Friday, April 23, 2010

HPW: Netanyahu Refuses to Freeze EJ Settlement Building

Once again, PM Netanyahu has refused to obey the US's request to freeze all settlement building in east Jerusalem. While this article was met with rousing choruses of "Cut off the aid! Cut off the aid!", there weren't too many abusive comments. The ones I've found, I've outlined below. But here's a sneak peek for you.

Israel in my view, does not belief the rest of the whole world have their interest at heart.

And any reason will be raised by them to continue this mode of engagement with the rest of the world.

Oh, Anti-Christ, where art Thou? Come Quickly and resolve this Issue, our at least temporarily (3 and half years)

Cut off the welfare checks and the Jews will all move back to NYC and N.J.

Dual loyalties? But "more" loyal to whom?

Also, my posts ALWAYS show up on that site!

Obama should change the "official" U.S. policy and support a one-state solution. Let BnYahoo chew on that!
[advocating for the destruction of Israel]

Why should nuttinyahoo think he has to bend to the president and the state dept., when he has the entire u.s. congress in his hip pocket?

Those US lawmakers (Congress and Senate) who back Netenyahu (prime minister of a foreign country) and act agains the President of the United States are traitors and not real Americans. They have been blinded by Israeli lobbyist and especially by AIPAC. Shame on you you traitors.
Woody Stemms
It's not the "Jewish vote", and it never has been.

Jews are, at most, 2% of the American population.

Jewish voters might be a "swing vote" in a few states, most notably New York, but that's all.

The power of the Israel Lobby comes from their hold on the news media, and their large and generous campaign contributions.

Congress bows and bends over whenever the holy word "Holocaust" is mentioned.
Ever notice how many Jews work for the Heritage Foundation? Why are they such war hawks?

Classic hasbara tactic: evade and deflect; avoid discussing issue at hand. It doesn't work anymore.

It will be a good day when Iran gets a Nuke.. maybe on that day Israelis will sober up.. they too drunk with on American Soliders Blood! . and money .. . Americans had better wise up! and quick..

Next to Israel nuking Iran, their control of Jerusalem ranks next as existential threat to world peace.
They have turned the most sacred city in human history into a Hurt Locker. Enough!

It's time to pull the plug big time on israel . . no more money, no hotline to the Pentagon, no veto umbrella in the UN . . the Prez has to work with UN on this . . . israel deserves crippling sanctions . . . israel keeps showing the US one thing . . . that the so called friendship has only been oneway . . to enrich israel . . and hurt the US . . . if our aipac dominated congress can't see that they should be deported to israel

I am beginning to understand what happened years ago in Europe....

Getting Israel to stop behaving like NAZIS is pretty simple:

Let's just cut off their allowance. When those free-loading racists have to pay their own rent, and don't get free use of our military every time they feel like firebombing Arab kids from the Berlin Wall they built on Palestinian lands, maybe even THEY'LL get the hint.

Half of them will move back to New York and New Jersey, and the other half will live in peace with the Arabs, as they've indicated in polls for decades.

Woody Stemms
That's a big problem that has yet to be addressed.

When apartheid South Africa became democratic, when the natives regained control of their country, scores of Jews fled to Israel, where they could still keep the natives "in their place".

The same thing would happen if real democracy ever comes to Palestine.

Hordes of whimpering American Zionists will flood back here, along with a million other Zionist "refugees" who our cowardly Congress will welcome with open arms.

Sure. The way Lloyd Blankfein's Goldman Sachs owns Wall Street, and therfore can do what it/they want

Woody Stemms
The Zionist's are trying to pull the same dirty, back-stabbing, trick.

The attacked the USS Liberty to trick the USA into attacking Egypt.

Now they are trying to get the USA to do their dirty-work and attack Iran.

Sorry Schlomo, it's not going to happen, no matter how much you whine and snivel.

Maybe according to AIPAC Israel is supported. A fifth column is a group of people, like the Jewish Lobby and Neocons Richard Pearle and Paul Wolfowitz, which clandestinely undermines a larger group to which it is expected to be loyal, such as America. America is not buying the distorted propaganda about the apartheid criminal state of Israel. The truth is getting out via the internet.

America hates bullies and criminals.

Palestine will get to be a nation next year, what are you going to do about it?

I am begining to wonder, does the US Government represent the American people or does it represent Israel?
[Response: "you're just now beginning to wonder?"]

Then take your tin cup a go beg somewhere else. NO AID TO ISRAELI LAND THIEVES.

Take a good look at your elected representatives...........what are their religious/cultural affilliations? You will find the answer to your question right there.

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  1. Israel has no right to its own policy. This from the same folks that urge us to respect and honor all differences. Until of course, the people who choose to seek to be different are the Jews. Then that is intolerable!