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HPW: MJ Rosenberg's "Times" Article

For some reason MJ Rosenberg's article received a lot of commentary, over 600 comments in the fully moderated thread at last count. Most of the comments were pretty standard fare: Thinking that there should be more space between America and Israel (or not), and so forth. Others...less so. Click the link below to read some.

Time to re-asses our real relationship between allies. Who is more beneficial and who is more likie an albatros. Any congressmen/women and senators who are devoted to a certain country other than United States should be voted out of office come election time. In other words: Clean the swamp.
But, Israel is not a democracy. She is an apartheid state.
Isn't it long past time that the World Jewish Congress and AIPAC decided what country they actually owe allegiance to? If I lived in America I would be feeling very uneasy with such active treason in my neighbourhood. It seems to fit the very definition of treason when you have an organisation that acts to reverse an election result, solely on the basis of another country's advantage.
Let them deal with their traitors, let us deal with ours. A I P A C is a bunch of treacherous traitors - period! [Spammed]

Having witnessed Lebanon in 2006 and Cast Lead last year, I think Israel is the expert when it comes to mass murder dabblesome, and yes it was utterly appalling.

The welfare state of israel should be considered by every American as exactly what it is; Our ENEMY........Remember the USS LIberty, remember they stole US State secrets to weaponize and we have been paying them billions annually and forking over military hardware and technology, thank you very much, and when they don't get what they think they want they don't hesitate to employ espionage and assassination to achieve their goal and then go about bragging about it!
Write your politician and tell them you are fed up with them continually writing a blank check to the jews; End all economic and military support for israel once and for all or be prepared to experience the unemployment line.
Bottom line is israel is nothing without us and they have become a liability and are considered a pariah state among the World community in general; Time to cut the cord and let them sink or swim on their own.

Screw AIPAC, a lobby for a foreign government.
The only reason a Jewish liberal democracy exists on that land is because they drove out the opposition in 48.
It is not a democracy if you have to use force to drive out the opposition to "win".
Liberal Democracies don't have institutional apartheid.
oh no we don't wanna get the Israelis mad again last time that happen 3000 peeps lost there lives!! [At first I thought this was a reference to Cast Lead but subsequent comments seem to think he was referring to 9/11.]

Actually dabblesome - Israel is 24/7 PR stunt.
Quest for peace? FOTFLMAO [Might need to click for context.]

Israel owns the United States. If Israel is against Obama he won't get reelected.

What a PR victory for AIPAC!
"No space between the US and Israel when it comes to security."
What about Israeli moles in the US military?

About time. Israel has been dragging us down with their oppressive policies for decades. Time to end it.

IDF propaganda isn't reality.

The citizens of the united states of america elects it`s own american politicians to represent us in the functioning of america . We don`t give the right to elect our politicians to any others , even Israel . It`s enough that our soldiers blood and our countries treasure are spent and spilled daily in the middle east . So , to those of our elected senators and congressmen who want to sign letters and demand that our president remain unwavering and absolutely 100% behind and without any daylight shining between Israel and america , ..... well I say , let them renounce their citizenship to america ,.... along with those who have dual citizenship with Israel , should go over there where they can be useful to the cause , useing their blood and treasure for the cause . I want my elected officials to keep in mind that we are in awfully bad economic times , with high unemployment and a lot of home foreclosures in our mist here at home .

The roots of the conflict are Zionist land grabs.

Israel and the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty ?
The Israeli warmongers (naturally) have refused to sign any international treaty, that would criminalize Israeli war crimes, or highlight their many crimes against humanity.

It's called hasbara. Tag, you're it!

Amazing. People still wanting an impoverished occupied brutalized population of non-Jews in the West Bank and Gaza, under siege for decades, treated like dogs by the israelis, to proclaim their love for Israel and take responsibility...for what? There is such a massive imbalance in power between the israelis and the can't demand the exact same thing from both peoples. The Palestinians have tried to wage a pathway toward normalized lives, but at every turn they are thwarted by Israeli violence.
[edited for length]
Israel: a land born from violence and thriving on it to survive. a supreme paradox.

This has been a long Krystal Night by Israel against Palestinians.
You can make proclamations of Israel’s supremacy and God-given rights as much as you want.
There is nothing new about the first-class and second-class people.
The truth is, you are working on a legacy of shame and infamy…

If our Three Billion is such a joke then why not refuse it, and while we're at it let's say we also make a law that says no more America Dollars may be sent out of the country to Israel by Jewish American institutions or even sympathetic Evangelical Armageddonists. I wonder just how much money is really getting sent to Israel and how much it would come to in total annually. Israel isn't helping us, it is helping itself. Don't try to spin that nonsense about doing this Holy Crusade of Protecting Democracy. That line has gotten old, very old. When you allude to Israel protecting the American Dollar for us would you be referring to the Bankers such as Goldman Sachs per chance. Do you think they'd have some influence in these banks maybe. I wonder. I keep hearing these subtle threats that go unuttered but are there nonetheless. In addition, If Israel is so competent at protecting us, then what in fact do they need from us, certainly not our protection. Maybe all we really are is their convenient backstop for dealing with the U.N. eh.

Switzerland. Don't agree? Move to Israel.
Yeah, that sounds like Israel owns us.
True, but the Israeli lobby and their strategists were certainly important in steering the feeble minded Bush to invade [Iraq].
Bunch of Leeches.
You are absolutely correct. Not even all Israeli Jews are against peace. [Wow, really?]

.....are we really going to let them run our country?.....
No we are most certainly not. Funny how the same fools that runa around screaming about "America First" are so easily led by their paymasters.
They are already doing it. Haven't all politicians, including Howard Dean, paid for their support a more balanced foreign policy in the ME? I refer to it as "gettin McKinneyed" as AIPAC did get her out of Congress. However, AIPAC must be getting worried if they are having puppels like Boxer and Hoyer present letters affirming that there "is no space between Israel and the US". Guess those Congresspeople do not understand how claustrophobic this position makes most people.

As a non signatory of the NPT and as a perpetrator of crimes against humanity (I don't know what else you can call the food blockade of Gaza and watching women and children gathering grass to eat), Israel by any reasonable definition is a rogue state and should be treated as such.

but wait, the jewish god gave the jews the exclusive right to whatever they claim as theirs, end of discussion.
Well they already have congress in their pockets.

The Israeli govt. has bit the hand that feeds them. Looks like their arrogance will have to see them through their troubles with their neighbors.

read about Yitzhak Greenbaum a zionist leader and you will come to understand that zionist do not care about doing good for the Jewish people......period

The democrats and some republicans are going to have a problem with this. They can no longer hide the fact that iz is an aparthied state. The internet has published their dirtylittlesecret.


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  1. As I pointed out, the talkbacks ignore the fact one side has sought negotiations for over a year and the other side has drawn up preconditions and has refused to negotiate unless Israel gives up its bargaining chips and abandons its last red lines in advance of them, which would make a farce of such negotiations. This is just common sense. But common sense is the last thing to be found on the HP.