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HuffPo User Profile: SpoonieLuv

In the past, the user SpoonieLuv has been a steady part of the anti-Israel brigade on the HP, but his comments have always been moderate criticisms. In the past, though, he has been crossing the line more and more into hate speech and borderline anti-Semitic demonizations of Israel.

Like many internet users, he simply repeats the same talking points over and over again. One of his favorites is to refer to the Israeli Defense Forces as "Israeli militants" so as to put them in the same category as Hamas. He repeats this in practically every post, as if to convince himself as well as his audience. He also makes borderline (and not so borderline) racist comments against Israelis, often implying that they aren't "responsible enough" to be trusted with US weapons and technology. Click the link below to read what he has.

SpoonieLuv has been active since December 2008 and has 403 comments at this time.

Israel: Settlement Construction Will Continue in East Jerusalem
If you support Israel, then you betray America and all it stands for. Enough of our tax dollars have been wasted on propping up an apartheid state.

Anti-Defamation League Goes After Petraeus, Calls His Views 'Dangerous'
“Hmmm... let's see, who am I going to believe - A loyal American patriot who has worked tirelessly for the security of our nation, or a special interest group that puts foreign interests above their own country's?”

Biden Scolds Israel Over Settlement Plan Again (VIDEO)
“It's very sad, but you're right. When you put it that way, it seems all the more tragic that we arm these terrible oppressors.”

Netanyahu Publicly Apologizes To Biden, But Refuses To Scrap Settlement Plan
“We in the US must voice our disappointment by withholding our welfare to Israel. That is the only language that Israel's leaders can understand. For too long have they bit the hand that feeds them. It is about time that that hand gave Bibi a good slap.”

Israeli Supermarket Ad Parodies Dubai Killing
“Only in the Middle East would a group of murderers be considered 'funny' and suitable material for parody.”

Saudi Man Arrested For Sexually Suggestive YouTube Video (VIDEO)
“I've seen you toeing the Hasbara line on many Huffpost articles, so would you care to explain how Israel is every different?”

Biden Condemns Israel's Approval Of Plan To Build New Settlements In East Jerusalem
“Until the final status of both Israel and Palestine is certain, it would be wise to withhold recognition of either territory as an independent state. The current crisis is the result of the world's nations acting too quickly to recognize Israel's government.” [Israel isn't an independent state]

Biden Condemns Israel's Approval Of Plan To Build New Settlements In East Jerusalem
“I don't think that a dollar should go to any country that does not respect basic human rights. This includes Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.”

Biden Condemns Israel's Approval Of Plan To Build New Settlements In East Jerusalem
“The American message should be such: Stop building settlements or we will suspend all arms shipments to you. It is clearly evident that the Israelis have not demonstrated that they are responsible enough to use modern weaponry, so why do we continue to give them at least 3 billion dollars worth every year?”

US: Israel, Palestinians Agree To Indirect Talks
“Even if it were the goal of Arabs to drive Israel into the sea, how is that a problem of the United States? It may have mattered when the Soviet Union was supplying Arab nations, but how is Israel in any way relevant to current US interests?” [Not abusive, but quite hypocritical seeing as how he goes on about human rights.]

US: Israel, Palestinians Agree To Indirect Talks
“Which means that Israel is getting American weapons for free. We are basically giving a gift certificate for the world's most advanced weapons to a state opponent of basic human rights. Tell me, what has Israel done to deserve such charity from us?”

Israel Makes Videos Mocking Foreign Journalists (VIDEO)
“After visiting the Hasbara website mentioned in these commercials, I found it strange how most of the perceived 'myths' regarding Israel actually amount to little more than racial stereotypes of Muslims. The website features such pearls of wisdom as how to dispel rumors that "Israel kefiah or women wear a scarf" and "Only Israel eat falafel and hummus." These gems speak more to the inherent racism of the Israeli Ministry of Information than to any legitimate criticisms of Israeli policy.”

