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HPW: Israel Warns Palestine Not to Declare Statehood

I mentioned this article yesterday, about FM Lieberman's most recent peace-hurting comments. The article generated over 1,000 comments, and I went through most of them finding the worst ones. There were a lot of anti-Israel trolls, and one new anti-Semite we haven't seen before named "lastwords". Make sure to check out his comments. 


On YouTube: "stealing Palestinian land." revelatory.

Can someone tell me who is yitzhak Greenbaum

There the chosen ones they come first!

It is past time for military intervention in Israel. that rouge state needs to be whipped into line. I say UN forces, including U.S. forces, should invade and occupy Israel, disarm it, declare it a non-state and return the land to the Palestinians. The Palestinians should allow Jews to live in New Palestine as citizens with rights equal to that of Palestinians which, of course, the Jews will become as citizens of New Palestine.

The only thing that will change the situation in Palestine is if the American electorate perceives the Israeli government's behavior as a direct threat to national security, which it most certainly is, and demands that the US government take action. Unfortunately, a large percentage still buy the "beleaguered democracy, US's loyal ally" fairytale, and an even larger percentage is totally clueless about what's going on Then there's the loony Christian fundys who WANT a war in Palestine. Just the way AIPAC, the Israeli government, and their amen chorus in the US congress want it.

It doesn't hurt that a film about the Holocaust comes out of Hollywood every 6 months portraying Jews as those poor Holocaust victims.
Certainly there are miles more footage of their past being replayed , than what has happened since.

alysheba 3
It's more than Leiberman. It's Israel's entire government that has the opinion that stealing from a neighbor, and killing them when they object, is okay.

and the criminals against humanity are headquartered in DC and wall street, with a major branch in tel aviv.

starve the beast through your everyday decisions.

Israeli IDF forces deliberately and repeatedly target peaceful demonstrators, whether Israeli, Palestinian or international volunteers, including Americans like Rachel Corrie and Tristan Anderson. Non-violence has been met with deadly brutality and contempt for the lives of others. Israeli forces have repeatedly denied journalists access and deliberately targeted them, and EMS ambulance workers for death.
The whole world is seeing the inherent racism in the Israeli treatment of Palestinians and the denial of basic humanity and human rights. Many Israelis, especially the "settlers" view Palestinians as a lower form of life, with a "thousand palestinian lives not worth even a single Jewish fingernail"; "religious, "god-favored" racism on a grand psychotic scale.

actually their supernatural being was petty, arbitrary and vengeful , so I guess they are.

Sensible Jews have had enough of Izraeel. Me included

I urge you guys to google Rachel Corrie, and read her story.

I thought that they got the idea for apartheid from the OT. Doesn't it clearly state that some people need to be declared as inferior and treated accordingly?

the israeIis should be sanctioned for having 200 nucIear b0mbs and iIIegally occupying PaIestine. PaIestine belongs to the PaIestinians.

Richard Davis 1
Yeah, the Israelis say that if the Palestinians do anything that they (the Israelis) don't like, they will annex parts (or all) of the West Bank, destroy Palestinians homes, kill women, children and other innocent civilians, break international law by building settlements on captured land, and make sure that the Palestinians really, really suffer. Pretty much what they are doing now.

"Their best hope would be to find a Palestianian equivalent of Martin Luther King or Gandhi."

How long do you think Israel would let him live?

Remember Rachel Corrie? She was a young American woman who was standing in front of a Palestinian home trying to stop the bulldozer from knocking it down, and the bulldozer operator just keep on going and ran over her, killing her. It broke my heart. I will never forget that compassionate, brave young American woman.
Remember Rachel Corrie!
Hardly a
nyone remembers that brave young woman. These news don't fly well here in the MSM for obvious reasons

Time to say by by to Israel. We barrow money to support their stupidity.
and 95% of the american jewish population support Israel's policies.
and 80% of Washington establishement is bought by AIPAC and the rest is intimidated by AIPAC.
and wall street is the headquarters of AIPAC.

If Israel stopped killing innocent Palestinians they wouldn't have to worry about suicide bombers and rocket attacks.
If America stopped supplying Israel with arms and the money to beat up on the Palestinians the attacks would stop.
There is a direct corelation between America's support of Israel and the growth of terrorism in the world.

This analogy would only work if America had caused them to become outlaws by invading their land, destroying their homes and their livelihood, killing their children and refusing to allow them their basic human rights. In that case you bet they would resist, and if you were put in this situation, so would you.

...can't be saying bad things about your masters....

There was a time when I thought Israel was sincere about letting the Palestinians have their own state. I don't anymore. 

There was a time I condemned those who said Israel acts like WWII Germany. I don't anymore.

How much is enough?


The Israelis, most of whom were born elsewhere at the time, did not need permission from neighbors to declare their independence. Nor did we, and the United Nations, need permission from their neighbors to recognize their independence.

For the Palestinians, just about 100% of whom were born right there from the beginning, it's time to recognize the Palestinian state we've been talking about, and working towards, for decades.

Time for the whole word to come together and start the end of this tragedy.

