Monday, April 5, 2010

HPW: Open Letter to Berkeley BDS

As I wrote about a few days ago, Naomi Klein wrote a letter of support in favor of singling out Israel for economic sanctions at the University of California, Berkeley. Like any thread where the goal is attacking Israel directly, it got a lot of support from the HPers and brought out the anti-Semites and fervent anti-Zionists to our attention. I've got quite a few posts for you to see, including one where alysheba dubs Hamas "freedom fighters". Check it out.


Leave Israel to solve its own problems...They are butchering people for God sakes. There never was a country of Palestine. The damn country is even mentioned in the Bible, are you brain dead.

To be sure I wouldn't want to use security guards that were Israeli trained, because they were trained to beat and harass Arabs and to do cavity searches on 80-year-old holocaust refugees who support Palestinian rights. Is that what you mean by medical procedures that Israel invented?

israel is not a is a theocracy with 1st class citizenship going to it's jewish citizens. this is not is theocratic.

Abdul Luv
One thing America deserves from Israel at the VERY LEAST is for it's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to publicly apologize for his ANTI AMERICAN comments stating that the 9/11 Attacks Were Good For Israel!
How dare he even say such a thing and then his country cries foul! His people need to force him to apologize and explain himself.
A public apology to the American People by Mr. Netanyahu in front of the ENTIRE US CONGRESS and SENATE on Live TV would be a start. Now people, would you welcome Benjamin Netanyahu to your home after reading such an Anti-American statement in the article?

[out of context quote]

Wow, this is like the first time I have ever seen where these far left extremists were on the correct side of an issue. Time for Israel to end the hypocrisy. Just give the Palestinians a friggin homeland and stop the endless oppression. WTF no wonder they all hate you, you've had your foot on their neck for over 60 years! Nothings worse then a religious state. They'll kill you because they think God gave then some crappy barren desert. They need to stop behaving like primitive animals over there and realize were all the same thing, human.

muck-raker are so right it is sickening to watch Hillary bend over backwards to appease Israel. It would seem to me as well as people I talk to daily that although she was elected by the people she is being DIRECTED BY , so bad....

Well said muck-raker. It has always my contention that had the Israeli not been sooooo greedy and treated the hapless Palestinians, with but a modicum of decency, a sliver of human kindness, no one would have been the wiser, that their claims were all bs. Many would have willing accepted their claim to a higher God had their intent been pure.

Asking us all to accept blind dogma when on close examination we find they themselves are mostly pagans converts who slaughter the Palestinians to satisfy their greed. Their duplicity to demand Iran abide by UN recommendations when they themselves blatantly flouts over 250 UN res is, I find a bit rich.

pgmark - One side is at fault. the Zionists are at fault. They are the ones who drove Palestinians from their homes and bulldozed them so no one could return. Terrorism was their tactic and then after Israel was recognized as a state they refused to negotiate with terrorists even though they had elected terrorists to be their prime ministers on several occasions. They continue to try to ocupy Palestinian land and to treat those Palestinians within Israel as second class citizens. Israeli's who murder Palestinians are rarely brought to trial and the destruction of Palestininian homes and orchards goes on to-day. The treatment of people in Gaza is a atrocity. Even water is cut off as is fuel, access to medical help aand on and on. If you choose to feel Zionists have a right to the land because of a myth feel free. If you choose to believe Israel is innocent check the facts. Palestinians lived on the land for millenia and suddenly they found their treatment was justified by the way Zionists had been treated in Europe. Two wrongs always make a right.

There is absolutely nothing in the UN's charter that condones or supports in any way the ethnic superiority of any faction in the establishment of any state, including Israel.

It was assumed, that democracy would provide an equal share in Israeli government for all factions there.

Since the Jewish Israeli government has taken 'other' measures to promote an ethnic majority, the UN has been trying rectify the matter - refer to the over 300 UN resolutions condemning Israel's repression of it's non Jewish populations.

The Israelis are EXACTLY like the poor early US settlers, constantly besiege by the Indians.
... because we came in and stole their land.

Israelis = white man, Palestinians = Indians.

No the Palestinian were never mandated. And the wars were started by Israel as stated in their Plan Dalet, whose sole intent was to steal more Palestinian land.

The world recognizes that Israel violates international law and commits acts of terrorism as is evidenced by the many UN resolutions condemning actions by Israel. The only reason Israel is able to escape accountability is because of US vetoes of any action by the Security Council.
Not to say that the UN is the last word in international law, but Israel, backed by the military might of the US, and with nuclear weapons, continues to kill innocent Palestinians over territory that Israel claims to own (because the bible says so).
Eradication of the only 'Jewish' state on earth is not the goal.
Justice and cooperation is. It is time for the US to stop its' hypocritical support of terrorism by Israel.

