Friday, April 9, 2010

HPW: Netanyahu Cancels Trip to Washington D.C.

As mentioned in my previous post, PM Netanyahu has declined to go to President Obama's nuclear summit in person, although he is sending a deputy minister in his place. As usual when the Israelis don't act the way the USA wants them to, the HPers became quite upset about this. We saw in this thread the user "azcowman" prove beyond a shadow of a doubt he is in fact a genuine anti-Semite, as well as the normal comments we're used to seeing. Check them out below.

Yahu has given recent administrations all the ammo they need to cut off our guarantees to Israel, yet our secretaries of state keep swearing alliegance to this arrogant little country as if our lives depended on the relationship, whereas our lives really depend on moving away from it. Israel is a wealthy nation now, thanks to the U.S., and like any suckling should now stand on its own and learn how to get along with the other kids.

they never get into the Country Club in my town. they would take over. [He's back, baby!]

alysheba 3
"I'm not concerned that anyone would think that Israel is a terrorist regime," Netanyahu said.
Of course we wouldn't think it Bib, we know it. If you act like a terrorist regime, then that's how you get labeled.
Too early to categorically state that! The US government has just started standing up to its Masters!

He got frightened that someone might ask him how many nukes he had aimed at Washington.


Screw Israel. There should be a divide between the US and a rogue, dangerous, apartheid regime run by thugs and war criminals.

Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons, what a big freaking surprise. Israel is Iran's number one enemy in region. Israel has repeately attacked it's neighbors, and has consistently and flagrantly violated UN resolutions. It is obviously racist, pushing the Muslim population under its control into ghettos, confiscating their prorperty, and dropping bombs on them when they resist. Furthermore, this hostile and aggressive regional power maintains a large nuclear arsenal aimed directly at Iran! What, do you need a slide rule to figure out why they want a bomb?
It is not realistic or even rational to expect Iran to stop developing nukes under these circumstances. The only way the US will get Iran to stop trying to develop a nuclear weapon is to force Israel to de-commission its nuclear stockpile, sign the non-proliferation treaty and declare the Middle East a nuclear free zone.

"...fearing Israel would be singled out over its own nuclear program."
So now the belligerent government of Israel is cowardly as well as cruel.
Go figure.

We created a monster and it is called Israel.

correct except for : The majority of the people in Israel want peace - they dont. They want domination.

Israel will be well represented by Rahm. He is a citizen of Israel and can well speak for their interests.

It was ISRAEL who hijacked the Durban conference, screaming "its all about MEEEEE'.

alysheba 3
Those Arabs have been known as Palestinians for longer than 100 years.

Typical Hasbara.

alysheba 3
Apparently Hasbara agents like you don't like the truth about your fellow agents. You really need to teach these new guys about subtlety.

alysheba 3
When did the Israeli Foreign Ministry recruit you? Recently from the look of it, no fans.

lsrael is an iIIegal state. The British Mandate and the UN had no right to take away any Iand from the PaIestinians.


Just another racist bigot

To jacob: i do have final solution for you. read Deuteronomy and become humble about all the murder your people have committed and bragged about in writing.

I disagree lulubelle.1 looking at the totality of Israels existential threats and seems to me to be more the result of the zionistoilmafia's control of oil and the banks of the west.

This is such a historic subversive power...the source of the shadow governments that all western powers are being extorted by.

Sure it could't hoit to have some nice nukes...but there definably not the most important factor when you're blackmailing governments.

Oh please. Haven't you played the victim long enough?

lsrael is a terrorist regime.

Will quit for now. Just want to end with references that say it all: Deuteronomy and Joshua, their own books, and the YouTube video of Rachel Corrie being crushed by an Israeli dozer [Caterpillar].

If you all just go to these sources, you will understand what is going on now.
azcowman, you might add Nehemiah and Ezra to your reading list.
I'm not recommending these books for their validity but as indication of a mindset.

I got news fer ya... Israel stole $2.3 TRILLION from the Pentagon under Rumsfeld when Dov Zakheim, a dual Israeli/American citizen and ordained "rabbi", was comptroller there. To this day we have not had an accounting of it. The accounting dept. at the Pentagon charged with investigating this matter was destroyed on 9/11. Coincidence? I think not.

Lloyd Greif: How "democratic" was it for the Zionists to steal Palestinian land and rename it "Israel?" How "democratic" is it for Israel to treat Palestinians like the Nazis once treated the Jews and how "democratic" is it for israel to habitually attack its neighbors, killing innocent babies, children, women and men wantonly?

Israel is a barbaric, sociopathic rogue nation that cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons--or any kind of a military at all. Israel must give up its nuclear arsenal, totally disarm itself and surrender its land and all holdings to the Palestinians either voluntarily or the U.S. and the UN MUST do it by force.

noose is tightening...

Oh, yeah. We are so hurt. We won't let you into the Country Club in the first place because we know you would try to take over, being chosen and all, and you have to make us feel bad because you won't come to where you aren't welcome in the first place.

so we are anti-Semites. good club to be in. we have read Deuteronomy and watched what you did to Rachel Corrie


I was not born with this idea or my current attitude; I earned it from experience, very real and personal.

What if i do [hate Jews]? And I have good reasons?

What you feel is not anti-semitism i.e a totally irrational reaction to the very existence of Jews, but a rational reaction to your "experience, very real and personal."

Jacob77030 and Hedonist labor under the delusion that no behavior of Jews, either collectively or as individuals could ever lead to a rational dislike.

Bottom line: YouTube Rachel Corrie.

Root cause of anti-Semitism..Semitism.

When you watch that Israeli dozer doze Rachel, forwards and backwards, you will understand how god's chosen deal with other people who stand in their way.

Too early to categorically state that! The US government has just started standing up to its Masters!

We could hope so. Supporters of Israel are wide awake. Been ruling our policy. Pushy Jews desist.

He's part of the Israel media assualt. They are paid by the government

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  1. Jews are "pushy" - er, stiff-necked when they don't behave the way every one else expects. And here I thought HP was above crude stereotypes.