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HPW: Anti-Semitism In Europe Hit New Highs In 2009

The Huffington Post recently crossposted an article from Ha'aretz, which in turn was about a study that found anti-Semitism in Europe to have drastically increased during Israel's war with Gaza in 2009, and I guess ever since. Now, as you might remember, the HP already published an article with this same topic, but maybe it was a different study.

The fully moderated thread has around 600 comments. As we have come to expect, the HPers came out in force to defend the anti-Semites: Either by criticizing the study, saying that the Jews deserved it, claiming that there is no anti-Semitism only "legitimate criticism of Israel," and so forth. There was also more than a little bit of straight up anti-Semitism on the thread too, as Matt has already demonstrated. This watch will cover them all. Click below to continue.

I wish Jews would stop lumping disapproval and anti-semitism together. It's misleading. As is the appropriation of Semite.
Why would anti Jewish sentiment or acts be called "Antisemitism?"
It seems a distortion, perversion of language, logic and reality.
To refer to people who identify with an ancient religious faith, who are from all over the world, of many groups as Semites.
With this logic, all people who identify with Abrahamic religions "Semites."
[This semantic argument appeared many times as well, trying to deflect away from the discussion on anti-Semitism. I'm posting this one as an example, but won't post the others in the interest of space.]

Rachel Brownlee
Yes, if only people would heed the words of Churchill
In violent opposition to all this sphere of Jewish effort rise the schemes of the International Jews. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where Jews are persecuted on account of their race. Most, if not all, of them have forsaken the faith of their forefathers, and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognisable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.

"...they are inviting persecution -- that they have been partly responsible for the antagonism from which they suffer."
Winston Churchill on European Jews, 1937 [Faked quote, as we discussed]

Oleg is consistent. Consistently changing the subject to deflect any real discussion about aggressive Israel. Consistently bringing up things not really relevant, etc.; consistently defending it even after it kills so many civilians or starves Gaza.
I have to wonder if this is not a group of Israeli's, students or whatever, assigned to interfer in US politics. Just like Bibi did.

[In response to a comment, "How do they define anti-semitism?"]
Rachel Brownlee
They define it by any criteria that they can claim is anti-semetism.
It's their purpose in life - no anti-semetism = no more funding - no more job!
If you manage to feel entitled to assume exclusive control of the definition of Semites, they there is no limit.

You clipped this bunk right out of Joseph Goebbels school of reasoning.

Rachel Brownlee
You don't even seem to understand your own criteria oleg1.
Not surprising, most zionists make it up as they go along.

Rachel Brownlee
Coming from such a rabidly pro-zionist as you oleg1, even sneezing in the direction of Israel would be considered anti-semetic. It's just more childish screaming of 'it's not fair, he called me a name' when all you zionists need to man up, grow a pair and just admit that Plan Dalet (to drive the Palestinians out) has been in operation since day one.
[response: "Excellent point."]

Oleg is likely several people in Israel, could one person have so much time? They are all over the Huffington posts, and Israel can never do any wrong by their accounts, after all, they are Chosen.

 Rachel Brownlee
The difference is that both "Submission" and "Fitna" were directed by non-muslims and ATTACKED the Islamic religion. "Defamation" was made by a Jew and EXPOSED the anti-semetism industry.
Now If someone were to make a film that attacked Judaism - imagine the uproar from the Jewish community.
And by the end you're using the religious intolerance expressed towards Muslims to claim that's what is causing anti-semetism in Europe?
Only one thing is causing anti-semetism any where and that is Israeli intolerance of Palestinians and the remorseless support it gains from the zionist community.

Rachel Brownlee
[In response to a comment that anti-Semitism in England can get scary sometimes.]
You wanna be scared - go live in Gaza!
Rachel Brownlee
His source is the Ministry of Hasbara.
Isnt there a difference between critisizing Israel for thier illegal activities toward the Palistinians, and anti Semitism?
Rachel Brownlee
I'm more interested in factual crimes committed against Christians by Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia- somewhere between 20 and 60 million murdered I believe.
Do you have any comments on this subject?
Or would you rather it stayed forgotten?
 [Anti-Semitic "Jewish Bolshevism" conspiracy theory.]

Rachel Brownlee
[In response to a comment attacking her for the above comment.]
Sad... but true!
Oh and by the way, I'm not the one who needs to steal the land of others and live on american handouts - now that's sad!
(but I can see you'd rather not dscuss the Jewish part in the Bolshevik revolution. Understandable that something like you would rather not look in a mirror.)

