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HPW: The "Deportations" Threads

Here is the HuffPoWatches for the Mya Guarnieri and the Jamal Dajani deportations threads. Each article had between one hundred and two hundred comments, and were fully moderated. I'll let the comments speak for themselves. Click the link below to continue.

Mya Guarnieri

Cut through the crap. Any Jewish building or construction of any kind in East Jerusalem or any other part of the West Bank or Golan Heights is illegal, and that's under international law and U.N. Resolutions. What part of Illegal do these settlers and the Right-wing Netanyahu government not understand?
In fact, legally, the Israelis must pull back to the 1948 U.N. Partition line to be in compliance with International Law. If they don't do it soon, they will be forced to do it by the same brute force by which they came into posession. Might will be right, after all, - and won't that be sweet? After all the evil and depradations and humiliation and massacre and brutality that the Israelis have meted out to the Palestinians?

israel must be made to return to its original borders and the US has to work wlith the UN sanctions, trade embargoes, et al . . . the Palestinians deserve justice not more theft . .
internationla law must be enforced . . . israel cannot be allowed to get away with even more atrocities . . . I have been anti-war since Vietnam but I would take up arms against israel . . .

Or, in your neck of the woods, does the thief get to keep the stuff he has stolen?
Exodus 3:22
[follow up]
Tony, I find that having a "skyfairy reference volume' is that it can give insight into the Zionist mindset.
Exodus 3:22 features the 'skyfairy' giving advice to the Israelites on how best to steal from the Egyptians.
If you ever have the time, take a look at the books of Ezra and Nehemia, accounts of a previous resettlement of the Holy Land by Jews.

"They did not build their homes there thinking that they would be forcibly removed."
I'm sure they didn't, but that only indicates how lost they are in self-regard, arrogance and belief in their immunity from earthly law.

I agree. Israel has puts Palestinians frequently puts Palestinians in a position where they have no choice but to disobey the edicts of the Israeli occupation forces. Building homes is another example. Palestinians can't get permits to build in their own land so they are forced to build "illegally" giving the Israelis the opportunity to bulldoze the homes. The occupation is a study in sadism by the Israelis.

alysheba 3
Rule of law says Gaza and the West Bank belong to the Palestinians But don't let facts and blind hatred stop you from spewing your Hasbara.

We must expel Arabs and take their places - David Ben Gurian, Oxford Univ. Press 1985.
We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of it's Arab population. - Israel Koenig "The Koenig Memorandum".
We have to kill the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves - Chairman Heibrun,
Committee to the Re-election of Gen. Schlomo Lahat, Mayor of Tel Aviv. Oct. '83.
The AIPAC as made sure that only ONE side of the problem is presented to the American people.
The Israeli side.

alysheba 3
Anone notice how quickly this has moved off the World main page? And try finding it in the American MSM.

fanned Maysoon Zayid . . it is of course blatant racism and theft . . . that is what the israeli's always do . .they lie, they steal, they kill . . . then they hide behind the holocaust and the stupid US government and congress . . . go along with it . . well it has to stop . . . . . israel is a terrorist state . . with total a total contempt for international law and human life

This is a pretext for ethnic cleansing, pure and simple. This is an abuse of military power over and above the law.
Not only that, the fact that it doesn't apply to Israelis who are the only illegal foreigners on this occupied land, which the Geneva Convention states clearly they have no right to build on, or to pillage its resources, constitutes racism in the purest form.
Here’s someone who agrees it’s a racist state:

Wow, you just couldnt decide which of the Hasbara approaches to take, so you took them all!
right here in black and white: http://www.middle-east-info.org/take/wujshasbara.pdf

Tony Andrews
They are looking for a "Campus Communications Director" among others:
the tentacles spread far and wide!

The Palestinians, however, pose a serious threat to Israel, and have oppressed them for decades.
Karin that is very close to the actually hasbara position as in "murderous rain of rockets on Sderot."
The problem is that Israel apologetics is so hyperbolic that it really becomes hard to satirize. I would say that its almost as if the hasbarachiks were daring us to call them out so they could accuse us of anti-semiticism; except that is exactly how it is.

Karin Barton
Totally agree, Theou. Zionism cannot exist without anti-semitism. The founding idea is: because there is no cure to anti-Semitism, the Jews need to live in their own country to be safe. Assimilation and the lack of anti-Semitism in the diaspora is the arch-enemy of Zionism -- except that they can exploit the guilt diaspora Jews feel for preferring to live in much greater safety elsewhere

timaeus - it is what it is - transfer. Dress it up any which way but it is still..... transfer.
So reminiscent of apartheid South Africa.
Oh - and ethnic cleansing too.

timaeus, in the face of cogent criticism of Israeli policies resorts to diversion and "waving the bloody shirt [of the Holocaust]" not the most reputable of approaches to discussion.

