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HPW User Profile: GCitizen

The user GCitizen has been showing up across the last couple threads, so I thought I would take a look through his comments. Most of them are what we have grown to expect, attacks on Israel and its leadership, some of which crosses the line into hate speech. For instance, he likes to attack Israel's right to exist and spams the "hasbara" ad hominem. Oh, and he's also from Morocco if anyone is interested. I guess I'll let the comments speak for themselves.

Gcitizen has been active since February 2010 and has about 200 comments.

Obama Asks Congress To Approve $205 Million In Aid For Israel 'Iron Dome,' Rocket Defense
“You includes the 3 most obvious Israeli war crimes apologists and propagandist in your list. 
Many concerned Jews are against the Israeli aggressions and occupation. Those Neo-conservatives and AIPAC Israeli apologists don't care a bit about ordinary people. They only care about their corporate greed and some bible prophecies.”

Afghan Massacre Survivor To Obama: You Be The Judge (VIDEO)
“You are a despicable human being, if I can even call you human.
I feel sad that we have people like you on this earth.”  [These comments were probably deserved, but they are still abusive.]

Benjamin Netanyahu Urges 'Crippling Sanctions' Against Iran

“The US mass media is the biggest machine for pro-Israeli propaganda and it is proactivly preparing their already misinformed public for a war against Iran, for the sake of no other country aside from Israel."

 Gates: WikiLeaks Video 'Painful To See' But Won't Have 'Lasting' Impact
“"American warriors "
You meant American war criminals.” 

Israeli Warplanes Reportedly Bomb Gaza Strip
“Most Israeli gouvernment officials have blood on their hand, have extrimist views, and have engaged in terror and still the US continue to support them. Why is it when the Palestinians democraticaly elect their leaders in fair elections, the US supported the embargo against them ?
Israel is a priah state and eveyone knows it. But the US citizens continue to suffer from their congress support for Israel and they have to speak out for a fair and just foreign policy in the Middle East that values US interests more than the Israeli zionist intersts.”

Israeli Warplanes Reportedly Bomb Gaza Strip
“Israel is endangering the life of Jews by bringing them from all over the world in occupied land. A day will come when Justice will be served and it wouldn't be a good day for Israel and the zio nists.”

Israeli Warplanes Reportedly Bomb Gaza Strip
“"Defend itself" Israel and its supporters are a joke.
Using the most advanced weapons in the world against largely unarmed people is called "defending yourself".
Killing hundreds for women and children is called "defending yourself"
People who defend Israeli war crimes are no better than na zi - sympathizers.”

Gaza Violence Leaves 2 Israeli Soldiers Dead
“Why recycling the same misleading talking points. You can ask the Israeli foreign ministry to send you some new ones.
You may probably find the address in the article written by Richard Silverstein and entitled: "Hasbara spam alert --- With Israel's foreign ministry organising volunteers to flood news websites with pro-Israeli comments, Propaganda 2.0 is here" Here is the link”

Gaza Violence Leaves 2 Israeli Soldiers Dead
"“Wake up and smell the coffee. your comment is garbage from A to Z.”

Netanyahu Faces Choice: Peace Or Settlements“There is a lot of misleading pro-Israeli occupation talking points repeated in many comments on this Web site. Please note that the Israeli foreign ministry has been targeting the HP, among other web sites, as you can read in the article written by Richard Silverstein and entitled: "Hasbara spam alert --- With Israel's foreign ministry organising volunteers to flood news websites with pro-Israeli comments, Propaganda 2.0 is here" Here is the link””
[There were a lot like this]

Netanyahu Faces Choice: Peace Or Settlements
“Israel is expelling the Palestinians from Jerusalem and bringing Jews from Eastern Europe and elsewhere to live there. That is inhuman and contrary to international law.
And you are wrong. Israel in the only state that can occupy foreign land, kill civilians, commit war crimes, expel people from their land, put millions of people in an open prison, and don't face any consequences for its agressions.”

