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HPW: Desmond Tutu's "Divesting From Injustice"

The one-sided blogging on the Berkeley divestment movement continues, this time the Huffington Post has brought in Desmond "Zionism is like racism" Tutu to provide more praise for the BDSers there. His article was given sidebar coverage, but the responses were not as numerous as that might indicate. In fact there were many voices from people we haven't seen before talking about how singling out Israel is wrong, etc.

As for the article itself, it was nothing that we haven't heard before. He did not call Israel in apartheid state, though of course the subsequent commentators tried to put words in his mouth and claim that he did. The fully moderated thread has around 700 comments.

Thank you for the great article.
It has an amazing effect that's apparent in the posts.
Usually, the slightest criticism of Israel unleashes a torrent of accusations of 'Antisemitism'.
But your article forces even the most dedicated HP Zionist apologists to have some discretion.

Bingo! All Zionists are racists and they sure know how to display it for the whole world to see. I'm glad they are attacking Mr. Tutu because it shows that they are heartless warmongers.

I agree! Zionists are heartless, criminals and can not be trusted. Because of their wicked long term agenda, the rest of the world should not have one atom of sympathy towards evil. Let evil die and crumble forever.


Israel creates terrorism by killing children, targeting civilians, stealing land and water resources and humiliating a population of millions of people.

alysheba 3

Perhaps you need to read history.

Who taught the Palestinians that terrorism will get you what you want? Why I do believe it was the Jewish Zionist terrorists who massacred the British and Palestinian Arabs long before Israel was a country.


is Israel and Apartheid State.. Of course it is.. should the world divest from Israel .. yes.!!.. Bishop Tutu knows all too well how to define Apartheid and for those that defend Israel at all costs. casting dubiousness on this honest mans assessment of Israels racists policies is silly and certainly not grounded in reality. It seems that so long as Israel can pull the anti-Semite or holocaust card. then the world bows down. a fine strategy - but one that has worn out its welcome.


Spoken like a true member of The Zionist Mafia.


The only ignorant and hateful person is you. I love how the hasbara gang or shall I say the Zionist mafia are out in force but they are making the case for the Poor Palestinians. Keep up the lies and the deceit because you have turned this American into pro Palestine.


Most of those now living in Israel are not Jews at all, at least not the Israelites or Jews of the bible but Azkanezi converts from Eastern Europe and Georgia. Who and which is a communistic mindset, hence the establishment in Israel of the kibbutz's - which is a communistic form of land and social form of government in and of itself.
And the fact is that this "accord" was entered into between the British and a banker in the establishment of Israel even prior to World War I, which means that World War II in and of itself had much to do with actually that original agreement itself - terrorizing then the Jews in Europe in order to then get them to migrate and leave their homes in Europe. And for a country such as the U.S. that is established on freedom of religion to continue to support a country that is not at all based on that foundation, ludicrous really at this point.
Since the U.S. had nothing at all to do with that original agreement, the Balfour Doctrine, to begin with, and this country has taken in more Aakenazi's since World War I than any of the Euopean nations combined.
[posted twice]
Bless you Archbishop Tutu,

And also all of my Jewish brethren who have voiced out their support for an end to the illegal and immoral occupation of the West Bank and blockade of Gaza. It is settlers who are traitors to Israel, bringing upon it shame and scorn. For those of us who would like to finally see a truly democratic, just Israel emerge from the hands of the militarist right-wing, Archbishop Tutu's call for divestment is not a day too soon..
You insult the Boors when you call what Israel is doing apartheid. At least Africaners valued their blacks as laborers and sustained them to a degree that would be heaven compared to the privations of Gaza and the disruptions of the illegally occupied West Bank.
So. Africa did not slant drill under Bantustan and steal water from under their villages like Israel and settlers do- now controlling 98% of West Bank sub-surface water.
Another disgracism that exceeds So. African policy is a specious distinction between Gazans and Palestinians. Tens of thousand of people in the West Bank will be jailed by this new gimmick. The slow grind of ethnic cleansing accelerates.
Maybe the usual gang of Israel can do no wrong bloggers will be lucky enough to be among those poking Palestinians with bayonets into the box cars in this new round up.
I wish I could be there to smile sadly, putting flowers in gun barrels until they realize what horrors they are committing.


No, you are not the only one.
They will only tolerate a certain amount of the truth at any time. My comments are respectful, usually well researched and even include references to the sources that informed my opinion. They are in no way bigoted or offensive (except perhaps to the settlers themselves)
Yet, I am routinely censored when critiquing the actions of the Israeli government and the settlers.

