Wednesday, April 28, 2010

HPW User Profile: Setstein

We've got an bonafide anti-Semite for your perusal today by the name of setstein. I know there are readers of this blog who are skeptical as to its point, so I would ask that you objectively look at this guy's comments and find out for yourself that there are anti-Semites on the HP. Setstein doesn't discriminate only against Jews, though, he also hates Muslims. Read on for his comments.

 Helen Thomas and Open Season on Jews

“There is not and has never been "antisemitism". Noone is specifically against Semites. Antijudaism, however, is widespread and a natural consequence of the hateful nature of Judaism.” 

Helen Thomas and Open Season on Jews

“The world does not need Judaism, rabbi. I suggest you start a project to terminate that revolting ideology for good and that you finish the job. The world will be a better place.”

Robert Gibbs Calls Helen Thomas' Remarks 'Offensive And Reprehensible'

“Another good indication that Christianity was created by Hebrews to pacify and enslave the world.”

Robert Gibbs Calls Helen Thomas' Remarks 'Offensive And Reprehensible'

“1939-40? The ones who really died in great numbers were above all Russians and Germans. How many Hebrews? Noone really knows, as all relevant research about it was either effectively forbidden or monopolized in all the years since. But it is almost incredible what can be achieved with 24/7/365/perpetual partisan "PR"/propaganda.” 

Israel's Actions on the High Seas: Part Justified and Part Chutzpah

 “Americans are so thoroughly brainwashed by their entrenched Zionist influence franchise in your "mainstream media", that whatever poll results you may be referring to are, of course, inevitable. It just makes Americans all the more impotent and pitiful. What is truly sick, is how people like you are proud of the way you are abusing your (2nd....) country for tribal purposes.”

Salam Fayyad, Palestinian Prime Minister, Focuses On Building State

“It does not matter what the origin of this quote is, in fact noone seems to really know - and some links are deleted..... , since it correctly describes an attitude prevalent among Israelis and Jews around the world. I have heard this said in many ways and in exactly the same spirit in NY, Russia and Israel. It just states obvious, observable and shameful facts.”
[click for context]

Salam Fayyad, Palestinian Prime Minister, Focuses On Building State

“Google it yourself. Interesting. By the way, the Jewish orgs, including Israel, have a habit of being able to delete references to whatever they like to be unsaid. Never mind. I have heard many Jews, including Israelis say exactly the same with pride and customary hatred.”

Jim Jones Joke About Jewish Storeowner Attacked By Conservatives (VIDEO)

“With Russian oligarchs and greedy investment banks and hedge funds being overwhelmingly Jewish, Jews are complaining about a joke that is only spot on?”

Schumer: Obama's 'Counter-Productive' Israel Policy 'Has To Stop'

“The (mythical) Jews you describe are somehow always in a clear minority and always lose out politically. Always. Many will avoid military service at all cost where they live and yet sign up as volunteers for Israel......”

Schumer: Obama's 'Counter-Productive' Israel Policy 'Has To Stop'

“Schumer is a Jew and can thus at any time become an automatic citizen of Israel. The large majority of Jews have far more allegiance to their tribe and its Israel than to temporary tools like the USA or other cpontries. Time to learn this for good.”

Elena Kagan Emerging As Supreme Court Front-Runner

“She belongs to the Tribe. After key members of said tribe have occupied the Fed, The Treasury, the Senate, the mind of the President, and run US economic policy for their own benefit only, it would be a travesty to choose this supremely unrepresentative person.”

Tripping in Jerusalem: The Biden-Israel "Flap"

“The "rift" between Israel and the US is just a show for the world, as it always is. We are no longer buying this in Europe or anywhere else. The simple fact is that a US president, let alone a Vice President, has exactly zero leverage against Israel. Israel, through US Jewish organisations and their virtual ownership of the US Congress and the mainstream media can humiliate and laugh in the face of any US President as much as they want. The US is a tool, its population powerless at the federal level. Just now, some relative of Netanyahu in Israel, has publicly belittled Obama as a nothing compared to Israel. He is right and that is precisely what needs focus.”

Clinton Slams Israel's Settlement Plans: 'Deeply Negative Signal'

“They own you, folks. They own you totally.”
[click for context, but after reading his other comments there should be little doubt who "they" are]

Israeli Supermarket Ad Parodies Dubai Killing

“Israelis are actually proud of their killings and flaunt it like their jewelry”

Why We Must Put an End to the Debate Over National Identity

“BHL belongs to that tribe, refers to another tireless talker of that same tribe, wants every person, except of his own tribe, which happens to be non-geographically organised, to dissolve his/her own people and country in order to become interchangeable, isolated atoms in a global game. And be sure: BHL is no friend of anyone except himself and his group.”
[BHL = Bernard Henry-Levi]

Man With Axe Attempts Attack On Mohammed Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard

“We will soon enough have to start taking the lives of aggressive Muzlims systematically until they all are gone or, less likely, fundamentally changed.”

Bernanke Approved For 2nd Term As Fed Chairman By Senate Banking Panel

“Avoiding regulations, interest rates low in face of growing bubbles, sharing inside info btw Phed, G0ldman, few hedge funds, Treasury and White House, dropping Lee-man. dither to ensure maximum chaos and uncertainty, propping up AIG to benefit G0ldman, hard-selling falsely packaged junk loans as well as their derivatives to bank executives domestically and abroad, raw materials bubble timed to crash simultaneously with housing bubble, Greeenspan's false image as infallible guru. By sitting on all sides of the table, free of all scrutiny and acting in bad faith, they co-nned Americans.

Selling bad products in upturn, causing huge peak, investing in upturn, timing and shorting deflation of bubbles better than outsiders, extorting Congress to prop up insiders, misinforming public. Once in lifetime sc-am to even outdo the giant manipulative swindle of Russian oligarchs.

Common trait: Juice, Juice, Juice. The benefits have gone to G0ldman, some hedge funds, I$rael and other Juish organisations and all the other insideres, like Bern@nke.

To have named Bern@nke Man of the Year in Time, owned by soulmates of the insiders, is a bit as if one had named Himm1er, had he succeeded Hit1er.

Gigantic sw1ndle, arrogantly half-hearted co-verup, rubbed in by the re4confirmation of B as head of Fe-d. Americans are suffering on a large scale. Revo1t and rid yourselves of this before you all are electronically tagged and imprisoned for speaking out? You simply cannot let these so-cio-pa-ths continue.”

Ben Bernanke: 'TIME' Person Of The Year

“Time is owned by the intimate friends of same people who skrood the American people, who are now ki11ed by poverty and war at an fast pace, with the carefully managed and gigantic wealth transfer to a few people like G0ldman Sax, a few hedge funds, I$rael and Yuish organisations, as well as indirectly to Bern@nke and Grinspan themselves for their crucial roles in the creation and execution. They all need the severest puni$hment.”

Lieberman: Liberal Enthusiasm Convinced Me To Oppose Medicare Buy-In

“Simple, really. That man belongs to that tribe and is thus immune to any law and any social mores. Are US people conned? And how! And by no means only by this individual.”


  1. Setsein gets it about Islam. But he cannot comprehend the Jews' are the miners' canary of Western civilization. What happens to them sooner or later happens to others. But when you have rabid, blind hatred of the Jews, its easy to miss the forest for the trees.

  2. Everything Setstein says is highly credited. Both Jews and Muslims are scourges upon humanity.