Obama, Netanyahu Meeting: Neither Side Will Discuss Details
“I don't think the problem is with the 'Jewishness' of the institutions or the fact that their owners are Jews., although the claim by Israel that all its actions are in the name of Jews somehow blurs the distinction between Judaism and zionism. Let us not forget that there are many Jews who are against Israel as an apartheid state and there are even some who support the Palestinians claim for the whole Palestine.
The problem lies with the pro-zionism corporations and institutions in the U.S. who support the Israeli occupation and settlements and their allegiance to Israel is stronger that they hold to their own country.
The thing that amazes me is that many of the right-wing christian institutions that blindly support Israel do so to advance their own agenda not for the love of Jews.”

Pelosi Welcomes Netanyahu: 'We In Congress Stand By Israel'
“This is no surprise at all. Everyone knows who are the masters of the US Congress!”

Obama-Netanyahu Meeting At White House Closed To Reporters
“Zionists have been murdering the Palestinians and confiscating their land far before 1929. Palestinians didn't went to Eastern Europe among other places to capture zionist land or kill Zionists. It is the other way around. Capiche?!
The Palestinians only want their land , Palestine. Is that hard to understand my friend?”

Israel: Settlement Construction Will Continue In East Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Says
“I don't think you know my country but doesn't have anything to do with this discussion. Israel was build on a foundation of terror, agression, and injustice and it is still engaging in these things to this day.”

Israel: Settlement Construction Will Continue In East Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Says
“Do you think you are helping Israel by spreading misinformation? You are only increasing anti-semitism and hatred of a country which was built on injustice and agression.
See the link for the truth about how Palestinian land has been confiscated over the last decades
Justice will come sooner or later and Palestinian land will return to the Palestinians.”

Gaza Rocket Kills Farm Worker In Israel
“Haha, everyone who speaks the truth is becoming an Antisemite. Biden antisemite, Obama antisemite, Us general attacked by ADL....
Supporters of the paria state of Israel are becoming a laughing stock.”

Gaza Rocket Kills Farm Worker In Israel
“Thanks for your hasbara talking points!
People who want to know a bit about the Palestinian refugees who have every right to return to their homes in Palestine can see the link:”

Gaza Rocket Kills Farm Worker In Israel
“and you are a ......... hasbaraist”

Gaza Rocket Kills Farm Worker In Israel
“" Israel is ALWAYS fighting for it's existence.

The state of Israel will always live in fear since it was built on injustice. With all the advanced weapons it has, the unlimited financial and military support of the US, and its nuclear weapons, Israel is always feeling vulnerable or at least pretending to be to continue its expansionist agenda.”

Gaza Rocket Kills Farm Worker In Israel
The creation of Israel was an act of terror and injustice since it was created on stolen land and it has been expanding since its creation on more Palestinian land. See the map on the link below for a graphical truth.”

Rachel Corrie Trial Begins 7 Years After Death In Gaza
“Rachel Corrie is a true hero. She was a victim of the Israeli murder machine that daily destroys Palestinian life. Too bad that even her American citizenship couldn't help her.
All my sympathy with her family and friends and all the peace and justice loving people in the US and all over the world.”

US To Israel: Cancel Controversial Settlement Plan
“The innovations coming from there are made possible due to the American and European corporations such as IBM and Intel that open research centers there in addition to all the subsidies and support offered to them by Western governments.
The most notable contributions of Israel are war crimes, occupation, oppression, and disregard of human rights.
And for your information, Na zi Germany was also a land of scientific development, and innovation. Got it?!!!!!”

Israeli Raid Called Off After Soldier Discloses Details On Facebook
“"there is a price to be paid for aggression "
This means a time will come when Israel will pay for its ongoing aggression, occupation of Palestine and the intentional killing of civilians and destruction of civilian infrastructure in Palestine and Lebanon as documented by human right organizations and the UN.
That's a lot to pay for. Israel will have to fill for bankruptcy and thus end the occupation, restore the rights of the Palestinians, allow the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes from which they have been expelled since 1948 and create a democratic country where Muslims, Jews, and Christians can live together in peace. Otherwise, the Israelis will only have themselves to blame for what they will bring unto themselves.”

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  1. If the Jews don't change themselves the way their enemies like them, they will never be loved. Of course then they wouldn't exist.

    Anti-Semites always pretend they know what best for the Jews better than the Jews know what best for themselves and they have a habit of offering them advice that's just not what it seems.

    And of course they claim they have Jewish friends who agree with them. That's the only part of their diatribe that's true these days.