Shockingly, they WILL allow some very obviously racist and offensive stuff through, and there appears to be an unlimited appetite for every sort of lie about the legitimacy of Israels settlements.
It's as though they are trying to filter out too much reasoned and researched opinion against the settlements, opinions that call the settlements what they actually are, (I won't here, because I would like this to print).
So, a very large number of my posts are either censored outright, or disappear after the fact.
to understand some of my own over-the-line advocacy better.

I've am discussions with the Huffington about my perception of prejudice against criticism of the settlers and either moderator bias or some form of hacking. The discussion are cordial and I have come

I believe the people at the Huffington post want a free ranging discussion, but a hate free zone. I am looking at two very proximate posts that are reeking of anti-Arab bigotry. But I am very resistant to the notion that the criticizing settlers is some form of bigotry or that even harshest criticism of the settler movement is not going far enough to condemn this moral and legal outrage.
Again, I am gratified that so many progressive Jews are stepping up and saying "Enough!" and see the wisdom of protecting Israel, not by militarist banter, but by a commitment to justice and thoughtful reconciliation with the Palestinians.
Out of every 100 post I might see 1 outright old school rejectionist/drive the Jews into the sea type.
I count about 20 from people who are outright Arab and Palestinian haters.
Are these folks paid by the Israeli government or just organized by a right-wing group?


Join the club my friend....u are not allowed to criticize the chosen people:they only have occupied a whole homeland by the name of Palestine and destroyed, exiled or occupied and continue to oppress a whole people....the downtrroden PAlestinian People.

Please stop making excused for evil What is the goal of your post? Is it an excuse to treat Palestinians less than human? You, Zionists, are heartless excuse for humans.


There is no PLO any more:"isrl" poisened him.
There were no HAMAS or HEzballah before jews invaded and occupied Arab PAlestine in 1948 as in 1967.
These ressitance organizations will disappear quickly as soon as jews return Arab PAlestine to its rightful owners and return to their original countries....peacefully and as soon as possible.


Who committed :
-the crusaders wars
-the inquisition 
-the holocaust against gypsies and jews
-the forced convesrions to xtianity of the whole of south america
-the genocide of Bosinian Muslims
-the occupation of all of Arab Palestine and the exile or other wise the chronic military apartheid occupation of its indigenous people
-the invasion and the destruction of Iraq.
There are no jewish worship places in Jerusaelm-which was built by Yubsite Arabs which means the city of peace long before jews existed on the face of earth.
jews invent and live on myths...amongest all the peoples that passed Arab Cannanite Palestine, the jews had the least to do with PAlestine....they were marginal in every way.
As the jewish historian (france) MAxime Rodnson proved in his book :"'isrl' is a colonial settler state" as the French were in Alegeria.
"isrl" will come tp pass:aparthed states have a history of disappeaing off the face of the earth.

FACT: From the early days of Zionism, two of the vilest Jewish terrorists went on to become prime ministers of Israel. Menachem Begin, no ordinary run-of-the-mill terrorist, but the actual head of the Irgun, one of two vicious Jewish terrorist groups that who worked hard to chase Palestinians out of their homeland to make room for the Jews. So tell me, what do expect from a state that is built on lies and terrorism? The world needs to boycott Israel untill they start acting like the rest of the civilized nations.


Well the part about facts coming out from megaphones just make them fact for some and not all...the some part you can guess


In fact and according the jewish historian Shlomo Sand's recent book: "The Invention of the jewish People," jews are an invention and the few authentic jews that were in the Arab East converted to Islam in the 7th century. Most jews are decendents from Khazar Russian tribes whose kings converted to judism.

Thank you for your post because I can't believe my lying eyes. Fact: Zionism is built on hate and racism. Zionists like you, are worst than Apartheid South Africa.

Why don't you have some Palestinian blood with your omelette?


So good to see Rev. Tutu speaking out against the oppression of the Palestinians. The Israeli regime is based on racism just as South Africa's was. It's the European whites against the brown and black's of the third world. As for anti-semitism, the people who are the only clearly semitic people in Israel and the occupied territories are the Palestinian Arabs.

Nobody has the right to steaI 1948 PaIestine from the PaIestinians.


Were the Jews holding out an olive branch while forcing Palestinians from their homes for the last 60 years?
[posted twice]


Er... Israel IS a British colony-turned-Apartheid regime.
That's why, by the end, they were Apartheid South Africa's sole ally in the world.


That's their choice of course. Perhaps they [Jewish students and professors] should be made to wait at checkpoints before being allowed to attend school, as Palestinians must?

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  1. We see the anti-Zios being far more Palestinian than the Palestinians. And of course isolating Israel would reduce rather than bring closer the prospects of peace in the Middle East. But that doesn't concern them - the Jews must be punished for the effrontery of having a different opinion.