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HPW: White House Pushes Back Against Schumer

The Huffington Post has been covering the Schumer development and has been given it top billing, and here is one example of the White House responding to Schumer's attacks. Just a reminder before we get into the comments: Remember that all Schumer did was disagree with the way that the Obama administration was handling the Israeli/Palestinian situation. He said that they should be pressuring the Palestinians, because the current negotiating tactics were "counterproductive." Robert Gibbs responded by saying, "I don't think it is a stretch to say we don't agree with what Senator Schumer said."

So this is the executive branch and Senator Schumer arguing over the best way to pursue Israeli-Palestinian peace. In substance it's not any different from a senator disagreeing with President Obama's policy toward immigration or healthcare reform. Despite this, the HPers immediately formed a phalanx of opposition toward Schumer, claiming that he was secretly (or not so secretly) loyal to Israel. Other accusations were that he should move to Israel if he loves them so much, and he is "placing Israel's interests over America's." They never explain exactly how disagreeing with Obama on how best to pursue the peace process is giving priority to Israel's interests, but their loyalties aren't the one in question, right?

The fully moderated thread has amassed over 800 comments. I didn't get all the ones with variations of the "dual loyalty" accusation, but I did get many of them. There were of course others worth sharing.

Schumer represents NY and NYC might as well be an adjunct to Israel. Probably 50% of NYC residents are dual Israeli-US citizens; almost all the big money is in the hands of people who are dual Israeli-US citizens and Schumer needs them for re-election; furthermore the settlers in the West-Bank and East Jerusalem are mostly former Brooklyn committed Zionist who are also dual citizens. The US federal government and especially the Dept. of Defense are riddled with dual Israeli-US citizens. George Washington in his farewell address warned against the type of close relationship that exists between a foreign state, Israel and the US since that ends up in being a "slave" to that foreign state.

Amurka supports rogue states. The worst rogue state on the planet is Israel. I often wish Hitler had not been such an insane idiot, because then we might have been able to view what the Israelis do with some degree of objectivity. Mind you, if Hitler had been slightly saner, and realized that nearly everyone who could help him win the war was Jewish, Oh my goodness what a different scene we would have today- All of America's hillbillies, and Rush and Glenn and Sarah, and anyone else who couldn't play the violin like Pagannini, or Itzhak Perlmann, would be living in the fertile crescent, in a reservation.

All these dual citizens serving as U.S politicians who love their country more than they do America. Liberman, Schumer, etc...

As I wrote elsewhere, Israel has done what others did to them...put the Palestinians in pogroms, as were Jews during Czarist Russia, for example...over and over, Israel has acted like the oppressor it was designed to be rejection can Jews think that enslaving others is acceptable, knowing their cruel past?

And now we have Sen Schmuer, having the audacity to come out in support of the arrogant Netanyahu and finding fault in President Obama's pursuit for a peaceful and durable resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian issue.
Schumer, you have put yourself in a spot. The question now to be asked is: Who are you, Schumer? American or Israeli?
You are elected to the higest legislative body of the United States, the Senate, to serve the interests of America. But instead, you are putting your Jewish ancestry above America.

Schumer is Jewish so why are we surprised at his loyalty to Israel??

How about being American first.Is that really too much to ask?

Thanks for reminding everyone which country you have allegience too.

Here are the recipients of American MONEY....apparently they like it...

Bigus, It's not about religion. It is a land grab. Period. They were living together peaceably for about 800 years til the Brits decided all WWII refugee Jews should live there. The Palestinians had about 10% Jewish population at that time with no problems at all. They asked Britain not to bring every European Jew into Palestine, simply because they didn't have the space or infrastructure to support this major invasion. The Zionists and the Brits said 'Too Bad', and 700,000 palestinians were disenfranchised or killed. Then they renamed it Israel. No other country was willing to absorb all those refugees, (we had an 8,000 immigrant limit here). No one else wanted them, yet because of the Holocaust, the Allies had to satisfy the Zionists. The crimes committed against the Palestinians are legion.