Thank you for that, Naomi.

The Likud Party (Israel's warmongering right-wing) not only whipped up a climate of hate & spite that led DIRECTLY to Prime Minister Rabin's ASSASSINATION in 2005,
but their racist, reactionary, and frankly GENOCIDAL outlook now PERVADES the ENTIRE U.S. "mainstream media" (through the pages of the very Neo-Con NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, Time, Newsweek, & other Neo-Con pro-war "news" outlets);
AND the U.S. government, including all of WOLFOWITZ's minions still embedded deep in the US war department (even if Perle, Feith, Wurmser, Zakheim are no longer there, other "Israel First" Likudniks are)
and of course the Likudniks, through the Goldman-Sachs and other pro-Israel billionaires (Sheldon Adelson, Soros, Wynn, etc.) CONTROL _BOTH_ the Republican AND "Democratic" Parties.

Sadly, it looks like there is no political force in America strong enough to derail the RAHM EMANUEL dominated Pelosi Congress & Obama White House march to WAGE a NEW WAR against Iran.

The "Democrat" Neo-Cons - Emanuel, Lieberman, Feinstein, and Harman in particular, give NOT AN INCH to the above mentioned Republican Likudniks, so Iran might as well start making another (like Iraq) 1 million coffins.

I'd advise AIPAC to study the HuffPost carefully. The handwriting is truly on the wall for AIPAC and Likud in America. AIPAC owns the Christian Right, and they've got a clever Ministry of Likud Propaganda in Fox and Rush. But LOTS of Americans, including J St. and huge numbers of liberal American Jews, are simply fed up with Likud. If Israel doesn't wise up and follow Ehud Olmert's parting warning to create a two-state solution ASAP, it will, as he told Israel, truly be doomed. Too many right-wing Jews in America and Israel think that money and AIPAC's successful purchase of the US Congress can solve everything for Likud. They CANNOT. They cannot solve a constantly deteriorating American public opinion. Netanyahu was simply nuts to have those new settlements announced as a "welcome" for Biden. That was truly "the tipping point." When American public opinion becomes overwhelmingly negative towards Likud, instead of simply largely negative, anyone in Congress openly supporting Likud will be about as popular as anyone openly supporting Goldman Sachs. And if Likud truly goes mad and does what Anne Applebaum said recently it's planning to do--namely attack Iran with the deliberate purpose of forcing America to go to war with Iran for Israel--that will absolutely put the final nails in Likud's coffin in American public opinion.

this is pick...nice beginning to see infiltration of hasbara brigade into HP censorship...nothing but big hyperbole in the above comment usual talking points..let us see if this make through the moderation or better I get banned....

Imagine them pulling off the biggest con ever, playing victims while they incarcerated and murdered the real Palestinian victims, imagine claiming a right to a land they neither have Biblical or historical connection to, imagine est. European pagan converts claiming that some alien spirit coming down from the heavens and bestowed ownership of Palestinian land on them; all this with the sole intent on depriving and stripping the indigenous people of their rights to a land they have lived on, prayed on and traded on for centuries. But as Bush was famous for saying 'fool me twice can't fool me 'gain'.

No, they fall leaps and bounds behind your mendacious lot. The Palestinians are a legal resistance to Israels illegal occupation.

Time for hasbara to start another campaign to justify Israels illegal occupation? 'The God came down from heaven and gave us it', has been debunked. ''We were here before' that too has been debunked as well. The Pals and their ancestors were there long before the coming of Abraham. The Pals started the wars, Israel Plan Dalet debunks that

Here is one you probably haven't thought of yet, hasbara should try to convince the World that the missile launcher the gunships, raining down cluster bombs, wp and dm are actually being piloted by Palestinians and the high velocity rifles shooting unarmed Palestinian women and children at point blank range are actually manufactured in Gaza and stock in trade of Hamas.

What you never reckoned on was there would be brave individuals like Naomi Klein who at great risk to their personal freedom would stand up at speak out against Israel atrocities.

Cut off all foreign Aid then. Including, and especially all funding of the UN. Make them leave New York.

You heard the one about the jewish mother who screams at the passing parade that everyone is out of step with her boy? It's called delusion when everyone is wrong, the whole world of nations is wrong but you steadfastly refuses to face the facts and believe Israel is in the right. What next are you going to argue day is night?

Your lot can't even find ONE great statesman to stand up and condone Israel brutality, savagery and unbridled greed in disenfranchising the Palestinians. A large number of settlers hail from Russia, don't hear Putin coming out in support. Israel has been accused of passing on US tech to China, don't hear China's support. Just that ONE US veto away from UN sanctions.

