Tuesday, April 13, 2010

HPW: Ed Koch's "A Dangerous Silence"

Former Mayor Ed Koch has posted another editorial on the Huffington Post about how concerned he is about the American-Israeli relationship and what he thinks American Jews should do about it. It's pretty much exactly the same as his last editorial, same points, same conclusion, and same amount of HPer anger caused by it. We've collected quite a few comments for your perusal.

Dearest Ed, Barack Obama was elected as the President of the United States not the President of Israel.
His first duty is to us, our needs and our money. We have sent billions of dollars to Israel as they subject the Palestinians to their apartheid rampage.
It is not Obama’s policies that increasingly endanger and isolate Israel, it is ISRAEL’S policies that increasingly endanger and isolate Israel.
What is it that Obama has done to Israel that is so terrible? He has simply re-stated policies that have been in place for years.
The United States has always opposed settlements and it has always demanded that illegal outposts be dismantled. The only difference between Obama and his predecessors is that he is not backing down. He may even succeed in achieving his goals.
How would that be bad for Israel? The illegal settlers terrorists are a disaster and everyone knows it.
... "We have indeed stood up for everyone else". Really? When? We fought your war in Iraq and that is enough. We will not fight your war for Iran. Enough Ed. Enough.
You want us to support Israel? Don’t build illegal settlement colonies in the Palestinian capital or on Palestinian land.
You and the rest of the "Americans" who care more about Israel than they do the United States of America should do us all a favor and move there, just surrender your passport upon your departure. No man can serve two masters.
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Ed Koch your Anti-American Anti-Peace article was expected. We've come to understand your support of all things Israel as a constant form of rain. Depressing. You would think with more time on your hands you'd spend some of it learning about how America is changing and how we're moving away from a George Bush Jr. perspective.
But hold out hope Ed, JEB still has an opportunity to reverse all our work over the last year+
I don't think using Martin Luther King, Jr. in your article will have the impact you think it will. Kinda like loading your shotgun with another guys wedding cake.

I love how ANY criticism of Israel or its leaders, which is not representative of all Jews, is always considered anti-Semitism.

What really bothers me the most is that the term anti-semite is only used when someone says or does something that is offensive to Israel. For anyone who knows history, semitic tribes include Jews, Arabs, Aramaens, Ethiopians et al. With that in mind those who support Israel at any cost are probably guilty of anti-semitic crimes themselves. Kinda like calling the kettle black, don't you think Mr. Koch?
In the rush to help the survivors of the holocaust perpetrated upon them by the Third Reich, the victors of WWII made a huge mistake of declaring Isarel a state in 1948. There was a total disregard for the inhabitants who had lived in Palestine for hundreds of years prior, including Jews, but most people do not realize that their were Jews living in Palestine for year and years along side their Palestinian neighbors. It is a complicated issue, but like it or not, we have witnessed since 1948 proof positive how the oppressed, become the oppressors.

I never understood one thing. Arabs had lived in Palestine for centuries while Zionists woke up one day and realized "Israel" was promised them by God. Who is the religious fanatic here?

What an amazing post. Utterly one sided and with absolutely no consideration for the rest of the world or the sovereignity of America. Is the world to be held in thrall to Jewish people for all time? Mr Koch needs to open his eyes and consider the devastation of Sudan, for instance, or the pathetic existence of the Bangladeshis.
He might even consider the devastation of the Palestinians. But then that might be more than a Jew by birth who goes to the synagogue twice a year is capable of doing. It is time for Jews to accept the fact that Abraham is about as real as Achilles and let it go. The Romans had a large empire and the Jewish state was only one of a great many which were conquered by them. I don't see or hear the Gauls or the Spaniards weeping about the injustices done to them by the Romans. In facdt, until the Jews were driven out of Palestine they were given special respect by the Romans. The Romans just got tired of trying to rule people who were unruly. That they were drien out was not so bad for thosedays. Caesar boasted of the millions of Gauls he killed and the Christians were thrown to the lions to entertain the Romans. The Jews had it good.

You know what really, really bugs me? Someone wallowing in self-pity and self-indulgence while the U.S. has for decades funded Israel to the tune of billions per year, vetoed every U.N. Resolution justifiably issued against Israel and supported Israel not matter what it was doing.
Meanwhile, Palestinians have been living in misery and imprisonment at the hands of Israelis for decades and where where you, where was your voice on this injustice??? So spare me this hysterical tantrum. I have not an iota of sympathy.
Dangerous silence indeed! Silence regarding the crimes being committed against Palestinians you mean! That's what I call a "dangerous" silence!!
And please, next time spare us the drama, the history lesson and the blatant attempt at manipulation!

