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HuffPo User Profile: Alysheba 3

The user alysheba 3 is definitely a member of the anti-Israel crowd, in the sense that she appears on almost every Israel thread and rarely (if ever) has anything positive to say about the Jewish state. If challenged, she will pay lip service to condemning Palestinian terrorism, but that's all you are going to get.

That being said, I don't think she is anti-Semitic or even has an anti-Israel bias, and relative to most of the HP talkbackers she is very moderate. And for the past few months I had no intention of ever collecting a profile on her. There were other users more worthy of our attention

But the truth is that she has been showing up very often on the HuffPoWatch threads, it only makes sense at this point to put all her comments in one place. Since she has more than 3,000 comments, this page will remain as a depository for new comments as they come in. As for drawing a judgment about her motivations...I won't do so. But I'll let her words do the talking:

 Stephen Zunes
It was Comoros , therefore "foreign" flagged.
Interesting side bar. If you look at the international lawyers saying Israel's actions were legal, they are Jewish. If you look at the international lawyers saying Israel's actions were illegal they are Jewish, Christian and Muslim. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Legal assessments of the Gaza flotilla raid

A Middle East Peace That Could Happen (But Won't)
Jewish respect for Christian:
When the congregation at St. Nicolay church in this northern Israeli town gathered on that quiet Friday morning of May 29, they never expected to be showered with stones.
A few weeks ago, a senior Greek Orthodox clergyman in Israel attended a meeting at a government office in Jerusalem's Givat Shaul quarter. When he returned to his car, an elderly man wearing a skullcap came and knocked on the window. When the clergyman let the window down, the passerby spat in his face.

alysheba 3
Now, now. Take your medication. I'm NOT your reflection in the mirror.

alysheba 3
Hey brother of judea, please provide a link to the Palbara 101 textbook.
Oh, right you can't. Your theory of Palsbara is more of your lies.
At least those of us interested in truth know the lies Israel's Hasbara agents spread thanks to their handbook.

alysheba 3
Hey, brother of judea, considering your source is the hasbara handbook..

Waiting and Wasting Time
Gee, look, and we haven't even touched on Collective Punishment or transferring your own citizens into Occupied Territory while ethnically cleansing the oppressed native population.
Do you really want me to keep posting the truth, which simply makes Israel look like the monsters they are becoming? I'd be happy too.

Waiting and Wasting Time
Until Firsters and Hasbara agents tell more lies. Then I'll keep posting the truth.

Elie Wiesel and the Rest Of Us : Compassion on the Cheap
“And theft of land, massacres of Arab vllages, attempted ethnic cleansing.

The Irish-Jewish Parallels
"If you ask me Ireland has more in common with the Palestinian people. An oppressed people who have found back against great odds to protect their homes and livelihoods against a nation who feel they are superior due to practicing a different religion.”

Elie Wiesel and the Rest Of Us : Compassion on the Cheap
“And the Romany lost an estimated 30 to 70% of their population. Yet you never mention them. As a matter of fact Wiesel tries very hard to ignore them as well.
Wiesel is highly criticized by Norman Finkelstein in his book The Holocaust Industry...."

60 Percent Of Israelis Say Settlements Should Be Removed, Survey Reports
“Israel, by calling itself a democracy and acting like a theocratic war criminal state, has earned any contempt it receives from the world..
Netanyahu is an idiot who's botched efforts at the crime of international assassination has twice brought the worlds attention to the crimes committed by Israel. Only a Zionist terrorist, intent on the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, would support the destruction Netanyahu is bringing down on Israel.
The lies of Israel are exposed. And your kind only shows the world why Israel's crimes need to be stopped.”

The Case for a One-State Solution
“Wow, perhaps you should learn some real history, not the Hasbara. The Jewish population in Palestine in the early 1900's was approxiamately 12 -17%. So who else populated the area?
By the way, maps of Palestine, showing the borders of the country exist from the 1800's.
Arafat's parents were Palestinian citizens. So was he, no matter where he was born. Or are you saying that an Israeli born outside of Israel to Israeli parents isn't a Palestinian citizen?
Go back to your Hasbara Handbook. You're such a new Hasbara Agent you can't even get their lies spewed coherently. Study harder novice.

Benjamin Netanyahu Urges 'Crippling Sanctions' Against Iran
“Hmmmm, take the word of people paid by AIPAC, or the words of the survivors."

Elie Wiesel and the Rest Of Us : Compassion on the Cheap
"Too bad you can't be bothered to to know what you are talking about.”

Benjamin Netanyahu Urges 'Crippling Sanctions' Against Iran
“How nice that Israel Firsters and Hasbara agents are so willing to plunge the world into WW 3
Wanna bet the IDF won't put boots on the ground THIS time either? What an ally!”

The Case for a One-State Solution
“How about because Palestine is their homeland no matter how often you, Israel's Hasbara agents, and the Israeli government deny it."

