Thursday, April 22, 2010

HPW: Netanyahu Urges Sanctions Against Iran

You can tell by the title was the article was about, and naturally it provoked a firestorm of hatred from the Huffington Post community, much of it directed against other posters who disagree with them. This watch includes everything we have come to expect at this point. Comments attacking Netanyahu and thinking that Israel should be the one sanctioned instead were not included, obviously.

The fully moderated thread has over 2,000 comments. I only had time to search through the first 15 pages out of 27, but there were more than enough comments to justify a page. If anyone doubts that there is hatred against Israel, Jews, and their supporters on the Huffington Post, take a look through these comments. Your doubts will be banished.

It's time to peacefully dismantle the IsraHell.
[Edited for length. responses include "Fanned," "excellent post," and...]
The term is theocracy and they are all anachronistic abominations. In most cases they are worse than dictatorships.

I urge crippling sanctions against Israel. It has been nothing but a headache since its inception in 1948.
Intelligentsia wants to know as who all the PM of the terrorist country is urging to impose crippling sanction. They added as to why should it urge and beg others to do so when it does not listen to others, on the contrary it snubs and insults countries. They finally concluded by saying what a disgraceful character of an ill reputed country.
The eminent retired Political leaders strongly opined, that the PM seeking help must stop insulting innocent inhabitants and its neighbors by their atrocious activities.
The prominent Human Rights and Social Workers opined that terrorist nation has to change its behavior, arrogance, obstinacy and atrociousness and live amicably with its neighbors.
[edited for length]

TalabWell with the moderators tonight we have the hasbara shift . Blackjack is allowed to "demonize Iran but when you mention that the IDF is as bad if not worse they just dont get thru . I recon that is Jewish "fair play" at work

alysheba 3
How nice that Israel Firsters and Hasbara agents are so willing to plunge the world into WW 3
Wanna bet the IDF won't put boots on the ground THIS time either? What an ally!

hasbaraBOT jamessmith2010 ,megaphone user no doubt.

TalabAn Israeli appolagyst is treading on thin ICE to be talking about anyone else oppressing an indegenous population

How many dead babies in Gaza should there be before the situation is "humanist" ? Apologist of apartheid.I'm more honest than most that suffer from "blind loyalty" ,like yourself.

Israel is a problem that is a product of colonial actions undertaken by the U.N. (principally at the behest of the US and Britain) after WWII. Israel has no fundamental right to exist, and given that it displaced and continues to displace and cause unbearable hardship to countless thousands of indiginous people, this flawed decision is probably best undone.
The ancestors of the majority of people on this planet have been persecuted, dispossessed or forcibly relocated over the ages. The have been numerous holocausts in human history, some far greater that WWII (and there were other victims of the WWII holocaust besides Jews). Why is it then that there is only one people who get to go back to their ancestral grounds that most had left generations previously? None of the rest of us have that privilege.
The problem is that Israel is so arrogant that when the same UN wants to force her to release the lands she occupied after 1967, Israel says that UN is anti-Semite!
Everybody who wants to talk reason with Israel is anti-Semite, even the UN that created it!

No the upheaval was created by Zionists chasing civilians from their homes at gunpoint and massacres of innocents. Israel is a country for the moment, and in a hundred or two hundred years it will be a memory.

No Sanderson, you are just playing your little race card again.
Sorry, but the race card has been maxed out - nobody's buying it anymore. It's not "poor little Israel", people recognize that Israel is a major military power that has no problems targeting civilians. It's a country built on corpses.
Hope that helps ya race baiter!

Netanyahu the war criminal talking of the "coalition of the willing" which is the same BS that Bush/Rice used about Iraq is so telling as to whom really controls the US Government and Media.

MarcEdward what? Israel practices genital mutilation on their male children - does that have anything to do with nukes? Your post makes no sense.

yes-- you can say Jewish on Huff Po.. so long your rant is most favorable to Jews - While writing always remember. America has unwavering support for Israel, because hey have better control of Washington and most certainly money than the Palestinians..

Netanyahu is Israel's Bush, Israel's Ahmadineja
When are Americans going to learn that the neo-reich Zionists are the problem. They do not want peace. [edited for length]

then they should also work against a similar apartheid state called Israel.

There are approximately 7 million Jewish families in North America. If half of them send one member to fight for Israel, then the rest of us can bring our kids home. I am sick of these people provoking wars and sending other people's kids to fight them.

They promoted that scenario themselves "The Samson Option" to give Western politicians a plausible reason for their own spinelessness. In the meantime they wreck our economies with their own WMD's called derivatives or credit default swaps :)
Ooh that should work; do as we say or we'll wreck your economy. Oops, they're already doing that.

Israel is a repressive theocracy run by a handful of paranoid Ashkenazim.

I agree with you. I think Iran is the victim in this zionist conspiracy.

santai they just put their citizens in a concentration camp and deny them basic human rights...just like the warsaw ghetto

do you agree that aipac members should be the first in the army
[response: "YES! And in the front line too."]

Iranians are the most civilized people in the world, their current leadership not withstanding.
Israel was born of war and atrocities and seems to know no other way to live with their neighbors than to do to them what was done to the Jews.

How many kids of AIPAC members are serving in the army. From now on...they should be the first to go.
I agree. I won't let any of my children die for Israel.

Israel won't rest until it takes over the entire region.

I hear there's a religion over in Israel that mandates childhood genital mutilation of their boys - how freaky is that? [Variations on this comment was made many times.]

