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HPW: Israeli Warplanes Reportedly Bombard Gaza Strip

The Huffington Post finally picked up on the recent escalation of violence between Israel, Fatah, and Hamas over the past few days with this article, about Israeli airplanes hitting targets in the Gaza Strip. The moment Zach and I saw the headline, we know it would be full of HPers full of moral indignation and outrage at Israel's action. Even though no one was hurt, Israel's actions were still completely inexcusable, naturally.

Well, on the comments.

So far it is the Israelis who are doing most of the exterminating. Furthermore, the Palestinians are our people as well, if you look at the historical roots of Palestinian society. They are the direct descendents of the ancient Palestinians from the Roman province of that name. Previous, to the Romans, that province was called Judea.

According to bibical history Isr ael began as a conqueror and exterminator of native peoples.
After paying the karmic price for this and being scattered around the world as a people they are repeating the process against the Palestinians !
check out this info !
UN Resolutions Targeting Israel and Palestinians
Aside from the core issues—refugees, Jerusalem, borders—the major themes reflected in the U.N. resolutions against Israel over the years are its unlawful ... - Cached - Similar

no, it's time for the Caucus Ashkenazis to return to the 1967 borders, and it's time for them to respect the humanity of their Arab neighbors.

Maybe it's time for the Caucus Ashkenazis to leave Palestine.

So, what is the value of having a global franchise of Holocaust Museums? The intention was to educate the world on the “futility of evil.” The Israeli government’s brutal actions, land grab and overall abuse of Palestinians is contradictory to its stated “victimization” for over five thousand of years argument. There's no way to rationalize this reality.

Richard Pearce
And the rocket attack was provoked by the shooting of farmers, the shelling of fishermen, and a long list of massacres.
By your lights, a rain of a few million of rockets would be the correct response to that, and the end of the story.

I'm saying Israel is a war criminal.

Israel wants to steal land. They aren't interested in peace in any form.

Richard Pearce
[To a pro-Israel poster] Well, it is nice to see a willing victim of propaganda trying to pass the infection on.
You might want to broaden your reading, though. When one gets out of the habit of questioning and critical thinking, one turns into a willing slave.
When all else fails go with your core competence.

The Jews faced 4 years of unconscionable extermination practices and were rewarded with a state created by fiat and built on a land populated by Semites. Now the Jews have a history of 60+ years of unconscionable extermination practices against a Semitic people, who unlike the Ashkenazi majority, have been in Palestine for 5000 years and are who are the descendants of the adherents of the 2300 year old Jewish faith. It's high time that the world, by fiat, declared a Palestinian state on pre-June 1967 land. It should be a shoe-in. The only opposing vote would be, as usual, the US.

why do they celebrate purim ?...that was g.enocide as well

I believe in KARMA. All this killing of innocent people will come back and hunt Israel.
The irony of the whole issue is,Jews were the subject of horror and oppresion and they are doing exact same thing. it is a shame that in 21st century human race is as barbaric as the 1st century.

The Israelis bomb the Prisonstinians and are justified, because the Prisonstinians sometimes shoot highly inaccurate rockets over their generously given Israeli freedom fence. Despite the righteous anger and solidarity for the Prisonstinians in the middle east, we will continue to support Israel with money, military hardware, and political support, because Israel spends big bucks on our congressional whores and millions of religious armageddonists think Israel has be be a state so the world can be destroyed in the proper way.
And they danced...
And they danced...

God's Chosen. Just ask. [Click for context]

israeli lover..i Dare you say somethnig about isreal outside your house...see how you loose ur job, freedom and lebaled Anti-semitic so quick.

sense oar sheep
and run the risk of being labeled an 'anti-khazar'?
are you kidding?

Israel withdrew from Gaza? News to me! Didn't they merely turn Gaza into an isolated Gulag?

When was the last time a home made rocket hurt an Israeli? About 2000 dead Palestinians ago? Before you continue the stupid defense whine I suggest you look at the couple hundred Israelis killed by Palestinians over the last 30 years compared to the tens of thousands of civilians the IDF has killed in the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon over the same amount of time. Then tell me how their indiscriminate slaughter of civilians has increased their security over that same 30 years.

“Imagine the wailing accusations of hypocrisy in the US were Germany to build a national museum in Berlin to commemorate not Nazi genocide but US slavery or the extermination of the Native Indians.”
Norman Finkelstein author of "The Holocaust Industry"

So blame the oppressed? Please. Hey Palestinian kid, IT'S YOUR FAULT your house got the bulldozer and your dad went nuts and threw a rock at the IDF. Now Dad's in pieces, you've got no home, Your Mom's mind is as broken as yours. And its your fault, kid.
Sick of my tax dollars funding apartheid in Israel.

