Thursday, April 8, 2010

HPW: Time for America To Befriend Israel

Brand new Huffington Post blogger Henry Mintzberg has written a blog post in which he encourages America to (surprise surprise) take a harder stance with Israel. The reaction from the Huffington Post readership is about what we have come to expect at this point, but there were many comments which included personal attacks against other users, so I took down them as well.

The fully moderated article has about 236 comments.

Lore Splitt
[edited for length]
But, the way Israel has been treating the Palestinians, the slaughters, the "ghettos", the forcing them into smaller and smaller areas, cutting off their food supplies at a whim, they're becoming the monster the rest of the world fought. This is 1 step from genocide, and is quickly escalating in that direction. Nations do have to back off their support of Israel's illegal actions, because it is the only thing that might lead to honest, open, peace talks.

You are incorrect, Goldaline. Israel keeps Palestine's money and has for five years. Gaza is supposed to share in certain fees, but Israel has held them up, starving the people, keeping fuel and schoolbooks and medical supplies out of of Gaza. Just a few days ago, in response to US pressure, Israel allowed shoes into Gaza for the first time in three years.
You can spew your hasbara nonsense all you want, but Americans dont appreciate contributing their tax dollars to the only apartheid country in the 21st C., especially when that money should go to our people living in tent cities on the west coast, and whose previous tax dollars are supported an apartheid regime.
Henry Mintzberg has it right.

Relax Make up your mind who you support America or Israel.

Rachel Brownlee
Jewish refugees were not allowed to enter Western countries as Zionists wanted them in Palestine.
The role Zionists played in refusing to help European Jews during the war and making sure they were directed towards Palestine rather than other countries is well documented.
"One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland" - Greenbaum

The author of the article makes sense so look out and let the Hasbara attacks begin . Thats how it always goes when some one makes a sensible bid for peace in the mid east. And every time they attack they dont realize they weaken their own argument because of their over the top accusations . When do we muzzle the Israeli right and how

Jack if you are truly for peace I am with you and I am your friend.
Your posts show you as completely different. A Anti- Palestinian bigot a supporter of collective punishment and completely indifferent to suffering of the innocent. Also one of the people who give Israel a bad name.
But people can change give it a try, help your country.
Stop your previous rhetoric , write and say nice things about Palestinians look for the good. Reach out and help your country.

The professor makes sense and talks truth.
That the racist brand of Zionist elements on this page do not like it is proof enough of the veracity of his words.

Actually, Tom that makes you someone who believes the world that is not a believer in the idea that the Jews have a god given right to Palestine is goyim. In fact, even those who are not Jews but believe the Jews have a god given right to Palestine are goyim. Goyim are inferior to Jews.
We posters for peace are not the bigots, if you want to see one look in mirror.
You support any terrorism against a entire population.
You will always find a reason to continue the land grab and daily harassment.

You make arguments that assume Jews are the exclusive inhabitants of the region. It is a racism of omission. [Probably want to click for context.]

What's "totally ridiculous" is your AIPAC propoganda piece.
Israel uber alles and everyone else is a terrorist.
Eventually America will get tired of this albatross 'round its neck.
Wha? What do you think we have been doing for the past 50 odd years. We have given them nukes for crying out loud. You'd think they'd be grateful and do what we tell them. How many times have we not said -- make peace with your neighbors. What does Israel do? They treat the palestinians like dogs -- come on? Now they bite the hand the feeds them -- screw that -- throw them to the dogs.

As this article says - the West felt guilty about what the West had done to the Jews. So the West should accept responsibility for making the Palestinians pay for the sins of the West. That being said one must accept the fact that Jews do believe everyone but who isn't Jewish is inferior - a goyim. Zionists do believe they have a god-given right to the land and far more land than Israel now occupies. They were offered land elsewhere but refused to accept it because they believe that Palestine is the land god gave them. Because their system of government allows the most extreme members of parliament to control the majority there is little hope. And the most extreme are growing because they believe they should have a lot of children whereas the average Israeli blieves that two children are enough. Their children go to extreme religious schools where little or none of the curriculum is not religious. These religious Jew believe their prayers save Israel. Extreme rabbis are now permitted to be with the Israeli soldiers during conflict situations and distribute religious material. The only hope is to quell the religious extreme and create one state which is not a theocracy and where all citizens are treated eually. It is 2010 and not 3000 B.C.

More pathetic hasbara nonsense. You are only making a complete fool of yourself. Then again, perhaps you have discovered a provision in international law that grants Israel a unique right to violate international law with impunity. IF SO, PLEASE QUOTE IT AND PROVIDE THE SOURCE!!
For me, and I'm sure, all others who pursue the truth, we accept the rulings of the UN Security Council (which includes the U.S.) the US State Department and the International Court of Justice et. al. Israel is an illegal and belligerent occupier of all lands it invaded on 5 June 1967 and still occupies. Hence, Jewish settlements therein are illegal. End of story!!

The US is host to the parasitic Israel. US politicians live in justified fear of AIPAC. Obama lacks the backbone to do what needs to be done, that being compelling AIPAC et al to register as agents of a foreign power, which they are, and, most importantly, to CUT OFF ALL FUNDING AND "AID" TO ISRAEL. The US/Israel relationship is twisted and unhealthy.
My best guess is that Israel is somehow blackmailing the US. The US ought to call their bluff and take any lumps we have coming. And then sever ties with Israel, which is, after all, A FOREIGN COUNTRY.
History will ridicule the US for being Israel's bitch for so long. Time to end this nightmare. Time for the US to "befriend" Israel? No, it's time to end this humiliating chapter in US history.

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