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HPW: Netanyahu Humiliated After US Trip Goes Awry

Netanyahu Humiliated After US Trip Goes AwryI couldn't think of anything to write last night so I thought I would collect some comments from an older thread from the 26th of March. The somewhat partisan headline is "Netanyahu Humiliated After US Trip Goes Awry. Basically it is a reference to President Obama and Netanyahu not having dinner together, though there are many theories. There aren't any hard facts, even the article itself admits that it is mostly "speculation." But that didn't stop the Huffington Post editors from providing the above headline. Oh well. Anyway, here are the comments.

The fully moderated thread has about 900 comments. At this point any really offensive comments should have been removed. We'll see.

People, please don't get your hope too high that US is becoming an slightly impartial mediator. It is a temporary thing mostly in retaliation to what Israelis did to Biden. Israely lobby is the most powerful lobby (just look at the list of attendees in their recent event) in Washington with full control of US policy for the ME.
I still believe there will not be a just peace there due to intransigence, arrogant, and hawkish attitude of Israel. One state is the solution.

So nice to see these ungrateful drama queens taught a lesson. How do they think they are? A tiny, third rank country, with no economic or stategic importantance, insulting our VP? Thank God Obama has showed he will demand respect. Check out this version of events, very interesting... very funny and original

I agree. The United States is too sympathetic to the theocratic state in Israel. Such states are contrary to the secular American model and a bit synthetic or unrealistic. The whole idea of reviving Hebrew as a spoken language is a vestige of middle European thought of the mid 19th century when various ethnic tongues like Slovakian were brought back as from the dead and taught in schools.
Israel will have to adopt to the former culture. They have the momentary transformation of unsustainable deep wells and water exploitation. Drip irrigation builds little piles of salts that mock their high expectations.

I hope you are right and he goes all the way to cut help to Israel until she stops building on occupied territories, but Zionist media will tear him apart and he will end up like Carter with no second therm.
I think we have to wait until second therm to see if he dares.

Appalled and horrified by the atrocities committed during WWII, Americans stood in solidarity with the Jewish people, vowing, "Never again." Now many Americans, appalled and horrified by the atrocities being committed by Israel against the Palestinian people they displaced, are wondering why we are supporting a government whose people seem to have learned nothing more from WWII than how to treat others in some of the worst ways they had been treated.
I ask the Israeli people why, since they didn't enjoy being forced to live in places like the Warsaw ghetto, they now think it's a good thing to force another people to live in them?

Here's the funny thing about Israel - many Americans don't care what happens there. I for one could care less if the Israelis and Palestinians kill each other off entirely. It's just another conflict between two backwaters.
What irritates me is when my tax dollars go to prop up the militant groups on one side, so that they can kill the other side's militants and civilians. The US should use its aid to foster nascent democracies instead of propping up apartheid regimes.

Which "ally" has spied on the US, sold our military secrets to China, controlled our congresspeople, rakes in over $3 billion every year, got military help, and snubbed us again, and again?

El Espectro
Netanyahu needs to kiss America's @ss.

"What planet do these people live on?"
And, again of this "other" group, I ask: To which country do you owe your loyalty?
"The treatment reserved for the President of Equatorial Guinea." How offensive is that? So Netanyahu is a superior human-being? Is he supposed to get preferential treatment because he is an Israeli? What arrogance....

Not after their treatment of the VP they shouldn't have been. They are a small second world country with pretensions and were treated correctly.

I hope this is true. The more humiliation that is heaped on war criminals like Netanyuahu, the better. America is starting to wake up to the outrageous behavior of the Israelis.
Good! Great news. Now we can isolate Israel like Israel isolated Gaza.
more pathetic hasbara spinning. it's just getting silly now, you guys should really just give it up..
Harvee Wallbanger
Israel is always influencing US politics. They spy on us. They steal our defense and industrial secrets. They even fire upon us when it suits them. They continually treat us more as an enemy than an ally. We merely have their best interest at heart. Kind of shows you why God himself has had so much trouble with his chosen people.

glad to see we might finally stop kissing their behinds at every turn..............we cater to them in large part because the christian conservatives still view them as god's chosen people.