Seems like dershowitz has his prayers answered HP now has D2...with hyperbole arguments while fully knowing what is wrong with

True...Obama is not beholden to Israel, nor should anyone in this country be...you are an American first, or aren't you?

Likud's position is as indefensible as that of the Boers in South Africa or the British in India. Except for China in Tibet, and a few other instances, the world has moved beyond imperialism. THAT is Israel's problem. Except for China, it's the last imperialist. That's why Europe is virtually TOTALLY against Israel, and why liberal American Jews and gentiles SHOULD be against Likud's Israel, too. Zionism is the last gasp of a European imperialist nationalist ideology which Europe's own nations have long since rejected.

Now this is typical radical Zionist logic.
Israel must attack Iran to defend itself.
So by your logic Iran should attack Israel to defend itself? Contrary to neo-con propaganda, the only one threatening to attack anyone is Israel threatening Iran.
And don't give me that business from the poor translation of Ahmadinejad's speech stating that due to purely demographic factors Israel would be erased from the map distorted for propaganda purposes into "Iran threatens to attack Israel." I have been over the text of the speech with native Farsi speakers numerous times and it just does not say what war mongers who want to get another Middle East War going, falsely presuming that might be good for Israel, say it does..
Shrill hyperbole about existential threats to Israel is the chief smoke screen for the ethnic cleansing of the West Bank that continues with more accelerated settlement building and now a bogus distinction between "Gazans" and Palestinians. This will effect tens of thousands of Palestinians.
I wonder if the IDF will ship them out in rail cattle cars?

Oh what ever!, play the sympathy card somewhere else! It's 70 years old now already!

Bombing and massacring them is?

Better a Palestinian woman be killed than to not have "Women's Rights". The way Israel is going soon there won't be anymore "oppressed Palestinian women". They will all be dead

Emmory - the Last time I read the Old Testament it said a man could sell his daughter into slavery and King Soloman had about 1,000 wives. And even to-day some Jewish women have to have their heads shaved when they get married. Yikes. I would not like to refer to Jews to undersatand womens rights. Imagine being a mother and having to teach her son to thank god that he was not born a woman.

wethepeople - before there ever was a state of Israel there was Palestine. Zionists used terrorism to drive the Palestinians from their legally owned land and the Zionists occupied it and removed all trace of hundreds of Palestinian villages. That is an undisputed fact.

wethepeople - there is no doubt that the West treated the Jews shamefully, However, long before Hitler came to power the Jews had decided to move into Palestine and recreate Eretz Israel. They did it by hook and by crook and if I were a Palestinian I would never settle for the swiss cheese which Israel has made of what is left of Palestine for the Palestinians. It is a terrible irony that the Zionists are doing to the Palestinians what the Christians did to the Jews. And they seem to be doing it so well too. They were offered a piece of East Africa but it had to be Palestine. And it all reads like a page out of the Old Testament.

sarah us
Here's a good anology. Blacks in America are oppressing the Whites and taking over their 'holdings'... They use the race/slavery card to win the hearts and sympathy of the world and reconciliation. A few Whites stand up for their right to live, and the Black sympathizers only sympathize more with the Blacks and aid them even more in the White oppression. This is exactly what is happening over there. Fill in the missing links...

Given the way Israel propogandizes and sends all or as many of its children to see a death camp it is small wonder that they fear. They are not told everything. Everything would make things look a little different. This is not to say the death camps were not horrors which should never be forgotten but it is to say that seven million people who were not Jews were killed there too. The Slavs were decalred subhuman and so were the gypsies. Homosexuals, some Protestants, the menatally handicapped and the insane were some of those killed. But of course the first killed were the people who protested. You should read about them. No Jews in that first batch.

sarah us
It's about time a U.S. president stood up to the bully

sarah us
I am outraged at the lack of U.S. policy against Israel's domination and oppression

I couldn't agree more. I am sick and tired of kowtowing to Jewish interests without the slightest bit of reciprocation from Israel. They take our financial aid and our weapons and then spit in our faces when we ask for anything from them.

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  1. Israel can never do right in their eyes. Anti-Semites impose impossible expectations upon Israel and then trumpet their disappointment when it can't meet them or falls far short of the ideal. All their criticism has a "rigged" quality to it. You know you're going to never find them waking up one morning and saying the Jewish State might be right just once. That is why the "debates" on the HP have such a surreal feel to them.