Dubai Killing: We Have DNA Samples, Say Police
“Hopefully once Dubai catches these criminals they will not show the same mercy that we have shown to the likes of Jonathan Pollard. I find it extremely irritating that the government decided to spare his life. Dubai's vengeance must be swift and exacting.” [Selective, and unnerving, outrage.]

Armenian Genocide Resolution Approved: US House Panel Says Deaths Of Armenians Were Genocide
“Is somebody else stealing ur genocide thunder?” [Click for context]

Hassan Yousef, Hamas Leader, Disowns Son Who Spied For Israel
“I'm not sure that there is any way to be completely certain of their loyalties. Even White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel served with the IDF militant group. One would think that there would be a law against former militants serving in the upper echelons of government.” [Dual loyalty]

Dubai Killing May Be 'Last Assassination Of Its Kind'
“All for the better. If the Israeli Territory wishes to continue to assassinate its opponents, then the evidence of their crimes will be captured for all to scrutinize.”

Israel Complains Over 'Antisemitic' Postcards From Spanish Children
It is true and revolting that Israeli militants have a policy of indiscriminately killing civilians, including children, but using other children as political pawns should never be condoned. Let's leave it to adults to criticize the crimes of Israel.” [Blood libel]

Hamas Chief Killing: Dubai Releases CCTV Footage Of 15 New Suspects (VIDEO)
“One can only hope that the resistance fighters will become equally efficient at eliminating Israeli militants. Unfortunately, this is the only way that parity can be achieved.”

'Barack Obama' In Israeli TV Advert (VIDEO)
“We give these people 3 billion dollars in welfare every year and how do they thank us? By lampooning their patron. What a bunch of ingrates.

Israeli Soldier Stabbed To Death In West Bank
“Please respond appropriately, Israel, and vacate all of Palestine. This would not have happened if militants like the one who was killed in this incident were not on Palestinian soil.” 

Palestinian Militants Pledge To Float More Bombs Toward Israeli Beaches
Both Hamas and the IDF have the same goal - to kill people in order to further their political goals. It is extremely dangerous to give one militant groups hi-tech weapons because they use these in terror attacks against civilians, as the IDF did in Gaza last year. The fact of the mattar is that neither Israel, nor any other state sponsor of terror, is deserving of American welfare.”

Shahar Peer, Tennis Star, Target Of Anti-Israel Protests[Ano
“This article stated that she was a former militant with the IDF. So, in my eyes, she is fair game for criticism of crimes committed by the IDF.” [Another use of 'militant.']

Israeli Soldier Discharged Over Pro-Settlement Sign
“This is another example of how far the IDF will go to portray itself as a legitimate army, rather than the militant group that it is. This particular individual who was kicked out was simply expressing the view held by most Israeli extremists, only his militant leaders didn't feel that it would be good PR to advertise their aims to the world .”

Israel: British Arrest Warrant For Tzipi Livni Threatens Ties
“Well, the entire regime should be arrested. As someone who actively supported and sought to cover up atrocities committed by Israeli militants, Livni is indeed culpable for Israeli terror attacks against civilians.”

Israeli Police Raid Temple Mount
“I hope that the Palestinian people will maintain their patience in the face of this insult. The Israelis are only trying to precipitate another situation which would give them pretense to further their campaign of murder and terror, as the world witnessed earlier this year in Gaza.”

Obama Loses Israel Settlement Fight, Pivots In His Demands
“I'm referring to the group that calls itself the 'Israeli Defense Forces.' Originally known as the 'Haganah,' it is a terrorist organization that got its start in the late forties by commiting acts of terrorism against British peacekeepers. Today, its activities have taken a more anti-Muslim direction, as IDF members routinely kill Palestinian civilians, including the elderly, women and children. We in the United States must take a stance against terrorism in all forms, and must stop funding Israeli militant groups.”

Jordan's King Abdullah: Israel Needs Peace Now Or There Will Be War Next Year
“Wait a minute Jacob. What about Israel, that little war-mongering country that's begging the United States to keep it on the dole? Israel is much more dependent on the US for its military and economy than Jordan is. In fact, if it wasn't for the United States, there probably would be no such thing as the Israeli military. Israel had better engage with her neighbors in a meaningful way, because so many Americans are tired of having to listen to Israel's empty rhetoric. It would be a shame if the gravy train was to leave town.”