Peace can wait no more. And ultimately, it will be up to the Israelis to decide how much worse it needs to get before it gets better, for getting better is inevitable.

I think it's a case of the rest of the world needing to wake up. Israel has no intention of doing anything except more dominance, encroachment and dictatorial practices.

If there could be a do-over, the Jewish people should never have been given land that was no one's to give.

I disagree. There will never be a satisfactory 2 state solution because 
(1) Israelis think they should own everything
(2) What little they have left the Palestinians would not be a coherent state
One state is better - let them share the whole country. Muslims, Christians and Jews were able to live there for centuries in peace before the Zionists showed up.

Since the Israelis acknowledge the existence of the OSLO ACCORD why don't they abide by theis Accord themselves.



True. But they have a lot of agents here who line the pockets of our Representatives, and over here money talks (over there too, but of course!).

So until you have real political campaign finance reform, it's not going to happen any time soon.

Israel is the rogue nation. They're making Iran look like Nepal.

Zionism has moved sharply toward a form of Nazi-ism (though not near as bad, yet). How did THIS happen??

The whole place is Palestine. There is no such thing as "Israel" - a complete fiction and a tragic fraud.

Absolutely right. Allowing the Zionists to steal part of Palestine is one of the biggest mistakes the US has ever made and is the cause of all the conflicts in the Middle East.

That assertion that I/P is a religious conflict is a distraction designed to keep American minds (who are the unwitting funders) from ever forming conclusive opinions about the good guys and the bad guys.

Once you actually learn about the conflict the next step is to get pretty pi$$ed your tax dollars are being given to the IDF so they can slaughter Palestinian civilians.

Is there any difference in what Israel is doing now, and what the Nazis did in WWII?

The Nazis were far, far more barbaric than the Israelis. The underlying strategy, of course, is exactly the same.

“Israelis don’t miss another opportunity to miss an opportunity.” Not even the global franchise of Holocaust museums can save them from their shameful land grab and mistreatment of Palestinians. American tax payers are beginning to understand what is like to be under siege given the shameful money grab that lead to the current cataclysmic recession -- bird of a feather.

To assert that the holocaust has been exploited for political gain is not necessarily anti-semitic. As you [should] know it is prominent jews themselves who make that accusation.

Arm Palestine so the can defend their "right to exist" against these monsters

So I paraphrase what is so often asked about Palestinians.

If it isn't the Israelis then why did they elect enough of the neo-con right wingers that a coalition could be formed?

The Israelis chose a government that made it clear that peace with the Palestinians would take a back seat to land theft and crimes against humanity. Lukid and it's coalition partners made no secret of their support for the terrorist tactics of illegal settlers.

Why do Israel Firsters keep saying Palestinians got what they asked for by electing Hamas, but Israelis are not supposed to be looked at the same way for electing who they did?

Sad, but true. They are God's chosen people but I don't think God approve of what they are doing

And what of the Jewish Terrorist Nation?????

Clearly Lieberman speaks for the dominant Zionist peoples of Israel who never want peace, never want anything but all of the land they believe God gave them as THE chosen people some 3000 years ago! The Zionist Jews have ever coveted lands that were not theirs and the Zionist Jews have made up stories, legends, myths, and superstitions to justify their genocidal acts to take what they covet! The Zionist Jews never had any interest in a Jewish homeland as a safe haven for the persecuted Jews of Europe... that was just a convenient excuse to begin stealing the lands of others for their religious ideology and dogma. Israel has no legitimate right to any of the lands taken in war, none of the resources taken in war, none of the so-called occupied territories they claim makes a "new" reality! No, the only legal, legitimate boundaries of Israel are those established by the UN mandate of 1948. All lands seized by their wars are by law, international law, law recognized by the US, Europe, and most of civilization to be returned to the peoples they were taken from! Period! There is no a priori right because of some hoary old religious stories told to children! Israel is a Pariah state, a terrorist nation willing and able to do despicable, inhumane acts of aggression against its neighbors, its own peoples, and anyone that obstructs their LUST for the lands they covet! This must end! This must end now!

And of course, the United States asks its Israeli masters whether it would be OK for them to come out against their statement or not.

gladys...thanx for the link.....I think that the 2.5% have WAY TOO MUCH TOO SAY IN AMERICAN GOVT>>
.......................AIPAC owns most the of USA Congressman to do their bidding.....................

The Israeli hate mongers are holding the West Bank hostage and treating it like Dachau for the Palestinians. As long as the US provides them funding they are going to continue.
The US needs them to trigger the war with Iran so not much is going to change.

Obama will never stand up to Israel. . . . .
He is a faithful servant of the ruling elite. . . .

Don't forget that Israel will ALWAYS play the victim card and Americans will ALWAYS swallow it.

Isreal a terrorist country. The U.S. needs to cut this WELFARE, tax payers, taking BILLIONS of our dollars terrorist country off. Isreal have been terrorizing the Middle east since 1949, enough already, time too cut that TERRORIST country OFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Israel is blackmailing the west.

Martin van Creveld in a September 2003 interview in Elsevier: "We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under."

I agree. Israel is worse than the former Soviet Union.