Israel should be sanctioned for the war crimes and genocide they committed..It about time someone stands up to them.

One has to wonder that when Israel was created, and Jerusalem wasn't part of their territory. They had their state. But still they demanded more. Then they took more. Now they demand more still. Where is the limit to their place in the sun?
Didn't World War II teach that appeasement isn't the best course in the long run? The world, the US included, needs to stop the enabling and set the limits before all the world is dragged into an abyss born of this Israeli arrogance.

Jason, this Israeli attitude has been around a lot longer than this admin. This goes back 30 years. The win one war, and it goes straight to their head, and out their rifle barrels.

If I were from Equatorial Guinea I would be offended by comparison to an apartheid colonial regime.

Mainer, History shows us what Zionists do to ANY leader who sincerely works for peace. They shoot him, and 'that's all folks'. The Israelis who sincerely want peace need to elect leaders who want peace and then give him the kind of protection no other democratic leader needs, because otherwise he won't survive long. The insane among us always do things we find shocking. I think we need to always expect an extreme response whenever we want to do the right thing. Jerusalem needs to be a 'world city'. And Palestinians' capital. They are all the sons of Abraham, if you believe the story.

Yank in France
I am part American Indian, and I know the whites will never given the Indians back their land.
On the other hand, I find it incredibly offensive to hear Zionists take advantage of the persecution of American Indians to justify their persecution of the native peoples of Palestine.
We are now in the 21st century and native peoples and the rest of the world no longer tolerate colonialist and apartheid regimes!!

That would be no surprise. Israel has a long history of protecting criminals of jewish ancestry, including those guilty of some of the world's most heinous crimes.
Israel has worn the cloak of the Holocaust long enough.
Those crimes should never be repeated and indeed, what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people in particular and its neighbors in general is exactly on par with anything Hitler did. What is the difference between gassing children and starving or bombing them to death?

Glen, they're not even bothering to grow anything. They tore out olive orchards hundreds of years old to build their ugly houses. They built walls to keep Palestinian farmers away from their orchards, and fields, they take the houses Palestinians legally own, and tear them down. Perfectly nice homes, ust because they don't want to live in a dwelling owned previously by the 'enemy'. They refuse building permits to Palestinians. They are becoming their own worst enemy and are going to steamroll themselves into oblivion.

Israel made lemonade out of the blood of Palestinian children. When Bebe starts acting like a leader instead of a bratty child, maybe he wont need a time out.

It's Netanyahu who is childish, peevish and ego-maniacal. He doesn't want a two state solution. So what you're saying that the U.S. should tolerate Israel's abuse of power so the dems can gt the jewish vote. That's called blackmail. All of us have ancestors who immigrated from another country.....yet my allegiance is to the U.S. not the country my grandparents imigrated from; as it should be.

Yank in France
Wow, you have swallowed the Zionist line hook, line and sinker.
You cannot measure the anger about Jerusalem in trems of square meters, Balzac.
The occupation, settlement with a foreign population and expulsion of the native population strikes a deep chord in all emerging countries, but especially in the Arab and Muslim world where the Crusader states left a deep scare.
As for China, there has been widespread worldwide condemnation of its treatment of the Tibetans and other minority peoples but the truth is that they have a long and continuous claim to that region, even if they are totally wrong in their treatment of the Tibetans.
Bringing up the Pakistan/Indian population shifts and other world calamities is typical of the Zionist spin. Such tactics were also used against America by the Nazis and Joe Stalin but only the Zionists have used them to such great effect.
But such arguments are just as wrong and as sleazy today as they were in the 1930s.