Rachel Brownlee
 [In response to a comment that many HPers are anti-semitic.]
Who cares?
I'm tired of people continually claiming they are victims whilst continually victimising others.
If it makes me anti-semetic to stand up to lying, hypocritical bullies and land thieves, then so be it.
Even Jesus would be considered an anti-semite if he were alive today.
Label me anyway you want but I'll stand up for peace, truth and justice everytime.
It's only a ploy to squash criticism anyway - and a wornout one at that.

Yeah, the news is simply dominated by this phenomena [anti-Semitic abuse] every Friday night.

Sorry if this really happens. [Implying it doesn't]
When more Jews stand up for peace, for the compromise's we all know will happen some day, for not taking land, then the world will not lump them in with aggressive Israel.
Polls, decade after decade, show most American Jews do not like right wing Israel and see it's polices as self-destructive, Anti-Jewish in a sense! But they are not heard much in the media or at AIPAC, they too often fail to stand up for peace. In the long run this will only harm Israel.

[edited for length]
Attacks or expressions of antipathy against Jews as "reprisal for Op Cast Lead" are crimes against Jews not "anti-Semiticism". 

Theou simply fails to understand how important it is to Israeli politics, foreign policy and even economics to constantly reinforce the notion that any and all criticism of Israel is accepted as anti-semitism.
And of course all of us, even born after World War 2, must be guilty of those terrible crimes, even Brit's or Americans who fought against Hitler by their logic.
They DISHONOR those lost in WW 2, Jewish, Christian, Russian, Canadian, New Zealand, etc. by using, USING, it as a false political weapon.
When I called a Congressman's office to ask why, when we need our money so badly in the US, we still give so much to Israel, the girl gave me the WW 2 story. After I easily pointed out that made little sense, especially as Israel is strong and does not need it, she was stuck. Call Congress and don't let them treat you like you are only as smart as Phony Palin.
Tel Aviv University's watchdog on anti-Semitism.
Maybe such an institution has an agenda to see all antipathy to Jews as anti-Semiticism.
By connecting the "world wide increase" with the IDF's incursion into Gaza admits to a real world stimulus.
It is a fact that Zionist and their apologists are very insistent on the unity between Israel and the Jewish Nation. And it is easy to see why naive people might believe it to the extent of seeing Jews as sharing in the action of the IDF, of which they see horrifying representations on their television. Yes, juicyju, french school boys also have televisions and maybe their faculties of judgement are lacking, which can lead to nasty consequences
Nobody has the right to steaI 1948 PaIestine from the PaIestinians.
 [Wo0pecker was out in force. This is but one example.]

You are a mega-phonie posting pre-packaged comments, I believe.

Muslim bashing is way of life for some pro-israelis.

I would like to know what the researchers define as antisemitic. If it is defined as speaking out against Israeli policies in the West Bank and Gaza then possibly it was on the rise during Israel's 2009 incursion into Gaza! I have seen people on Huffpo being accused of antisemitism for daring to criticize Israeli policies yet people constantly criticize American policies without being called racists.

We've heard repeatedly how antisemitism is allegedly increasing, when regrettably the definition of antisemitism is what has been expanding. Great documentary on the subject by a young Isresli filmaker if you can find it: Defamation is the title. Fascinating insight into a very necessary but increasingly scarce bogey-man.

If one refers to "Islamaphobia" as a form of antisemitism-which one could logically do as Islam is all about Arab, or Semitic, roots-you are in violation of the zionist patent on all thing Semitic.

Fanned for accuracy!
If 'Antisemitism' = criticism of Israel's apartheid policies, anyone with a conscience is ethically bound to be 'Antisemitic'.

Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism are not separate at all, hon.
you could be right there, juicyju
Zionists have always been keen to identify with the Jewish people, and have succeeded in convincing many that the two groups are identical.
It is not surprising then, that when Zionists act very publically as deathdealing bullies, unsophisticated people see Jews as deathdealing bullies and chant "Death to ..." and possibly commit physical assaults on individual Jews or Synagogues.
Calling all Zionists "deathdealing bullies" is the same as calling all Muslims terrorists.
juicyju, where did I use the world "all". I spoke of Zionists (I was refering to the IDF, if you object to their being identified as Zionists, then do so).
Read what is written do not add content that is not there, to create "a strawman".

Perhaps you're thinking of the van full of Israeli men celebrating, high-fiving, and taking each others photos with the towers on fire in the background; you know, the ones who said they were supposed to "document the event," the ones who, when arrested piled out of the van saying "we're not your problem, the Palestinians are," the ones who were released finally after extensive pressure from Israel; those celebrators?

There is nothing passive aggressive in my response; you're merely parroting, inappropriately, my earlier accusations of you; you're not even original, just consistently nasty and mean spirited.

