Friday, April 30, 2010

BDS Failure Followup

Jon at the DivestThis blog has confirmed that the divestment vote at Berkeley has failed, and not only that, but the vote for another BDS resolution at UCSD has also failed. Even though the resolutions would not have done anything on their own, since it is merely a student recommendation and therefore has little actual influence over school policy, these resolutions still could not come into reality. No matter how much the HPers tell us "BDS is gaining strength", here in America at least the complete opposite happened two days ago and has been for the past ten years.

Jon states that, "At Berkeley, after having made their presentations endlessly for weeks on end, after dozens of news stories, hundreds of blog entries, thousands of e-mails and millions of Tweets, they decided to demonstrate that the ASUC vote against their pet project was an example of – wait for it – them being "silenced" (illustrated by the BDSers covering their own mouths with tape and marching out of the room)." Once again, the anti-Israel movement talks out of both sides of their mouths. Before the vote, they spread their message as far and wide as possible, even getting people like Naomi Klein and Mustafa Barghouti to write editorials in widely read newspapers like the Huffington Post cheering them on. But the moment they lose, they complain that they are "silenced" and if more people heard their message, they would have won. It never enters these peoples' minds for a second that they might simply be wrong, and the student body at Berkeley heard their message plenty, they just didn't agree with it.

I should also point out that the resolution at UCSD was proposed and then voted on only three days later. For those HPers out there who believe the conspiracy theory of AIPAC infiltrating the student organization, I would like an explanation of how they were able to do that in three days, with no elections between the time of proposal and the time of vote.


  1. The point is even liberal Americans do not agree with the Hard Left's campaign to boycott, divest from and impose sanctions upon Israel. The BDS movement didn't fail because of insufficient organization or not enough time to make itself heard. It failed because Americans reject its message, plain and simple.