Israeli Parliament Sworn In, President Calls For Peace
“Unfortunately, actions speak louder than words. Mr. Peres' overtures for peace are belied by the appointment of a political and religious fundamentalist to lead the foreign ministry, not to mention the murder of hundreds of Palestinian civilians earlier this year. The United States has great potential to help Mr. Peres realize his vision for the future of the Middle East by scaling back its military aid to Israel and attach preconditions to continued economic aid (which is, after all, the lifeblood of the Israeli economy). My point is that Israel is only as powerful as the US allows it to be, and would not have carried out its attacks earlier this year if it was faced with the possibility of military and economic ruin. If we in the United States attach disincentives for Israel to carry out future campaigns of mass murder, then we have a better chance of securing Mr. Peres' hope - a lasting peace in the Middle East.”

Israel Shells UN Headquarters In Gaza
“If this isn't terrorsism, then I don't know what is. No more American dollars for Israeli terror.”

UC Students Shouting Down the Israeli Ambassador: Boneheaded? Perhaps... Illegal? Not So Fast
“Not everyone should be stopped from talking. Americans have the right to deny Israeli officials the opportunity to speak only because they are representatives of an American client state. Were Mr. Oren from Canada, or France, or Britain, for example, they would have no such right because these countries are on an equal footing with the United States. This is not the case with Israel, hence Israelis should have no expectation to free speech within the US.”

Is Harvard Prof Advocating Palestinian Genocide?
“The only reason that Israel can entertain the idea of genocide is because our leaders in the United States allow them to. Our government allows Israelis too much in the way of decisionmaking. The president must intervene and guide the Israelis toward peace by assuming more control over Israeli legislation and policy. We cannot allow our client states to commit genocide or carry out apartheid policies.”

Brilliant Video on Why Israel's Propaganda Efforts Fail
“There is a lot of talk in this comments section about whether or not Americans should hold Hamas to account.
The main difference between Palestinian and Israeli militant groups is that Palestinian groups do not answer to the United States. Israel, on the other hand, is answerable to the United States. If Hamas cannot defend its actions to the United States, then it stands nothing to lose in terms of arms. Groups like the IDF, on the other hand, stand to lose billions in annual welfare from the United States. So if Israel wishes to no longer be held accountable by the American people, then maybe Israel should stop siphoning off American tax dollars. Until that day, Israel answers to the US.” [Included as just one example of his references to "Israeli militant groups," so as to make a false comparison between them and Hamas.]

Israel's Military Investigation: Is it Enough?
“"if the policeman, despite his best efforts, shoots and kills innocent civilians, the terrorist is responsible for those deaths, not the policeman.
It's hardly appropriate to equate Israeli militants to policemen.
To paraphrase Ms. Meir, Palestine can forgive the Israelis for killing their children, but they cannot forgive the Israelis for denying their own human dignity. By this, I mean the denial of food and medical supplies to the Gaza strip, a crime that has continued since well before the 2009 terrorist campaign against the people of Gaza. I aslo mean the establishment of militant Israeli bases throughout the West Bank of Palestine, which are widely known as 'settlements', where these militants bring their own women and children to act as human shields. For that, Israel can never be forgiven.”

Obama's First Year: Pro-Israel
“"like the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which you know has contributed so much to the world"
There's no need for blatant biggotry in this discussion. Please keep your ignorant ideas to yourself.
Secondly, there are plenty of examples of terrorist acts carried out by Israeli militants. For example, a group calling itself the 'Israeli Defense Forces' carried out a campaign of terrorist attacks in the Gaza Strip, killing roughly 400 members of a rival militant group and 800 innocent civilians. What more proof could you possibly need?”

Pre-Genocidal Hate: How the Internet Supersized a Medieval Big Lie

“From this very article:
"The updated libel started small in the 1990s with ludicrous reports from the Palestinian territories, that Israeli soldiers were harvesting t organs of Palestinian civilians.
Now read the article that my comment linked to. The reports that the Rabbi mentioned don't seem so ludicrous now, do they? It would seem as though it is you who is missing the point.
I wonder what else Israel and its Hasbara cohorts have been lying about...

