Sunday, April 18, 2010

HPW: Israel Angered at British Ad Ban

In a very controversial move, the British department for determining which ads are OK to be shown in England has vetoed an Israeli ad because it offers tourists the chance to visit Jerusalem and (gasp!) see the Western Wall. As we all know, the Western Wall is not part of Israel, it is part of "the Occupied Territories" and thus the Israeli ad was misleading and hence banned.

Needless to say, the HPers were on this thread like white on rice cheering the British decision. Despite the ten plus pages of comments, there was little abusive comments, but the ones that were consisted of "hasbara" accusations, revisionist history, and straightup anti-Semitism. Read on to see.

the fact is whenever someone posts 'facts' which are cut and paste from megaphone, giyus etc propaganda websites they don't remain facts anymore but smoke screens...

Mustafa Aziz
no true thing as the jewish people. the descendants of the people who lived in that area thousands of years ago are the palestinians. most israelis came from europe. and the sauds were on of many families from the arabian peninsula who unified the tribes. they have been there for thousands of years. they didn't come from africa or europe or something and conquer the local people.

How dare you ban our ads? Don't you know we are the chosen people?!
[response after someone called this post "bigoted"]
Why is telling the truth bigoted? Jews do claim that they are God's chosen people on earth.

Red Herring
Israel has never accepted anything that would allow the Palistinians a right to their own country. Since when has Israel stopped confiscating Palistinian land. Since when have they stopped building settlements on occupied Palistinian land.
They are the greediest nation on earth. They are a nation of international criminals that are in defiance of more than 200 UN Security Council Resolutions.

Iraq was in defiance of 6 and were invaded and destroyed. That is what should happen to Israel or do you agree with that double standard?
Unless you're an Arab, human rights activist or journalist, there's no problem [visiting Israel].

Hey Huff modererator whats wrong with using Stephen Spielbergs name in this argument
[if you have to ask...]

You obviously graduated from an American University or Hebrew school to believe that BS..
The Israeli people and Government are guilty of the same crimes as the Germans in 1940's
Murder is Murder no matter what....

Any one is an Anti-Semite f you don't agree with Jews..
I'm from NY I would know.

Claiming that Israel is a democracy is ridiculous. South Africa under Apartheid said they were a democracy as well but we all knew that was a sick joke. I'm glad the UK is resisting their propaganda.

remember in the 1973 war when Egypt tried to reclaim the Sinai and opec boycotted our country because of the support we gave back then. Now I know some in here were not born yet or were to small to remember but we had lines stacked around the block and had even and odd days getting gas. In other words if your license plate ended in a odd number you would get your gas on a certain day of the week and the same applies if it ended in a even number....different day of the week. Not only that our economy suffered and it was said it started a small recession. Israel has gotten this country mixed up in its nonsense for way to long. I don't need high prices at the pump or long lines because those people made the choice to move to that part of the world. As far as americans dying for Israel , I can point to the 9/11 report and what the planer said about their motivation into ramming those buildings. People have no idea how much they hate us supporting the policies of israel

Ever heard of the Irgun and the Stern gang? Of course not. It would not do to confuse yourself with the facts, viz. that the Stern gang and the Irgun (precursers of the IDF) wiped out hundreds of Arab villages before 1948 and performed acts of terror against the British such as the bombing of the King David hotel in Egypt.


Do your own research. It is a well-documented FACT that Ashkenazi Jews are racist towards Sephardic Jews.

alysheba 3
Under Israeli Military Occupation which makes it illegal for Israel to move citizens of Palestine out and Israeli citizens in.

Ooops, there goes Israel breaking International Laws again, just because they don't agree with these ones.

alysheba 3
Apparently the newest Hasbara agent has been approved by the Israeli foreign Ministry.

If you can't find your copy of the Handbook for all the standard relies I'll give you the link to the online copy:

Yea, but watch the stock market there [in Great Britain] fall next week by at least 5%.

Because if you are treating Israel by the same rules as everyone else has to live by, you are obviously, in Israel's eye's, an anti-Semite. Israel is special, they live by their own rules, because unlike the rest of the world they are God's chosen...

alysheba 3
And yet the fact remains that Israel is using images from another country to attempt to advertise their own country.

It's also known as "False Advertising".

The Hasbara Handbook at it again.

alysheba 3
Yes. Israel only honors the UN and the International Court of Justice when gets what it wants from these two bodies. Then Israel screams at the world to honor the decision. When Israel doesn't get what it wants Israel tells the world that neither body has the right to make any decisions and the world doesn't need to honor those decisions.

The hypocrisy of Israel is evident to the world.
[posted at least four times]

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  1. Political correctness in advertising means eliding Jewish sacred places out of an ad about Israel. If that were done to any other people, I wonder if they would stand for it on the HP. I doubt it. But to their minds, the Jews deserve what they get.