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HPW: Yom Ha'Shoah and What It Means For Human Rights

A fellow named Steven Gerber has recently written an article called "Yom Ha'Shoah and What It Means For Human Rights." It has now been published on the Huffington Post. You can check out the article itself, but the title really explains it all. Because the Jews have been the victims of discrimination and suffering the past, they should use what they learned to help others around the world. Traditionally, Jews have done this, working in the civil rights movement and the anti-genocide movement in the Sudan. Gerber concludes with linked to the organization Rabbis for Human Rights. In all respects, it's a good article.

The Huffington Post crowd, however, didn't stop to even read the article. They were instead simply content to push their anti-Israel attitudes, anti-Jewish labels, and of course a healthy dose of Holocaust cynicism. There were people accusing the Jews of "forgetting" the lessons they learned and of committing a genocide of their own against the Palestinians. The walls between the terms "Jews" and "Israelis," which the HPers are usually so careful to build up, now come crashing down.

The fully moderated thread has around 120 comments.
Why don't you call it by its real name? Probably 90% of this country has no clue what "shoah" means. Adn definitely not Yom HaShoah. First I thought it was something in Arabic = maybe something about muslims.
alysheba 3
As Israel mourns for those in it's history lost due to deportation to the prison camps, they are now doing it to Palestinians, deporting them to the open air prison Gaza has become.
Given the security authorities' actions over the past decade, the first Palestinians likely to be targeted under the new rules will be those whose ID cards bear home addresses in the Gaza Strip - people born in Gaza and their West Bank-born children - or those born in the West Bank or abroad who for various reasons lost their residency status. Also likely to be targeted are foreign-born spouses of Palestinians.

Until Israel recognizes the holocaust of the Armenian people and grants equal rights to all people that they claim for themselves I will not recognize Holocaust Remembrance Day.

What about the Hundreds of Thousand of dead Iraqis becuase of GWB's illegal occupation for Oil ?
We should remember all that are murdered for the financial proft of others.
The Concentraion camps were not only efficient killing machines, but a good business opportunity for families like the Bushs. [Holocaust cynicism]

What about the other 6 million killed in this 'holocaust'? They were also targeted after the communists, the socialist and the trade unionists, and along with all other types of social misfits. It's quite ironic really, placing one group apart, separate and special in itself. Isn't that the definition of racial supremacy?
Two of my relatives (not Jewish) were shipped to battle in WWII and KIA. Both were farm boys ages 18 and 20. Hope you all are remembering them as well.

Yermi Brenner - Huffpost Blogger
The way the Israeli government is treating today asylum seekers from Sudan - it seems they have not learned the right lesson from the Holocaust.
In this blog post + video story, I investigated into Israel's handling of the recent wave of African refugees: [link]

What about the current ongoing Holocaust against the Palistinians?
No comment?
Rachel Brownlee
No comment.
That's one ongoing atrocity they'd rather the world ignores.
Never again! (unless we're the perpatrators)

God promised Israel to his 'chosen people" in a sick-fairy tale thousands of years ago. Therefore, the displacement, torture and murder of Palestinians does not qualify as a Holocoust - It is the will of God.
The World would be a better place without Judaism, Islam and Christianity. But oh well, we will just have to deal with the never ending killing they produce.

Gaza is a very small piece of land. The people who were warned had no where to go. Those that did leave their homes for U.N. shelters were bombed anyway. There is no way you can justify the attack on Gaza. When you kill 300 children out of about 1300 dead, then you have committed a war crime, not to mention the use of illegal weapons like Phosphorus. If you were in Gaza and you got one of these warnings, tell me. Where would you go for safety? [This would be one thing if it weren't totally off topic for this thread.]
Kind of like the Jews of prewar Nazi Germany who had lots of warning but no place to go.
Joshik72, Crassfrazier mentions that he is descended not only from the European "pioneers" but also from Native Americans, so, no there's no need for him to pack up.
A similar process of absorption rather than displacement has taken place in most of Europe and in Palestine where an original population going back to the stone age has absorbed waves of "invaders" Minoans ,Hebrews, Greeks, Arabs, Crusaders, Turks.
Unfortunately, the latest group to come, the European Ashkenazis, are intent on preserving their seperateness and eliminating as much evidence of the previous inhabitants as possible.

A chilling [Holocaust] vignette.
Go to Yitzhak Rabin's account of the expulsion of Arabs from Lydda [now Lod] in 1948 for one equally chilling. [Jews are like Nazis.]

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  1. When comes to the Jews, they can't even be accorded respect as victims. They're just nasty and brutish ogres. In the feedback, posters don't even other to point out that Jewish suffering has produced empathy for the other side. But no one expects the Palestinians to relate to the Jews. And this is just a sample of what goes on on HP all the time whether or not its Yom HaShoah.