Israel Stands Alone
“It would seem as though Mr. Greif expects American support for Israel to be unquestioning. In the past this has been the case. However, Israel's conduct in Gaza has given many Americans pause as to whether we should continue to endorse a country that uses terror to intimidate civilians. Israel's conduct would suggest that its militants do not possess the moral fortitude to use our weapons in a responsible manner. Which brings me to another point.
Mr. Greif apparently believes that the United States has abandoned Israel. If that is the case, then why does Israel continue to receive billions in military welfare from the United States every year? Why do our representatives at the UNSC continue to veto every humanitarian resolution calling for the cessation of terrorist attacks against Palestinians? We still put our necks out to defend backwards Israeli policies. Israel would do well not to bite the hand that feeds it.”

Mending a Strained Alliance
ey relied heavily on the Israel lobby to prevent the Armenian genocide bill from being passed in the US Congress only two years ago."
I suppose some genocides are more important than others....”

Former Israeli PM Olmert Shouted Down at University of Chicago (Video)
“Unfortunately, intellectual discourse is not possible with monsters like Mr. Olmert. Such people must be dealt with in an appropriate manner, and I believe that the students of the University of Chicago behaved appropriately and admirably. They represent the pride of American academia.”

Israeli Ambassador Explodes: Gaza War Critics Are Calling Us Nazis
“It's truly unfortunate that Israelis are forced into sharing complicity in the crimes of the IDF. I don't believe that even Hamas has such policies. However, in any military or paramiltary force (as is the case here), there are good and evil people. The IDF and the Israeli government indoctrinates these poor people with their skewered and confused ideology. No apology is owed to you, but I lament the plight of Israeli conscripts and hope that in time more Israelis will view peace as a worthy goal. For both them and their neighbors.”

Israeli Ambassador Explodes: Gaza War Critics Are Calling Us Nazis
“"I only suggested it because you implied a generalization of the hearts and minds of the entire country of Israel based on the actions of a few."
I did not. I implied a generalization of the hearts and minds of Israeli militants, and I stand by that. Israeli's are in no way compelled to serve in the IDF and can serve their country peacfully, as a growing number is doing. But those who choose to enter a militant group over peacful service are morally and intellectually deficient.”

Israeli Ambassador Explodes: Gaza War Critics Are Calling Us Nazis
“The Ha'aretz report would suggest that the practice of celebrating terrorism through the printing of these t-shirts is more widespread than you seem to believe. And this practice would suggest that most Israeli militants are not morally or intellectually developed enough to be allowed to use these weapons (and yes, they are militants - you can't just put on uniforms, give yourself ranks and run around killing civilians with weapons given by a foreign country pretending that you are a legitimate military). Honestly, do you think that groups like the IDF are responsible enough to use American weaponry?”

“The people who compare the Israeli government to Nazism are generally extremists on the margins on this debate. However, for Mr. Oren to pick up this extremist rhetoric and hurl it back at all those who support a free Palestine would suggest that he is equally radical in his views, but on the other side of the spectrum of ideas. If Michael Oren represents the calibur of people that Israel sends abroad to represent its own government, then the Israeli voice will quickly become more irrelevant in this debate.

Israeli Ambassador Explodes: Gaza War Critics Are Calling Us Nazis
We know that Israel deliberately massacred civilians from accounts such as the Zeitoun massacre. As this article shows , Israeli militants even celebrate their atrocities by wearing t-shirts depicting their crimes. Are Israeli militant groups Nazis? No, for they represent another ideology and another time in history. But they certainly are a backwards people with no respect for human life who cannot be allowed to continue their reign of terror over the Palestinian people. They certainly cannot continue to be given the most advanced arms technology by the United States, yet this shameful chapter in American foreign policy repeats itself every day.”

Goldstone's Rosh Hashanah Bomb
“If Israel is in league with the West, then how civilized can the West be?”

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