Thursday, April 15, 2010

HPW: Jordan's King Says War "Imminent"

Yesterday Huffington Post blogger Steve Clemons published a story in which Jordan's King Abdullah said that another war between Israel, Lebanon and Hezbollah was...well, imminent. I personally don't feel like the King is correct, as there is no sign of another conflict. Hezbollah is now part of Lebanon's government, and so Lebanon would have much to lose from another war. Some of the talkbackers mentioned a transfer of SCUD missiles from Iran to Lebanon, but this has yet to be proven.

Anyway, this brought out a lot of responses from the Huffington Post. The comments reflected a broader range of opinions than what we are used to seeing, but even so a decent amount of them blamed Israel for a war that hasn't even begun yet. You can see for yourself on the link below. The fully moderated thread has about 1300 comments.

But Israel forgot to supply Palestinians [with gas masks] as well. You see when it comes to Palestinians' security..
.they're a sovereign nation, in other words, Palestinians are on their own! But when it comes to occupation, checkpoints, deportation, ethnic cleansing, freedom of movement, borders and such....Israel exerts complete sovereignty

I believe King Abdullah's assessment of the situation . . . israel we all know is up to something very very nasty . . . worse I suspect that the 2006 invasion of Lebanon and Operation Cast Lead . . .
I am very happy to hear that Congressmen are listening to King Abdullah . . . israel will do anything to stop the US from normalising relationships with Syria . . we have all seen how israel operates . . . bibi's calling all israeli's back from Sinai is a big indication that another invasion is underway . .
I just hope this time the US pulls the plug . . . no hot line to the Pentagon . . nothing . . israel is a rogue state that must be contained or wwIII will break out and why so that israel can keep stealing from the Palestiinians and depriving them of their legal and moral rights . . . the sooner israel is isolated and held to account for its actions the better for everyone

I think the israeli's should return to Europe and American . . i.e. where most of them came from

You call the ethnic cleansing and forced abandoning of the native Palestinians villages the results of the "ill fated scheme" by Palestinians? - You have quite an apology for any genocide.
Would you approve a demand for an oath of allegiance from any Jewish supported of Israel in the EU and USA? How about the special laws of property ownership for Israelis in the EU and USA, in the same vein Israel state treats non-Jews in Israel?
The US has suffered more than enough from the Zionist fanatics, beginning with the USS Liberty and AIPAC backed espionage and up to $3 billion per year for the Israeli apartheid welfare state.

I wonder if Israel will drop 4 million US supplied cluster bombs in the last 72 hours of the war again this time?
I wonder if they will specifically target farms and orchards that threaten Israeli Agricultural markets again?
I wonder if this time, up to one million of these anti-personnel explosives will be left to kill and maim children and farmers for years after hostilities cease.
Will Israel Directly attack the international airport again?
Will Israel target fleeing civilians after telling them to flee?
Will Israeli helicopter pilots spend long afternoons circling small agricultural villages, hoping to exterminate every last man, woman and child again?
Will there be a third Massacre at Qana?
Would not put anything past the spoilt little right wing brats.
Shame they don't take their toys home after their tantrums.

Israel needs a massive distraction right now and it needs to regain sympathy in the p.r. department, because darn it, those Palestinians are getting way too much sympathy, Kamm and Blau are exposing what could potentially be an official policy of war crimes and crimes against humanity designed to neutralize the Palestinian problem, and Palestinians are resorting to peaceful resistance obliterating Israel's justification for military occupation, land theft and illegal settlement construction, and meanwhile the BDS movement just keeps on growing.
So I wonder what they're cooking up to hold back the rising tsunami some are calling the "de-legitimization" of the Jewish State?

skialethia ,you "liberal" you. After reading some of the post by uber right wingers being called "liberal" is something to be proud of .
Can you imagine how attacking defenseless civilians with state of the art laser guided weapons is humane ?
Israel's fallback position on the Holocaust defense is well and truly exhausted .Its time to level the playing field America must stop it's uncritical support of Israel. Israel should respond to every UN Resolution outstanding or sanctions should be implemented .

Israel is a joke.
A bad one.

No "people" have the right to exist at the expense of another "people" ,even if you believe stealing another "people" land is acceptable .

the unwavering support by the US of israel is the reason for the whole mess . . . wake up or at least stop taking your meds [One of many insults against people who disagree with the party line.]

I support Iran and am against USA/Israel which indeed is the biggest terrorist nations on earth.
Iran isn't developing nukes as per IEA.
YOu are just another gullible yankwanker falling for the zioniustcontrolled media BS.
And Israel is a terrorist state run by right wing extremists who hate not only all gentiles( It's written in their hateful Talmud) but America too.

Or when the Zionists stop killing the children and occupying the territory

One day sooner that later, we Americans will grow a brain, get a heart, or run out of petro-dollars; Then and only then will Israel realize the mistakes they made. But this time, NO ONE will come to their aid, because the world has witnessed what horrors they are capable of when they have "their own" country.

alysheba 3
I believe Higgs is saying try the truth when you post, not the Hasbara Kool-Aid.

