Thursday, April 29, 2010

Berkeley SC Fails to Overturn President's Veto

After two weeks of waiting, the final vote to try to overturn the student President's veto of the divestment bill took place in Berkeley, and it failed, generating only 13 out of the 14 votes required. Even in the heart of liberal America, where bashing Israel in the name of peace is commonplace, divestment still didn't gain any traction. It will only be a matter of time before the BDS movement tries again in some other liberal college (my guess, Bard), but it's always nice to see that divestment has failed again, the way it has been for the past ten years. Close, but no cigar, guys.


  1. They are trying again at UC San Diego, if you follow Mondoweiss. But if BDS can't gain overwhelming support in the leftist bastions of America, its hard to see where its going to gain traction anywhere else.

  2. "ONLY 13 out of the 14 votes required" is hardly an overwhelming endorsement of the decision to overrule what WAS a STRONG support for BSD at Berkeley, and which university has enjoyed the fullest input from representatives from AIPAC and Hasabara in the interim.

    Be honest.

    The decision was scraped by a fraction, and was a miracle of propaganda, intimidation and pressure.

  3. "ONLY 13 out of the 14 votes required".

    Hardly an overwhelming endorsement of the overrule of the LARGE endorsement that the BDS motion originally received.

    Even more so bearing in mind the HUGE amount of effort that has been put into the vote by AIPAC, Hasbara and other pro-Israel organisations (which have been busy as bees in the interim) to counter the original decision.

    Be honest.

    This is a triumph of pro-Israeli activity on campus, a result of huge activity and propaganda, and very far from being a student body that has been left alone to arrive at its own decisions.

    And even then the decision only just scraped through.

    Definitely no cigar for democracy.

  4. It's been two years, Anon. Aren't you eager to get your sorry ass kicked again?