The Arabs of Palestine HAVE BEEN INNOCENT VICTIMS of Zionist/Israeli aggression since the turn of the twentieth century, that they should be PASSIVE is asking a great deal too much.
To imply that Zionist predactions in Palestine are insufficient cause for resistance calls for the application of Occam's Razor against the "multiplication of entities."
Tthe Grand Mufti, who was NEVER an elected representative of the Palestinians, is not relevant to the discussion of Israel's extension of its, already much too broad, definition of "infiltrator."

That the nazis engaged in ethnic nationalism with a massive dose of revisionism was, and still is, irresistable for the zionists.
[follow up]
Unpleasant as it may be some zionists in Palestine pre WW2 admired such a view ie ethnic nationalism and saw how it could work for them.
And in my opinion that is what the right and extreme right in Israel promote today by demonizing the Palestinians into being sub human and inferior and end up denying them basic rights and subject them to the type of military ruling outlined in the above article.
It both saddens me and makes me angry.

Jamal Dajani

Higgs Boson
There seems to be a lot of Israeli apologists here today ......... " Its those darn Palestinians fault that they didn't just let the Israeli's steal their homes and be quiet about it "

Well, most of the worlds people find apartheid states holdovers from an earlier time.
The British Raj, the American (all three Americas) gencides of the Indians, the Australians and the aborigines.. and Israel's crimes against the native people of Palestine (as it was once called).

if we look at the first time the hebrew went in to the land of caanan they killed everything alive , this time only a little less so in gaza and the west bank but almost totally in "israel proper" and this is a "moral people"

Read the torah before you say that...murdering own brothers, rape, incest, etc.

I'm reading a lot of AIPAC posts here!

Of course. And they no doubt control the global banking system and the media. [Click for context. Might be sarcasm.]

Because the British have a sense of decency, unlike the Israelis , against the british , ghandi had a chance, but against the israelis, well, a palestinian Ghandi has as much chance as a jew in 1940's germany
I had wanted to write something similar right here, but couldn't find the proper phrasing. While I agree that what the Palestinians are forced to confront in the Israelis is more rabidly and irrationally hostile than the British Empire, I'm not sure that I would go so far as to attribute "a sense of decency" to British colonialism. To simply assert that the Zionist project is more savage in its effects than the "Bearing of the White Man's Burden" project of the British, which was heavily laden with an irony of which the British were largely unconscious, is probably sufficient. (It's "Gandhi.")

And in the last 60 years we have learned WHY they [the countries of the world] didnt want them [the Jews] back too [Click for context.]
Higgs Boson
Israeli Apartied
If Palestine is any indication they would have pushed the locals out of their homes and claimed that the talmud gave them the deed to the land

rocketman - the rockets killed fewer in years than cars do on any given day. More Palestinians die at the checkpoints than all the suicide bombers combined. There is no legal excuse. It is plain and simple barbarism. Some days the Palestinians have no water. Other days they have no energy. Right now they cannot get material to rebuild the devasted areas which were Israel's planned attacks on civilians, the UN and its food distubution and so on. In fact one could think of Genghiz Khan. The restriction of journalists from Gaza while Cast Lead went on says it all. Hidden and grotesque. And all the time there is the fear of illegal settlers shooting them, harrassing or setting fire to groves.

Higgs Boson
Israel is the occupier and yet you call the Palestinians the terrorists .........

alysheba 3
So Israel gets what it wants from the UN, and Israel screams for the world to acknowledge the actions of the UN as right. The UN passes Resolutions against Israel, and Israel tells the world they can ignore those Resolutions because the UN means nothing.
Kinda like when International Laws gives Israel what it wants, then Israel screams for the world to recognize the wisdom and fairness of the World Court. When the World Court decides against Israel then suddenly Israel says the World Court has no jurisdiction.
Israel and her supporters, the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES the world has ever seen.
By the way, if Jews called themselves Palestinians they wouldn't be citizens of Israel stealing land that both the UN and the World Court (as well as every other country in the world) say they have no legal claim to.

Thanks Eileen - Palestinian voices are an important corrective to a corrupt and biased mainstream media.

The Gandhi Movement may be crushed to the final juices of innocent blood. in the zionest squatters unrelenting push to steal all of palestine.
The real question is win in the dark of the night the first CBR advanced weapon goes off with out "Collateral Damages" as all Palestinian's, Christian's and Muslim's have long been deported scattered or out right killed.
Will anyone ask why the zionist now have killed there own?
Or recall there original Book of Law's. " He who lives by the sword will parish by the sword"
Ronald Douglas Kennedy

The Zionists were always violent before Israel ever existed and had the intention of taking away other people's lands by force from the beginning.


  1. You'd have to ignore a lot of history to believe that about the rapacious Zionists. At the HP, the anti-Zios rewrite history knowing no one will contradict them there. And when the facts are not in evidence - lie.

  2. Get my name off your hate page!!!!

    Maysoon Zayid

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