2. Droopy is a prime example of a morally corrupt politician.
    Doesn't matter a bit that he is Jewish, to most people.

  3. Ain't it all just precious! Where was Saltzman and Humprey? I can't believe that they missed this!