Israel is endangering the life of Jews by bringing them from all over the world in occupied land. A day will come when Justice will be served and it wouldn't be a good day for Israel and the zio nists.

Oh my goodness! One rocket fired from an anonymous source that killed no one! Let's fly out and bomb otherwise innocent people to death in retaliation.
Check yourself in, and don't come out until you're a human being again.

They are cruel and inhuman - how could you?

Police state

Israeli war crimes continue and continue. Only a boycott is likely to bring Israel to its' knees and from there to the bargaining table.

U.S. aircraft were used in this criminal act.

Swami Salami
the end of this sickening invasion is not going to be good for israel...

We forget far too quickly the facts of 9/11:
More than 60 Israelis detained after 9/11, some dancing on the rooftops of New York City immediately after the missiles hit.
All active military Israeli detainees failed polygraphs after 9/11
There is great indication that detained Israelis knew of the attack but did not share information.
My source? An investigation on FOX news, aired shortly after 9/11.

Tax payer money will always be used to many senators and reps are the pockets of the the isrealies they have the best goverment money can buy They also have a great propaganda machine fixed news r murrdock is jewish and that is where is loyality is!

Maybe the cheese factory was too successful and not enough Gazans were starving.

Since the pasting that the superior forces of the IDF took from lightly armed Hamas forces and itinerant shepherds in Southern Lebanon they have been spoiling for a rematch. I think it has more to do with attempting to rebuild the morale of the humiliated IDF than any real threat from Palestinians. The 1600 new apartments that were announced are just one more provocation intending to force a reaction from a People armed with rocks that will allow Zionist Israel to put them down with tanks, jets and missiles. Just your average garden variety genocide, nothing happening here folks, just move on.
Rebuilding their moral by bombing people who they consider to be sub human. Pretty despotic for a country that calls itself a democracy.
"...Israeli warplanes carried out at least five missile attacks on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Friday, Palestinian witnesses said..."
Incorrect Headline.
Should read: Israeli pilots flying U.S. warplanes carried out at least five missile attacks on Israeli occupied Palestinian soil on Friday...
I am absolutely sick of the fact that my tax dollars pay for the war-machines that Israel uses to terrorize the Palestinian people on Palestinian soil. And to add insult to injury, the Israeli government responds to our request for reasonable behavior with unbridled insolence.
These European invaders of the Middle East are executing an agenda of religious genocide, and there doing it with U.S. tax-payer's money.
ENOUGH of this BS!

Missiles against non-Jewish cheese. [Click for context]

"Defend itself" Israel and its supporters are a joke.
Using the most advanced weapons in the world against largely unarmed people is called "defending yourself".
Killing hundreds for women and children is called "defending yourself"
People who defend Israeli war crimes are no better than na zi - sympathizers.

Agreed DocGlove. We need to cut ties with Israel - their purpose is evil, their goals are evil, and we give them FAR too much money.

F16 warplanes and top of the line helicopters supplied by the US to Israel are being used against largely unarmed millions of Palestinians entrapped in an open prison. what a disgrace to humanity Israel and its supporters are!
The fact that HP cannot even post a full article about this Israel agression is another example of western media double standards when it comes to reporting news from the Middle East.
A single Israeli killed and the story makes the headlines and even the front page. When it comes to Palestinian casualties, they are largely ignored and their stories are at best marginalized and mixed with misleading background information to make it look as if the poor Israelis are the victims. Al this knowing that the Israelis are the occupiers, the most weaponized, and the ones who are committing what many human right organizations have considered as war crimes.

Israel uses military aircraft and ordnance against defenseless civilians in the crowded densely populated Gaza strip and the Main is the Pope's crazy obstinate denials?

they don't and/or haven't earned the right to exist as a nation(their actions over and over again have proved this).they are a terrorist state and as long as America keeps supportting them blindly America will also be a tartget.

US - Stop funding these Israeli barbarians NOW !!!!!!!!!

alysheba 3
More destruction of Palestinian infrastructure in an attempt to starve the Palestinians into submission.
Hope Israel is so proud of themselves, bombing innocent children.

Oh, so there was one lone rogue rocket and that allows Israel the STATE and not some rogue person, to massacre Palestinians. Israel will eventually get what it deserves. And that is the condemnation and isolation of the entire world. I wonder if Netanyahu's government is really on Israeli's side or some side that wants to sabotage Israel from within. He is doing a heck of a job.

I am so fed up with Israel. Now dropping indiscriminate bombs on woman, children and families.
If Israel wants to commit human rights abuses, let them do it on their own dime and not on ours.
The money we send to Israel would be better spent on an American national healthcare plan, not theirs. American aid was never meant to build settlements in Palestine or drop cluster bombs on woman and children.

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