Of course they have been under siege since they were founded! The State of Israel was founded upon another people's land, a people that were ethnically cleansed. What do you expect? The Israelis proceeded to then, nearly 20 years later, conquer the rest of Palestine, and subject its inhabitants to a 43 year occupation.

Keep living in a bubble and convince yourself that Israel is the victim. Let me break it up for you: The whole world is waking up to the Zionists real goal which's war and mayhem. Israel may even cause us another WWII, they have started the first and the second. The world will be a better and peaceful world when Zionists are muzzled.

Disarming Israhell is your only chance for PEACE in the Middle East.

I agree! Because the only one doing the killing are Israelis. Your hasbara record is way too scratched to be played again.

That is so ignorant, that I will leave my comment at that. Wait, no I won't. Israelis traffic women and girls. Israelis traffic drugs. Israelis commit government sponsored murder. Israel's actions are the reason there are suicide bombers, which, if you could read books, you would know israelis were bombing Israel long ago, they had their own terrorists groups! And Israel's actions do nothing but encourage extremism and keep some of the less developed societies from developing, because THEY are TERRIFIED into the arms of Allah, which sadly, they see as their only hope. David and Goliath? Yes, David was a jew, but NOW he is a muslim.

[To someone who disagreed with him.] Stay the hell away from our government. stop spying on us and stop corrupting our Congress.

Your post is void because you hate Muslims and your biased propaganda is seen from thousands of miles. Please do us a favor and get a job with AIPAC.

Just about everything Israel does is a breach of international law!

Mackenzie C
Does I.s.r.a.e.l. get along with any of her neighbors?

It must be time to expand the settlements again.

Maybe Israel can start treating Palestinians like human beings.
If they really understood that they might try peace instead of terrorism.

Absolutely wrong - there is nothing in Israel that is worth the life of a single American soldier. You love it so much, go volunteer for the IDF. It's easy to be for war when it's somebody else's kids.

Hizbollah did not happen in a vacuum, they are a response to actions, certainly Israel has some responsibility for their creation.
Terrorism is the poor man's war, and war is the rich man's terrorism.
Israel is certainly not acting like a country concerned for the feelings or sufferings of others, its only concern is with the welfare of Israeli's. If it were not for Israel's manipulation of our government and ownership of our media their perceived relationship with us would be far different, they would be a rough state not our dearest and best friend...with friends like Israel...

Tony Andrews
There is a positive option, which I have little faith in, but it is an option.
America, which is Israel's "best friend", having spoken quietly to its other allies "behind closed doors", says to Israel "Enough is enough already. STOP NOW or lose the support and military and financial aid of the US and Britain and etc. etc. etc. with effect from next week."
Why does no western country have the balls to face Israel down in its constant agressions disguised as defences?
Tony, as we all know, the cries of "ANTI SEMITISM"!!!! would drown out any attempts and would neuter anyone with even a semblance of balls.

Tony Andrews
Bodies, brother.
Count the bodies.
Get down off your high horse and count the bodies.

It is about time that Israel is considered as one the terrorist countries. And it is also about time that Israel is also included in the countries that have nuclear weapons - I know Israel officially denies it, but don't listen to that.

Israel has never demonstrated either a surfeit of patience or of wisdom.

Its interesting all this talk about 'fighting the terrorits' Hazbollah. No mention of Israel invading a neighboring country, once again wholesale killing and destroying. And if past is prologue, also committing horriffic war crimes. Someone ought to sell Lebanon decent defensive military equipment, help them keep their arrogant little neighbor to the south at bay.

Maybe if Israel hadn't invaded in the 1980s and promoted a civil war that lasted years and years they would have a more coherent country. As you can see, Israel's "war is the only solution" policies never work.

Has Hezbollah done anything yet? Or are you just another bloodthristy Israeli?
[follow up]MarcEdward
"Israel's history has been nothing but war after war in defense "
Wrong - most of those wars were started by Israel. Odd isn't it, how many wars Israel starts in such a short period of time - one would say they love to kill other people. Ironic, as without the Muslims, there would be no Jews in Jerusalem. Nice way to pay back your benefactors.
Yes, keep repeating your Israeli-style lies of entitlement, greed and aggression. The world is long since sick of them.

Is it just me, or do you need to be pro-Israel in order to get more than 1 out of 5 messages past the censors?
Don't you know we are just another colony occupied by the worst creature on the face of the earth: Zionists.

When isn't Israel not planning an "immanent" war with one of its neighbors? EVerybody in the region should stay on constant alert against the threat they pose.

Except its Israel that's always maintained the charade of being a legitimate nation and government and a democracy. None of which it is.

