Friday, April 23, 2010

HPW: MJ Rosenberg's Elie Wiesel Article

Matt already wrote briefly about MJ Rosenberg's ad hominem attack on Elie Wiesel that was given top billing on the Huffington Posts' "World" section, but I thought that a few of the comments in the talkback section were worth sharing. As far as HP threads go, it wasn't bad, and in fact many of the pro-Israel people were behaving badly as well. I feel like some comments might have been deleted, but those that remain tells you something about the Huffington Post readership on this particular topic, though.
Its part of the training in hasbara called points scoring . Its only supposed to be used on uninformed people to form a favorable impression of israel at a gut level without much thinking . for more info on thin see this link
So obviously that would apply to the very few states in the world who were friendly with and aided the Apartheid regime in South Africa where they were otherwise an international pariah. Such as Israel?

So why are you supporting israel as it emulates germany

ISRAEL IS A RACIST/APARTHEID STATE, within it's borders against the Ethiopians that were brought there to shore up their legitimacy and towards the Palestinians.
And before you flame me, be prepared to speak to the conditions of Ethiopians, specifically because I'm aware of the stance on the Palestinians.
My point to be clear is that Israel is an Racist/Apartheid state because of its treatment of "others" within and without its borders. I am prepared with facts.

here you go pal.....hope your racism calms down. We know Israeli zionist are the most racist folks on the planet.

It has been unfortunate that Weisel has taken the wrong message from the Holocaust. He has used it to justify Israeli war crimes rather than stand up for any people including the Palestinians who are oppressed.

I love this take on Wiesel:
"Finally, before trusting Elie Wiesel’s judgment on a subject as important as this one we should remind ourselves that the latter attempted to explain his trust in Bernie Madoff thus:
“We thought he was God, we trusted everything in his hands.”
If this Holocaust survivor could view a charlatan as God, perhaps we should be chary of imparting such trust in Wiesel himself."
The rest of the article is just a good.

Why did they not complain when Jordan controlled that area?? Well for one thing the Jordanians did not force them out of the West Bank like the Euroepan Jews did to them in 1948. Think they don't to be control by a bunch of zionist zealots whose ambition is to have a " Greater Yisrael" with them pushed out of their homes. Funny when Europeans get a little greedy they tend to start stealing land a little at a time and since they are the power structure they can make the rules as they go along. Look what just happen recently. Settlers just came in to a West Bank village and spray painted the Palestinian's mosque and uprooted 300 trees. The IDF promised they would find the people that did it. Its been over a month and nothing. If the situtition was reversed they would of had the Palestinians in their grasp in a heart beat. Maybe Palestinains don't want to be exposed to uneven justice with the zionist. I know if I was a Palestinian I would never want such an entiy lording over me.

[edited for length] Why do these Israeli firsters come in here giving us their standard Israeli talking points. They have been disproven so many times I have lost count.

Wait a minute how did the Palesinians get into those Arab countries?? Oh they were ethically cleansed by those very same Jews from Europe. Oh Elie Wiesl lost my respect when he was afraid to be called a "self hating Jew" when he refused to talk out about the plight of the Palestinians, whose fate was determined by those very same European Jews.

I noticed that FULL page ad in the WSJ by Elie Wiesel and another FULL page ad on the same subject by the World Jewish Congress a day or so before Wiesel's. I shook my head when I saw each one.
How hypocritical, how blatantly ironic that Israel holds all the power, is the occupying power but is unable to stop warring under the guise of defense for decade after decade.
Your post is excellent.
To many people who consider themselves humanitarians, the Holocaust was everything horrible because it happened, not because who it happened to. 11 million people were destroyed, that was the horror.


  1. If you think that's rough, the Jewish anti-Semites of a "Just Jerusalem" were even harder on Wiesel. They would feel right at home among the HP's anti-Israel crowd.

  2. Califlefty here -- As one of the pro-Israeli commentators behaving badly... that's me! I like playing "good cop/bad cop" with the AZ and draw the heat. I've noted that like a bad puppy, if your rap them on the nose it usually works! Of course since there is no chance of changing their minds I'm also "playing" to the neutral observers. Seems to work - my fanned count goes up.