Once again, trying to shift the thread to some other topic.
Israel does not have a constitution.
Israel has been ethnically cleansing the Palestinans since 1948.
israel has 200 to 300 nuclear missles and never signed a NPT.
Israel killed 1200 men, women and children during the Gaza masscre with modern US amrs technology for 22 days.
Israel bombed the USS Liberty as a false flag to get into Veitnam.
Israel discriminates wtihin it's own borders who gets housing. 1) Asheknazi Jews 2)Sephardic Jews 3) Jews from other countries 4) Christians 5) Palestinians.
Israel has the fourth largest military power.
Israel has broken over 300 UN Resolutions on Human Rights.
Israel recieves 3 Billion dollars in US money directly and indirectly a year.
Israel called the Goldtstone Report false even though it blamed both sides for war crimes.

Time for Israel to behave like every other rational country; however Israel think it's above the law.

alysheba 3
I ask again........How can Israel be a democracy when 20% of it's citizens have laws which discriminate against them due to their ethnicity?

alysheba 3
The truth of the matter is Israel is a rogue country that kills to steal land.

Why should any other nation take care of displaced Palestinians? They have the right to return to their homes under International Law, which Israel has agreed to abide by.

Why is it that Israel is beyond criticism? Why is it that Israel can't do wrong?

If Israel would stop annex the land and indiscriminately killing the innocent, the ones who are sworn to destroy Israel would loose support

Israel is rightfully being singled out.

You neglect to note that the Palestinians are the occupied, Israel is the occupier; Israel is the oppressor, Palestinians are the oppressed; Israel is an expansionist state, Palestinians are the dispossessed; Palestininas have hard won international law on their side, Israel violates international law each and every day at an accelerating rate.

Crude home made ocket attacks from occupied Gaza started in 2001 and took their first Israeli victim in 2004. Since then, there had been 14 Israeli victims prior to “Operation Cast Lead.” Tragic indeed, but hardly comparable to the seventeen hundred Gaza Strip Palestinians killed by Israel during the same period, including many innocent men, women and children

The rockets will stop when Israel ends the illegal occupation of all Palestinian land, not just Gaza. 

Israels sovereign borders are the 1947 Partition Plan borders which it declared and accepted as such when it became a state.

The ONLY reason Israel still exists is because of the US benevolence. Let the US cut the umbilical cord and step back and see how long your illegal entity survives the assault from the Sunnis and the Shiites.

If despite the myth that Israel defeated the whole Arab world in 6days and though Bush stood aside and gave Israel free reign to defeat Lebanon yet in 34days Hezbollah literally gave you a whopping, culminating in the destruction of the Israel gunship used to blockade the Lebanese harbor,and the death of Israeli sailors on board. 

Since then the rag tag army of resistance fighters have rearmed and you have lost Turkey, so If you go near them again you'll you get another whopping.

irrelevant. Israel is stealing land and brutalizing the occupants. That is the source of the conflict.

Gee, isn't there an ex Israeli President who has a bit of a financial scandel on his hands. Israel lost any claim to moral supremacy decades ago.

ALL those who agree that Israel must adhere to the core principles of human, civil and legal rights for every resident-citizen (including Palestinians) should divest themselves of interests in Israeli-owned businesses. This is, in part, what spurred South Africa to end their apartheid system, and should be employed by colleges, universities, and any organization with a conscience at all.

The problem is the powerful lobby in Congress. They give lavish military and economic aid to Israel without condition. Our tax dollars help subsidize those illegal settlements, their WMD's (like white phosphorous used on civilian populations in Gaza), the construction of those barriers/walls that keep Palestinians imprisoned, as well as the free universal health care Israeli Jews enjoy, but whom Congress deems us (who pay for it, as well as their own) unworthy.

Cut off ALL forms of US aid to Israel until they abide by the Geneva Convention, UN resolutions, international laws, and afford basic human rights to the Palestinians. If they want war with Iran, or to bomb Lebanon, let them pay for it themselves, and put their own children in harm's way. There's no reason we should sacrifice our children for their agenda, or push our country further into debt to subsidize their cruelty.

It is as simple as Israel is breaking International Law, Palestine isn't.

Israel is an invader, Palestine isn't.

Thank you Naomi for highlighting this important debate on college campuses. I look at your readers' comments though and cringe. How warped the debate has become in favor of Israel. 

This is not a conflict between Israelis and Arabs - perhaps once upon a time other Arab states took it upon themselves to liberate Palestine, but to think that a Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Jordan have any interest in doing so today is a joke.

