Sunday, April 4, 2010

Huffington Post Research Summary, March 2010

If you haven't already looked at the data in the previous post, please do so. Otherwise click the link below to look at the results summary.

Now, as we no doubt remember, March of 2010 was the time when we had the Great Diplomatic Crisis between Israel and the USA, a decent portion of which was unquestionably Israel's fault. So in that sense I wouldn't be surprised to find many articles talking about how Israel screwed up massively and how that decision is negatively affecting US/Israel relations. Some of these articles, however, presented a balanced view of the situation, and how maybe the Obama administration is partially responsible for the crisis too. Many of those fell into the "takes no side" category.

If you look at the data, there were also quite a few articles critical of Israel that were not related to the big news, for instance about the Rachel Corrie trial or stories about life under the occupation. Here are the comments results:

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