Israel had a hand in carrying out 911. Too many things point to that they knew it would happen.
Such as
Israelis filming the 'event' as they put it., Set up BEFORE the event happened. How did they know?
Research Larry Silverstein, the owner of the Towers who ate breakfast everyday at the restaurant atop the WTC EXCEPT on 911.
How about the Odigo messages that told Jews working in WTC to stay home that day>?
[Response: "Fanned"]

For Israel any excuse will do. Some kid threw a rock at a tank. A Palistinian would like to move back into his house, you know that usual terrorist stuff.
Then Hillary Clinton will step out and tell the world that she does not want the war to stop until every Palistinian is dead or forced out of their homeland. Then she will threaten to blow Iran off the face of the earth along with it's 60 million people. Obama will be cowed into silence by AIPAC.
Then we will have a never ending new version of the holocaust 24/7 for the duration. The Palistinians and Hezbollah will be blamed for that as well of course. Then when the Israelis are getting their asses kicked as they did in the last war with Hezbollah, they will wheel out their nukes and threaten the Arab world with extinction, While they hunker down in Tel Aviv to plot their next massive attack against the helpless people in their internment camp on the Gaza Strip.
We have all been done this road a hundred times.
[response: "Fanned"]

Smart move. Israel can claim they are the victim, the US would never reduce money or arms to israel while they're at war, they can kill lots of non-Jews, maybe drop some white phosphorous on more children, and be beyond reproach because they are at war with a nation which poses an 'existential threat', the buzz words needed to garner sympathy with their American backers.

Well, Europe and the US made this bully. Our bad; our consequences.

alysheba 3
So when Israel signs a treaty and gives it's word then their word is worthless.
Thanks, nice to know what liars Israel is.
the israeli zionists are the extremists. its sad that so many ignorant people in america have been taken in by the the PR of their lobbying organizations.

Israel wants to grab more land, especially the Litani River in Southern Lebanon.
Look for another Mossad false flag operation and of course, Israel like always will be the 'victim'
The most lowlife people on earth. (next to teabaggers).

you are deluded. Israel has become an occupier, an invader, an oppressor, an apartheid state, and its own worst enemy. International law is there to legislate peace and make rules for war. Israel is like a two year old who won't be governed. And you need to grow up. Criticism of Israel is not anti-semitism, it's common sense. The only way forward for Israel is to rein in extremists who think Israel can do no wrong. That's bollocks and anyone who's considered it seriously knows it.

you wont get a serious reply from a land grab supporter
[Follow up]
you prefer to call it a struggle for living space?
let's see - who else has used that term?
mmm... the guy had a little mustache...
what was his name?
Or maybe because integrating them is exactly what Izzy want because that is what serves their interests. Funny how that works out.
Will lsrael still use cluster bombs that America has given them against women and children?
Of course they will. They have clearly stated that their intent is to send a message by targeting civilians. That was the entire point of the Gaza massacre. They have done this throughout their history. Sharon was a terrorist of the highest order. He grew up slaughtering women and children in villages. They used Phosphorus in Gaza. Cluster bombs? of course.
One really ought to look at the Israeli precursors to the so-called "kidnap" that was used for justification of this shelling. Gaza is not launching "thousands" of rockets but has occasionally retaliated to the onslaught from Israel, and then the self defense is labeled 'aggression' and used to justify wholesale slaughter. Mid East peace people have been telling us all this for years, and that includes Jews who are fed up with the lies and distortions from Israel used to justify genocide. It is time for Israel, which MUST exist, to step up to the honorable solution - genuine two state separation and respect for sovereignty of Palestine. Give back the land, then divide the area and leave Palestine alone, and no one will assault Israel again.

Israel's agenda and intentions have been exposed. There is no putting the toothpaste back in the tube. The world is beginning to unite against this rouge state.

What is more scary, an aggressive apartheid state with nuclear weapons or Islamic Fundamentalists with bottle rockets?

alysheba 3
So people who have experienced Apartheid don't recognize Apartheid because Israeli Hasbara agents say they don't.
Got it.

The real real story? On going colonization of occupied territories and current expulsion order, leading to the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian in total violation of domestic/international law and the Ten Commandments--but why would Israel care about any of that.
The real real story? Israeli government refuses to sign Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty but asks the world to assist with 'crippling sanctions' on Iran and their people (an NPT signatory)
The real real story? Israeli government has just announced pigs can fly and the sky is green...US Congress has just passed a resolution in support of Israel's announcement

alysheba 3
You mean turn their backs as Israel burns Lebanese children alive with white phosphorous, like they did Palestinian children?

Hopefully, the criminal state will get bitch slapped again.

Messing with Israel = living close to them and not paying tribute.
Lebanon has something the criminal state wants : water.

alysheba 3
Apparently Israel's Hasbara agents now feel free enough to issue threats.

The US government needs to rethink its agenda toward Israel, a recalcitrant adolescent in it's behavior. Things change, change is inevitable and change is necessary toward this rogue nation.

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  1. Hostility towards Israel by the extreme wings of both parties is nothing new. Hatred is difficult to quantify. It grows like a fungus. HufPost is fertile ground for Jew-Bashing because it empowers borderline psycho miscreants into the one thing they can't generally have in their own local environment. A group. One might say: 'a dream team', only where the dreaming is done by the players.
    C.D. Trollstein