The fact is under Muslim rule, there was peace and prosperity for all. Under Israeli rule, there has been nothing but war and death. Nice try, IDF schill.

Don't believe the hype.

The Israel/Palestine conflict is NOT a religious war, it'a a colonial conflict fought because Israel has 78% of historical Palestine and it wants the remaining 22% - the Occupied Palestinian Territories. It doesn't want however, the Palestinian people as part of the deal.

No country would maintain an illegal occupation for 43 years, and deposit half a million illegal settlers on foreign (Palestinian) soil if they wanted peace.

He [Joe Lieberman] has a dual role. He is also the senator from Tel Aviv.

The ISRAELIST are OUT OF CONTROL. The Palestinians should declare sooner rather than later. ISRAEL don't honor any peace deal anyhow, so what a schrill. I think it is about time that the world hold Israel accountable for their actions. Only time will tell, but it needs action. Annex the West Bank, LOL, ISRAEL already control the West Bank and Gaza with its blockage,. ISRAEL has an APARTHEID SYSTEM and if Western nations tuly believe their own hype, they would condemn it immediately. President CARTER was correct ISRAEL IS AN APARTHEID STATE

When has Israel EVER acted in any fashion that was not "unilateral"?

Israel always does what it wants regardless of international law, the geneva conventions or common decency. The Palestinians have nothing to lose but false hope that the Israelis will ever deal fairly or squarely with them. Like the Indians and the Irish - the best way to end the yoke of colonial oppression is to simply declare statehood and proceed to carry out the functions of a state and ignore the coloniser.

I fully expect Israel to engage in wholesale slaughter of yet more Palestinian civilians in order to prevent this from happening. I fully expect America to stand by and let it happen again.

Maybe had Israel not adopted a policy of extermination towards Arabs both before and after its establishment by UN Resolution 181, there would not have been attacks in the first place. You should check out the list - Israel is in violation of more UN resolutions than any other country in the world. Then read Ilan Pappe's "Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine".

Israel is a terrorist state that must be denounced by people of good will and the United States must stop blindly supporting their actions for the sake of justice and our national security.

Don't know about a terrorist state but certainly apartheid.

of course Israel acts cavalier knowing they own washington and wall street.

Rachel Corrie. R.I.P.

"Rachel Aliene Corrie (April 10, 1979 – March 16, 2003) was an American member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) who was killed by a bulldozer operated by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) while attempting to prevent IDF forces from demolishing the home of local Palestinian pharmacist Samir Nasrallah".

And, please, remember Rachel Corey.

In 1948,
the Zionists coerced the world to create an Israel in a land populated by a people with a 2000+ year history of residence there. Over time, many Palestinians elected to convert from Judaism to Christianity or Islam. There was never in all of history an independent state for Jews until 1948. The largely Ashkenazi Jews (allegedly from southwestern Asia) have proven incapable of running a democratic state with equal rights to all of its inhabitants. Vis a vis the horrific attacks on a largely impoverished Muslim population, a process that continues to the silence of Euro and US governments to this day, before the Palestinians are exterminated, it is time that by the same fiat accorded to Israel, that an independent Palestine be created.

Liberman is irrelevant vis a vis his recent threats to nuke Europe and other ME countries. Before he and his kind put Israel's hundreds of nukes to such use, it's time that Palestine be created NOW. Not next year. NOW. This is the only way to restrain Israel from starting WW3.

Have jews ever considered that "anti-semetism" just might be a natural response to how they treat other people ?

Discriminating against people based on whether or not they are Jewish is deeply offensive. It is equally offensive whether gentiles do it to Jews, or Jews do it to gentiles. A given degree of anti-gentilism is just as ugly as the same degree anti-Semitism. Anything else is a racist double standard.

The notion of a “Jewish” state is a major form of anti-gentilism. Israel is an extremely powerful institution --- that controls millions of lives ---and that is dedicated to putting the interests of Jews ahead of non-Jews.

No Jew has any moral right to condemn an act of discrimination against Jews unless that discrimination is worse than the discrimination which they, themselves, support when Israel practices it against non-Jews. Anything else is a racist double standard.

And as Jimmy Carter’s book, “Peace, not Apartheid” details --- Israel’s anti-gentile discrimination is far more extreme than the vast majority of the things the Anti-defamation League, AIPAC, or many of Israel’s defenders on this list, smear as being anti-Semetic.

It is time that more Jews live up to the same standards of non-discrimination they demand of gentiles.

It is time that Israel stop being a state dedicated to anti-gentile discrimination.

Just do it, Palestine,

It is Israel who is delegitimate.

Amryxx - Are you kidding me with this? For starters, how about religous rights? Name one church or mosque in Tel Aviv? Then please tell me how an Arab can go about building a house in Tel-Aviv, or anywhere in Israel?

Any Jewish person can immigrate to Israel and immediately become an Isreali citizen.
However this is not true of other religions, who must swear allegiance to the state, an oath which is not required of Jews.

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  1. The irony of all those comments directed against Jewish ethnocentrism is that Arab and Muslim ethnocentrism never gets criticized. Being different seems to be a capital offense on HP - only if you're a Jew.