You are the Jester. Settlements in its own country, is that a joke. That land does not belong to Israel. Show me where and how this land belongs to Israel???? The world knows the truth. The jews are the new Nazi's. They learned very well. It sicken me to use those words together, but the evidence is there for all to see. America needs to stop supporting Isreal's actions.

So by your definition the 67 Israeli sneak attack was a conquest that succeeded?
This was illegal conquest. International law, Geneva Conventions UN 242. You have a serious history deficit.
You must be one of the new hires.

Nice strawman argument, you don't mind if I see if your exposed leg is dried enough to roast marshmellows do you? besides getting Olives from Isareal, and stealing militaray secrets, selling military secrets, killing american civilians. getting billions in foregien aid, just what do we get in return? Please I have fellow citizens that can use that foregien aid better than they can, I'M sick of educating Isrealie children while the children here do with out healty care.quality teachers, run down schools,
Screw them jews we need to concentrate on our own house which is in disorder from our right wing fruit cake

Grim Al
Until US politicians are freed from the insidious grip of the Israel lobby they'll continue to support Israel to the detriment of their own nation. The well oiled infiltration of government by Israeli loyalists would never be tolerated by our government nor citizenry were it by another nation.
That politicians like Schumer and Leiberman, to name two Democrats among a host of others, and the majority of Republicans in our government would be subservient to a foreign nation calls into question their patriotism.

umm... they pretty much run this place, read:

Sigh, yet another AIPAC paid for moment.

Like they 'monopolized Wall St markets, so they want to monopolize the markets in the Middle East.
They don't like competition, they want it ALL.

I have said this now for thirty years. What is the hold that Israel has over us?
Why are we fighting their battles and sending troops to be killed for them while they laugh at us?
We seem to cower before them - time for it to stop and stop now. enough is enough.
the billions they have from us should be spend here at home.
Also time for those Israel lovers in government to own up whose flag and country are they for.
I am with you 100%. Thanks for bringing it up.

In that case the MOOR'S conquered the Rome and the world.
Should we use the Biblical text for a map?
Idiots. Keep it up and you'll go it alone.
Our generation will NOT be dragged into any Israeli brawls for land settlements.

FOR THAT WOULD MEAN the American People were duped. And it won't be a very cordial visit from family who have lost sons and daughters over this lie.
Just saying, if we can't even trust you not to spy on US, where's the friendship you tout with US. Oh that's right, your helocopters fired on our battle ship on purpose and the footage is going viral. You won't fool US as you did the "baby bomber generations.

Or Obama supports Palestinians over poor Israel who has NUKES.
For God's sake, go get some phychiatric help for your paranoia.
Half of you weren't even born in the halocaust yet the same paranoia, even when surrounded by friends and Nato allies, permeates. You need to see a shrink.
Senator Schumer is an Israeli agent, and should be deported or prosecuted for treason.
[Response: "Fanned"]

No offense but when when Jewish politicians e.g. Bloomberg, Schumer, et al, why do they always sound as if they put Israel's concerns ahead of their own country's. Are they Americans or Israelis?

HuffPost keeps deleting my critiques of the Pro Israeli Lobby...

Americans are waking up to the reality that Israel is a rogue nation, out of control and making America look bad.

Every Israel thread is the same. Whenever someone contradicts Israeli policies, no matter how horrible they may be, they get called antisemitic.
To not be antisemitic, everyone just needs to place Israel in the center of the universe.

tyruler...there is nothing wrong with your post....there are some 300 congressman that are on the AIPAC dole and will vote against Americas interest everytime...Money talks...and last everyone now knows that it was the NEOCONS and ISRAEL that lied us into the last war . In our quest to find these so called WMD we did away with 655000 Iraqi civlilians, we are now doing the same in 'Afgan. There is a major rub coming soon as Turkey now has had enough of Israel and is standing up to be counted.....Obama is doing the same and it is about time....

