Thursday, April 22, 2010

HPW: Israeli Defense Minister: Occupation Must End

The Huffington Post covered this story, about Barak telling us that the occupation needs to end, preferably soon. In other news, the grand tradition of Barak telling us things we already know continues. The Huffington Post crowd wasn't too combative on this story, as it was Israel doing something that they agreed with. But there were a few comments worth sharing.

The fully moderated thread has around 350 comments.

Political strategists opined that ex- defense minister has learned the hard fact after being faced with the reality of life.
For the first time in recent days at least he asked to stop occupation, it is though late for the Palestinian to believe An Israel minister say so. One may ask why? It is because the government never kept their promises on the contrary did all atrocious activities including inhumane torture, when ever talk of peace was raised.
Ehud's Political career was manipulated by the previous PM to finally destroy it and the present PM being an assassination expert with his FM being a veteran Terrorist worse than Osama bin Laden will surely not spare him from inflicting a serious harm until and unless he conforms with their idea of NAZISM.
The Political Analysts opined that Israel's public very much realize that peaceful solution of the long pending dispute on the basis of two Independent State theory is the only answer, but the sons of the Nazis led government is averse to public thinking.
Therefore, who knows what is at the back of Ehud's mind. All these people in by gone days were treacherous and betrayed the road map. May be with the change of time and situation they too may have had the blessing of GOD to think straight, clean and positive.

A great statement by Barak, a ray of sanity in the madness of Likud's arrogant government. Israel lacks legitimacy, period. The world will INDEED not tolerate apartheid in Israel for decades. The vote by the students of Berkeley to demand that the trustees of UCAL divest themselves of stock in corporations supporting Israel, like GE, had better be taken by Likud as a serious wake-up call, or Israel's long-term support in America will fade away. Young Americans, including Jewish ones, won't tolerate an Israel that looks more and more like South Africa, whether Likud admits it or not. Israel can't be the only exception among so-called Western democracies. It's intolerable for South Africa to have majority rule, and for Israel not to. Either Israel listens to the grim sanity of Barak, echoing the candor of Olmert before he left office, or, as Olmert so bluntly put it, Israel is doomed.

Please, the facts are not on your side and your just embarrassing yourself. You don't realize it, but time and tide are against you. But please, keep on with your revisionist, cherry picking history. No thinking, intelligent person believes you. Good luck. Thanks for playing.

Children of abuse grow up to become abusers themselves. Sadly so too do nations.

alysheba 3
Fact: Israel's founding fathers made it quite clear that Israel's borders would remain static until they had all "Ersatz Israel". And every Israeli government since has continue the illegal actions of land theft from Palestinians.
For a Hasbara agent you sure don't know much about the founding fathers of Israel, do you?

Palestinians did not leave voluntarily. Even right-wing Zionist historian Benny Morris admits that 95% of the Palestinians were forced from their homes. You Nakba deniers are no better than the Holocaust deniers. Facts wriiten in blood will trump lies written in ink every time.

Yes you are right, it is a Judaist State where Moslems and Arabs are oppressed.

Paul Morphy
Wow - such a good that one of the Lobby workers didn't even try to argue - South Africa fell despite the attempts of Israel to thwart the boycott.

So, are the APAC Israel boosters going to claim the Israeli defense minister is an anti-semite too?

before the winter soltice, israel will be force to make peace. The Israelist want to maintain a fake appearance that everyone is out to get them. The fact is they have design on rebuilding their morovingian blood line....the reptiles never learn, the Humans will rise up again and again, once they awaken from their slumber! [I'm not sure what he's saying here, but it doesn't sound good.]

Clearly, the world needs to "impose" a solution on this disaster created by the UN, Zionist fundamental aspirations, and American misguided support for this theocratic opportunistic pariah state! There are 2 basic, lawful conclusions acceptable under international law:
1) Israel return to its legal, lawful 1948 UN mandated boundaries.
2) UN nullify its 1948 creation of Israel and issue a new mandate for a unified Palestine that is secular!
In either, case; this area must be demilitarized and protected by UN forces for an indeterminate period probably 50 years at least. A relocation fund for Jews in occupied lands of Palestine by Israel would be beneficial to minimize tensions. Finally, a concerted effort needs to be done to provide economic opportunity for the subjucated Palistinian refugees from the illegal occupation of Israel.
[response: "Fanned." People also came out of the woodwork to defend his comment.]

One thing is consistently true. Zionists will never admit their denial of human rights towards the Palestinians, or the disenfranchisement of same. When you can see each side of the argument, you have 20-20 vision. Anything else is myopic.
You mean the jews for killing the arabs? [Click for context.]

Isreal was established by terrorist activities against Britian

Kevin Atlanta
Netanyahu is the Israeli George W Bush and this position of genocide of the Palestinians is not building good-will or international support. I will work at any and every level to see this war-monger Netanyahu replaced and a government more representative of the Israeli people in place. This Bibi has done more damage to the Israeli people than George W Bush, the war criminal, did to the USA.
Wake up Israel and replace this tyrant with a moderate and stop the human rights abuse.
Americans are calling for all Foreign Aid to be cut off from Israel because of this saber-rattling and appearances on US TV are not advancing your cause.
The diplomatic insults, the ignorant refusal to maintain treaties and the clear lack of desire for peace spell out clearly the intent of this Israeli government on the world stage.
Actually, everyone who counts agrees. Those that don't count, don't count. Just a matter of forcing the peace on everyone...whether they like it or not. [Informative on many levels.]

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  1. The HP agrees - which is how knee jerk thinking is on the Left. There is no reflection, no debate, no analysis and no dissent from the party line on all things Israel.