Sunday, April 11, 2010

HPW: Yermi Brenner on African Refugees

The Israeli journalist Yermi Brenner wrote an article for the HP called "African Asylum Seekers In Israel." One might think that this might be an article that portrays Israel in a positive light, after all, sixteen thousand refugees have entered Israel over the past few years, and Israel is the number one destination for refugees.

But this is the Huffington Post, of course, so praising Israel never lasts long. What Brenner is writing about is the recent shift in Israel toward trying to stop illegal immigrants from flowing over the border. The most notable example being the fence built on Israel's border with Egypt. As we well know in America, immigration issues are a difficult topic of debate: At what point should America and Israel draw the line? This is especially problematic with Israel because (a) they have so few people and (b) it's difficult to resettle these refugees. You can see this with the ABC article and the NYT articles linked by Brenner. They indicate that these refugees pose a "challenge," and a "puzzle," for the Israelis.

However when it comes to the Jewish state the immigration debate is over. Immigration is no longer a controversial issue, there is only one side. Israel isn't flinging opens it's doors? Let the HP rage begin! And it did: HPers kennyfloyd and alysheba were quick to claim that Israel is only motivated in doing this by racism, though of course there were the usual condemnations that we have come to expect.

Wrong color, wrong religion. Simple as that. I wonder if they would be building walls if these refugees were Jewish?
alysheba 3
So much for remembering what Jews went through.
But we knew it would fall to the wayside soon. Look what Israel does to the Palestinians.

 alysheba 3
Could explain why they are deporting thousands of West Bank civilians, couldn't it.
And we thought Israel actually meant t when they stated "Never again". Apparently that's not applicable if your not Jewish.
alysheba 3
So you just admitted Israel is in violation of the 4th Geneva Convention. A war crime committed.
By the way, those Geneva Conventions were brought about in a large part because of the deportation of Jews to prison camps.
Israel becomes more criminal every day.

alysheba 3
If they are they should remember, as it affected the lives of so many, the acts of deportations to prison camps, and they must be cringing as Israel starts that practice.
[edited for length]
Apparently "Never again" doesn't include putting Palestinians into an open air prison where they can be shot like fish in a barrel.
Of course, Israel could just need more land to sell to foreigners in their illegal settlements.

alysheba 3
Feel free to tell the Hasbara "No Israeli shoots at Palestinians, unless they threaten to shoot first." The world know the lie when the see it. And Israel shooting at Palestinian and International journalists who are not even carrying a weapon certainly will help expose the lies Israel and her supporters tell.

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