Yank in France
No Balzac, criticizing Israel's policies do NOT signifiy an attack on Judaism: that is the classic Zionist line which is pure demagoguery!
Israel is something very similar to an apartheid state. There is no justification, either in Judaism or in Western culture as it has evolved (as opposed to past conduct), that legitimizes such behavior.
If you are arguing this line to impress moderate Zionists, I don't think it is working because they argue their case much better than you have so far.

I truly dispise the "chosen one' card played by the Jews. What about the rest of the world?
I am sorry but those carrying this attitude should not have the nerve to depend on those they persist in calling gentiles etc.
Secondly, Jerusalem is of importance to Islam and Christianity as well so why is it that only the Jews have the right to lay claim? The Jews will never let peace happen in the Mid East and it'll be because of their big supremacist egos, their attitude that somehow they're better than all and are 'god's chosen people.'

I guess we will never know exactly what happened at that meeting. I hope President Obama stood his ground, and did not give in to Bibi. They have to stop undermining the peace talks, and stop being greedy by grabbing disputed land. Unfortunately the US has grabbed the tiger by the tail, and cannot let go. The AIPAC and pro Israel lobby has made sure that we will keep funding and supporting Israel, no matter what. They have broken UN resolutions, and we always look away, without even a censure.
They control us, and they have bragged about that. You have got to wonder where the loyalties of the Jewish are. They seem to put the US second to Israel.

I thought it was funny that an Israeli newspaper would compare their leader as deserving more respect than the president of Equatorial Guinea. No wonder they treat Ethiopians like slaves. They really do think Africans are at the bottom.

Bibi was a mess the first time around and he will be mess the second time around.Bibi is painting Israel into a corner, surrounded by states that loathe it. Their hubris, arrogance and sense of entitlement based on the credo of "God's chosen people", has left them discredited, unmasked and alienated from the rest of the international community.
Rather than joining the international consensus and leading Israel to peace,Bibi chooses to stay trapped in his old ideology.The timid acknowledgement that he gave to a two-state solution is useless.It is a non-starter and he knows it.Bibi is a coward, his "coalition". their failed policies, and ridiculous rhetoric and actions are not a courageous acts of peace.
The right-wing attitude of "we will do whatever we want regardless of what anyone else thinks about it" should finally get the approriate reward. If it were up to me, I'd ship those settlers out and back to Israel proper behind the 1967 line and give all those settlements to the Palestinian refugees living in the direst conditions. They deserve compensation for the lands and homes stolen or destroyed by Israel.
Israel can wage war in Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and demolish houses, assassinate percieved enemies but cannot declare a border, demolish Palestinian homes in East J’lem and the West Bank because they were built ‘illegally’ but do nothing about all the illegal settlements? Ridiculous. Bibi got exactly what he deserved. I hope is continues.

I feel what you are saying. But I wonder if it is not time to sever the umbilical chord. The state of Israel is the Frankenstein of a handful of Zionists - militants who managed to sell slogans to tug at the heartstrings of many, precisely because of crimes taking place against Jews at the time.
There is no legitimacy for a state that is built over the bones so many dead Palestinians. Cut that cord now!

Darwinia Amazonia
Ban Ki-Moon statement, "Israel Must Stop Building On Occupied Land" represents the united national sentiments of the all of the West and all of East. But Israel and it supporting Diaspora are not moved by hot air; they respond only to the hard blows of a stick: a worldwide boycott and a shift in the Middle East balance of power, in favor of the Arabs and Iranians. Either Israel's persecution, land robbery, and genocide of Palestinians stops; or, Israel must perish.

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  1. The interesting thing about threads like this is not the anti-Semitism but the conspicuous absence of any criticism, reflective or not, about the Arabs and the behavior. From reading the talkbacks, one might be forgiven for thinking the only reason there is war, bloodshed and violence in the Middle East is Israel and the fact another party exists is elided out of the discussion altogether. There's neither curiosity or a stitch of intellectual integrity on the HP threads.