Obama disagrees with Schumer...I do too. I do wish sometimes the reps and senators... vocal about defending Israel's policies weren't always Jewish...too predictable...too easy to tune out.

Dear Mr. Schumer,
I remember you in the cheering Jewish crowds when Gaza was being bombed for 23 days. I will never forget it.
You are for Israel first and foremost. Get your loyalities in order either you are for the United States or Israel? You can't serve two masters.
The US has pledged another 3 Billion dollars of aid directly and indirectly so your argument is false. Israel has had it's way for 60 years. It's about time someone told Israel -- enough.

Post American
It is so rad to have a U.S. President who puts the strategic interests of the United States ahead of those of the Zionist Regime in Israel. Although I do fear what Israel is capable of, assassinations, false flag terrorist attacks, etc...

Let me guess--Schumer is Jewish.
Schumer and Lieberman. Both "Israel Firsters" and both threats to the U.S. national interest and security. Unlike Leiberman, Schumer is mostly a good Democrat. However, siding with a foreign power (even if it weren't one so obnoxious) negates any other good he may do. There are so many people who would unflinchingly support their country over the interests of ANY other regardless of party, and yet we elect these clowns to represent "us".

Perhaps the good Senator should consider a run for parliament *in his own country* (Israel).

Schumer can always resign and run fir election in Israel if he is such a loyal supporter, he can't gave both ways...either be a good senator in US or go run for elections in Tel Aviv cannot be simpler

I sometimes question the loyalty of people like Schumer who seem to constantly put the interests of Israel above those of the United States; and I hate to sound cliche but if Schumer and others like him are so enamored of Israel then perhaps they should relocate. I'm pretty sure that Israeli politicians are first and foremost, Israelis, now if only our politicians weren't so enamored of AIPAC and were as committed to the survival of the American state and American interests.

Schumer knows what he said does not sit well with OUR Govt....but he is only pandering for votes in NEW YORK CITY.,...if that is their attitude...SEND them all PACKING

Buffan, has anyone examined what's being taught to Jewish children in Jewish schools, about other peoples of the world, including minorities here in the US? What is the compromise to someone confiscating your property? If any country was to be crazy enough to declare war on America, and actually make headway and conquer your state (not going to happen), whatever is left of America, would continue to fight for your state (in the Palestinian's case, their land), until it is reconquered. Their would be no compromise. Buffan, I'll fight for the return of your state to.

Schumer, Lieberman, Cantor...why don't you just move to Isreal since that is where your loyalties lie. And in regards to Wall Street, GET OUT OF THE WAY OR WE'LL RUN YOU OVER.

Schumer needs to get his loyalties sorted out. He and Lieberman Should have to register as agents of a foreign power.

Schumer needs to pick one Master, the US or one can be loyal to two masters equally.

Schumer and those like him, need to pack up their bags and leave this country and renounce their U.S. citizenship.
Since when did concern over an ally's security become paramount to that of the United States or over that of another ally?
whitemale.....answer.....since the Jewish corporations and Firsters bought our congress...

Hey Schumer - You are either with the United States or Against it - you can't have it both ways. You want to support Israel - GO LIVE THERE THEN!

cedross, au contraire, Israel doesn play the victim. Israel plays the schoolyard bully. Then when caught, like the schoolyard bully, wants you to ignore their transgressions and continue to support them. Israel is nothing but a bloodthirsty killing machine that takes what it wants from Palestine and the rest of the world be damned. Now, they are F$%king with Iran and want the US to support. I say H.E.L.L.NO. Let Iran Bomb them. That 'll learn em.
You and Schumer should move to Israel. I am more concern about America...not Israel!

These traitors need to be dealt with accordingly.

Are your loyalties to the US or Israel there buddy?

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  1. The dual loyalty canard. You don't agree with the US government's position on Israel, you've committed treason.

    Back a couple of years ago, those same posters dissented on Iraq and told us "dissent is the highest form of patriotism." Ah but that rule doesn't apply when it comes to the Jews and Israel. Then its the exact opposite with the posters who vented on Iraq back then.