This is a conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. One is the occupier and the other is the occupied. There are no grey areas. How does one even begin to feel sorry for Israel and its "security concerns" when it is the Jewish state's continued occupation and daily violation of Palestinian human rights that causes security issues? Get out of Palestine and give up the idea of a country for "Jews Only" - an apartheid state at best - or stop complaining about the massive global condemnation and focus on Israel.

You can't have it all. And these double standards, employed by Israel's "friends" and Berkeley's political body will eventually be reversed as they were with South Africa. Time is not on your side.

I would take Naomi's principled stand over yours/Israel any day. The wars were all Israeli and preemptive. Even before the birth of the Israeli jewish state your lot were already planning to steal more land. As the treaties were being signed and the ink still wet your lot were shifting the yard posts

What is foolish is that your deluded lot think they claim right to a land that not theirs either mythically, ethnically, religiously nor legally. Israel right are within the borders of their sovereign state enshrined in UNres181anything outside these borders does not belong to Israel and is in violation of Int. Law. Note over 250 UN res. against Israels Illegal occupation.
[revisionist history]

Hamas is a group of radical Palestinian Freedom Fighters trying to save their land from the thieves of Israel

Amazing the way Israel wants others to obey laws, but they refuse to acknowledge that they are criminals.

The analogy is far from perfect but unfortunately reasonable. Israel obviously, from it's own words and the major political parties, is mainly for one group. Other's can live there but they will always be seen as that, not Real Israeli citizens. A few can even be in government, but never with significant power.

While an extreme right wing Jewish general could start a nuclear war someday they obviously would never allow a Christian or Muslim to have a very high rank in the military. So there are many examples of how anyone not a Jew is a second class citizen, at best. And even Jew's, if they don't follow a right wing trend, are likely branded " self-hating."

Rubbish. Israel may well cease to be an artificially Jewish-dominated, racist state, but Jews will remain, just as they have for thousands of years. Jews will also remain in virtually every other part of the world, too.

The secular, democratic West learned the lesson a long time ago that trying to build a society made up of one race and/or one religion will only result in bloodshed.

Israel needs to learn this lesson, too, if it really wants to be the same type of secular, democratic society it currently---and incorrectly---claims to be.

Thank you for an excellent article.

The poor old University of Berkley is likely to find itself being inundated by the many and various "student" supporters of hasbara Israel propaganda, who will apply enormous levels of emotional arm twisiting on anybody who supports the adoption of this bill. If those people fail to alter their view they are likely tro find themselves being labelled as "anti-semite" - an extremely unpleasant place to be for a young student. 

In opposition to that barrage of disimulation, misinformation, downright lies, propaganda and emotional blackmail will be ranged the occasional, and much more enlightened small voice of sense.

Let us hope that the small voices of sense prevail, and that the bill is adopted despite the unpleasant tactics that will be deployed against it.

Are you on AIPAC's payroll? I hear that they have people specifically assigned to attack these types of articles even if they are fair and balanced as well as well written.
[posted twice]

Isn't our recent History littered with the broken careers of politicians and journalists who have dared to question our relationship with israel?
They are very brave!

There is a reason Israel gets bashed. Because the country is run by a bunch of religeous fanatics keeping more than half of the population in an apartheid state. Nobody is bashing Belguim or Canada. Only Israel. There is a reason for that

Which Palestinians, the innocent women and children the Israelis kill.?
99.9% are just trying to survive under the horrid conditions imposed upon them. 

The few that fire primitive rockets that never hit anything are an extreme minority.

They fire rockets at the settlements from which they were forcefully evicted and had their crops and homes bulldozed.

I heartily endorse this move as I have stopped having anthing to do with Israel. We did the same thing with apartheid with some success and I sincerely hope that more countries will join in and demand justice and condemn their barbarism.

How many were killed by the missile attacks?
How many were killed by the response?
Whose logic is "backwards and disturbing?"


  1. Hello. If you want to help, don't just reprint these malicious comments. It doesn't do anything. Take comments that are wrong, and write responses to them correcting the false or misguided info and opinions

  2. And keep up the great work, by the way! My earlier comment was a friendly suggestion from someone who appreciates your efforts in trying to expose anti-semitic crap. But I think it's even more helpful to correct the stuff, and point out why it's wrong/dishonest/etc.

  3. Anon, thanks for the comments, but I think this list kind of proves why that isn't a feasible option. There are dozens of comments in this one thread, and those are just the ones who are considered abusive enough to be documented. Very often pro-Israel voices are simply buried under mountains of antagonism.

    To counter all of these, it would literally take hours to go through each one and write a response, not including follow up conversations. The gain/loss ratio just doesn't make sense. That doesn't stop us from trying, though. :)