Israeli crimes against the children:
Do not buy zionist products:

We should draft the children of Americans who support Israel's wars ...and ship them out.

As a non signer of the NPT Israel is a rogue nuke state. On many other issues Israel is guilty by any definition you care to cite guilty of crimes against humanity.
Until it straightens itself out or is forced to do so externally, it has no credibility threatening or criticizing other countries in the region.
[Responses include many "fanned"s]

Without an enemy, real or perceived, to threaten and rattle sabers at, the nation of Israel would simply go "Poof!" and vanish, cease to exist.
Conflict is their Raison d'Etre'.
And I'm getting a LIL TIRED of comments getting woderated, comments which meet ALL HP guidelines and do not include foul language, threats, or anything other than expressing distate for Israel's actions and words.

Dude, you are lucky we gave your crew a country, back off with the saber rattling!
I know something of Roman history is that the Jewish Rabbis pushed and bribed Pontius Pilate for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. and freed Barabas.

Who in the USA will sacrifice their children for Israel? Forget about it!

"Let a twelfth century theocracy get the bomb?"
Why not, the 1st century theocracy has hundreds of them.

Netanyahu is a YAHOOOOOOOO! His ethical and moral credibility is no different than Adiminajad or the Pope, all three are lacking. Calling for sanctions agains Iran by Israel is the "pot calling the kettle black". Maybe if Israel do away with its Apartheid Occupation, Respect Human Rights and Diversity and come clean about their NUCLEAR WEAPONS, they can be a moral light to the world, until them, he can take that BS to Belgium or where ever the Rothchilds hide these days. I am sure they hide in Wyoming also with Cheney!

[To a pro-Israel poster] Of course you've been there, you need to get your paycheck somehow, after all.

white mende man
How about 'Crippling Sanctions' Against Israel for sinking the United States under her unending atrocious demands?
Time is running out for settler occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, land theft and military oppression!
Israel is the enemy of Peace in the Middle East. Israel has attacked all its neighbors and in the case of the Palestinians and Lebanon REPEATEDLY!
Israel has a proven record of belligerence and cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons!
Netan yahoo should worry about the nutty settlers, not Iran. Israel is becoming as isolated as North Korea, and is the most hated country on the planet. He has no room to talk, and every time he does, he brings crippling sanctions on ISRAEL that much closer to reality. You shouldn't scream in a house of cards held together by nothing but blood.

Bibi your apartheid state is the worlds most destabilizing issue. How many people have been killed because you can't go back to the 67 borders? [Look who's back.]

Americans need to wake up and vote the Zionists who listen to this schmuck out of our government.
Ban AIPAC now!!
Sounds like creation of a master race all over again.
Dustintime - what a great post...thanks. Such petty spiteful overgrown children. And then you get the truly ignorant who come on here spouting about eqaulity in israel.

So lets get this straight, Bibi tries to humiliate VP Biden by announcing a war like expansion of settlements into the Palestinian zone of Jerusalem, but then we are supposed to fight an endless war for them. How about crippling sanctions against Israel? Better yet, just deny them their allowance. When will the average American wake up to the fact we are getting played by these ingrates.

The US mass media is the biggest machine for pro-Israeli propaganda and it is proactivly preparing their already misinformed public for a war against Iran, for the sake of no other country aside from Israel.
They interviewed the prime minister or a country that is ignoring international law, engaged in occupation and aggression against its neighboors, in a public spat with the president of the US, has nuclear weapons, and still main subject of the interview was Iran and calling from crippling sanctions against it.

Israel IS the enemy.
fanned ticonderoga . . . israel is america's enemy . . it is the enemy of the whole world . . .

do your own dirty work...and stop illegally occupying congress
 [responses, "Fanned" and "co-signed."]

Israel has ALL the nuclear weapon in the Middle East. Israel has already proven it is full of hate and contempt for it's Arab neighbors.
Why do we let his ridiculous tail wag the USA. Is it because they have a large number in key positions in Washington.

You would seeing as you have no sense of human compassion nor desire to compromise with those who disagree with you. (You'd make a perfect paranoid Ashkenazi/Likkud member, if you aren't one already.)

OH, we forgot the sacred unwritten law that NO ONE is allowed to criticize the jooows.

And you're an AIPAC propagandist (or just a brainwashed paranoid oblivious to actual facts).

I don't hate Israel. I detest their warmongering, racist, better than thou attitude towards their neighbors.

Or maybe he's listening to genocidal zionist nazi jackbooted warmongers like you.

An Israel supporter drooling at the thought of starting a war with Iran? I'm shocked. SHOCKED.
Because the thug has no interest in acting like the rest of the civilized world.
I take it that you are a crusader for _I/ s r. a e/ l i war _cri mes. All of your comments support this conclusion.
Israel is a terrorist state with more UN resolutions against it than Saddam Husein. With more than 200 nuclear warheads and the means to deliver them, and a willingness to react with extreme violence to any perceived threat, Israel is the biggest nuclear threat on the planet and should be the subject of "cripping santions."

I didn't realize Smith was a Jewish name....Netanyahu just wants Israel to be the lone nuclear power in the Middle East. Maybe if our politicians quit accepting money from AIPAC and tried to deal with Iran in a diplomatic fashion, this wouldn't be an issue. But, since the majority of Congress answers to Tel Aviv, that will never happen.

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  1. Let a Jew say something reasonable and sit back and watch a torrent of hate get unleashed.

    Oh my! Gevalt!