Then why are they occupying Gaza and the West Bank / East Jerusalem?
Israel Go Home!

You're acting paranoid as usual Rand.
JustMeInNY said "Flag me again, and call me names again"

recovering Catholic
The problem isn't with the report. Let's assume its accuracy. The problem is with the apologists for Israel who use the term for anyone who disagrees with Israeli policy, thereby rendering the term useless. Why would anyone be suprised with all the skeptics?

recovering Catholic
I would certainly condemn any acy of violence against Jews in Eurpoe, but I'll reserve my sympathies for the suffering of the Palestinian people at the hands of Israel.

Actually, it's a thread about the same old apologist BS : 'ALL anti Israel actions are 'anti antisemitism' and have nothing to do with protesting Israel's atrocities against it's non Jews.

The article points out the relationship between Israeli atrocities and antisemitism but you and the other AHs use the opportunity to try to
equate the antisemitism to criticism of Israel's apartheid policies.

"last years 7/7 attacks on london"
The London bombing was in 2005. So your talking points are 4 years out of date, time to ask for some new ones Oleg.
Hasbara spam alert

I do love that 'paper' [Ha'aretz] - but they choose (are are forced to) sport the party line so they get their
come comeuppance in the name of truth.
Come on, Haaretz has no idea what motivated the purps - their assertion otherwise is blatant propaganda and unworthy of anyone by lil' Kim.

I guess if you are going to press....I am certainly wrong about you.
There is no hope that you will ever be able to present a consistently rational argument....on a daily or even minute to minute basis.
I'll stop expecting it. [Abusive]

I see you are afflicted with the same comprehension devouring disease.

You have needed to recalibrate for a long time.
That's not an accident, it the main $$ thrust of Israeli/Neocon propaganda to equate all anti-Israel
activities to 'Antisemitism.'
Exposing and condemning the killing of hundreds of civilians in Gaza is not anti-Semitism.

that word is used to try to SILENCE any discussion on israeli policy.

Did Netanyahu exploit the opportunity and again call the Iranian people "Amalek", thereby invoking their extermination? [Edited for length: The rest is copy/pasted links. It's basically off topic slander.]

But I doooooo! I'm stating that some people get too much attention because they cry louder, while others get no attention at all even if their cause is just as worthy.
And then other people who are actually being victimized by racist state policies and state-organized oppression and whose cause is the priority and the most relevant and timely of all are continuously out-staged by these overblown distractions.

As well as acting like a brat, you fail to make a distinction between Israel and judaism.

The Jews have to learn, That they aren't immune either to others. Everybody have the same rights to comments, and critics.
And if the (jews) fear critics, Is simple because they fear the truth.

Depends upon the definition.
As per Israelites, any request to Israel to seek peace and reduce the occupation is quickly countered with antisemitism.
By that token, then entire 5.9 billion people of this world are anti Semites.

Today, criticism of Israel means you are anti-semitic. Criticism of an arabic country means you are anti-muslim. Sixty years have now passed since the sadness of the holocaust and the loss of life in a great world war, peace is still just a dream.

Getting angry about war crimes is not "anti-semitism."
It's very important that everyone who wants middle east peace and is opposed to the brutality of the Israeli regime, as well as the brutality of Hamas, etc. be very strict about not letting their demand for justice turned into racial/ religious hatemongering.
Otherwise, we're back at square one, with irrational hate controlling the debate and the actions of the people involved.

Interesting criticism of an attack in which white phosphorous was dropped on children is labeled as 'anti-semitism'. The lead story on HO today is about US troops firing on a bus full of civilians. Is that a sign of growing anti-Americanism?

Because they don't, In all my years in Britain I've never met anyone who "hates Jews". They do however get extremely tired of Israelis screaming anti semitism every time Israel is criticised. [He may be well intentioned, but someone saying that there is no anti-Semitism gets on here.]

don't agree Fred Von Hayek . . IIsrael is creating a new kind of anti-semitism . . . should be called anti-zionism but unfortunately many people do not understand the difference (israeli's included) . . not all Jews are zionists and not all Jews are pro israel . . israel's continued refusal to abide by international law, its continued theft of Palestinian, land, water . . Operation Cast Lead, the invasion of Lebanon . . . have alienated israel from the rest of the world . . . the tide has turned against israel and israel has done it to itself . ..

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  1. Anti-Semitism isn't a human rights problem on the HP. Its a diversion to prevent Israel from being held accountable for its real or imagined sins. So if you criticize hatred of the Jews, you're defending Israel! Such is how anti-Semites deal with all efforts to refute them by changing the subject and the irony is they are the ones who on HP threads accuse their critics of constantly changing the subject!

    Go figure.