Benjamin Netanyahu Urges 'Crippling Sanctions' Against Iran
“Why not start slowly? Because then Israel would need to stop stealing land and killing innocent Palestinians, including children.”

Israel's Birthday: Are the Stars Misaligned?
“Gee, you are saying a Zionist is biased against Israel?
Try some research buddy, instead of parroting the Israeli government who whines like a two year old when they don't get their own way.”

Israel's Birthday: Are the Stars Misaligned?
“Since you cannot deny the facts, attack. Typical Firster.”

Jews Worry As Slaughterhouse Chief Faces Jail Time
“My Jewish husband was following this story before he passed away in December. He said then that the Jewish community would turn this into a "world against a Jew" controversy.
The cry of "anti-Semite" has stopped many Jews from the sentences they deserve for illegal behaviors.

Israeli Defense Minister: Occupation Must End
“Apparently you don't care for people who point out what a hypocrite you are.”

Israeli Defense Minister: Occupation Must End
“Fact: Israel's founding fathers made it quite clear that Israel's borders would remain static until they had all "Ersatz Israel". And every Israeli government since has continue the illegal actions of land theft from Palestinians.
For a Hasbara agent you sure don't know much about the founding fathers of Israel, do you?

60 Percent Of Israelis Say Settlements Should Be Removed, Survey Reports
“The murdering invaders are the IDF.
By the way, grow up. Or are you really in Grade 1 and figure name calling is an appropriate mature response.
Your refusal to deny only points to the truth about how you happily wallow in Muslim death. Attitudes like yours arm the extremists. Congratulations, you can now happily wallow in more Muslim death as many more acknowledge the injustices done to people and try to find solutions other than an armed military force killing innocent civilians.”

O Jerusalem
“Asking Israel to be honest in it's tourism advertising is trying to delegitimise this supposedly democratic state?
Wow, I guess expecting honesty from Israel is too much. But really,that has been evident for over 60 years.”

Israel Angered At British Ad Ban
“I don't call everyone who disagrees with ne a Hasbara agent. You can identify a Hasbara agent by the lies they tell, copied right out of the handbook. Like I said, check your copy.”

Israel Angered At British Ad Ban
“My words are my own. They are not spoon-fed to me by the Israeli Foreign Ministry to spread lies. If they fit in more than 1 place, too bad you don't approve”

Israel Angered At British Ad Ban
“The Hasbara Handbook at it again.”

Israel Angered At British Ad Ban
"Hypocrisy, Israel is thy name.”

Israel Angered At British Ad Ban
“Apparently the newest Hasbara agent has been approved by the Israeli foreign Ministry."

Deporting Gandhi from Palestine
"Israel and her supporters, the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES the world has ever seen."

60 Percent Of Israelis Say Settlements Should Be Removed, Survey Reports
"So apparently you, like most Israel Firsters and Hasbara Agents have no idea what you are talking about.”

60 Percent Of Israelis Say Settlements Should Be Removed, Survey Reports
"Take your Hasbara somewhere else. The world isn't buying it.”

60 Percent Of Israelis Say Settlements Should Be Removed, Survey Reports
"How many lies will you tell for Israel?”

Entitlement Runs Deep in East Jerusalem
“Apparently you have no idea how NOT to tell a lie.
The hatred between Jews and Arabs began when European Jews decided that illegal immigration and land theft was a way to populate a future nation.”

Entitlement Runs Deep in East Jerusalem
“Since the UN and World Court have said that Israel is in violation of the Geneva Conventions and International Law, I think I will belive them over a Hasbara agent of Israel.”

New Iranian Nuclear Deterrent: Israeli Drone the Size of a 737
“Considering Britain and Canada were allies of the US long before Israel existed I think your comment is full of the usual Hasbara lies."

Memo To Bibi: You're Screwed
"Hasbara agents should realize that spreading their lies will only hurt Israel.”

Memo To Bibi: You're Screwed
“Right from the Hasbara Handbook. Here, you can book mark it in case you ever need to "defend" Israel's actions and you can't find your copy.
By the way, congratulations on being the new recruit for the Israeli Foreign Ministry.”

Jordan's King Says Israel-Hezbollah-Lebanon War "Imminent"
“So people who have experienced Apartheid don't recognize Apartheid because Israeli Hasbara agents say they don't. Got it.”

Major Israeli Anti-Semitism Report Conflates Goldstone, Critics of Gaza War With Violent Thugs
“Zionists never are willing to supply the proof, because there is none, but demand anyone who criticizes Israel provide links.
It's the Hasbara way.”

alysheba 3
As you are well aware offering facts to counter the lies of the Hasbara Brigade is useless. The denial of Israel's supporters to theillegal actions of Israel is legendary.
Fact: While Israel insists that it has ended any occupation in Gaza International Law says differently due to the illegal jailing of all residents of Gaza.

Jordan's King Says War "Imminent"
I'm not calling for the war, I'm warning Israel they will lose again when they start one.
Stop projecting Israeli traits on the rest of the world. We are not all aggressive thieves and murderers like Israel is.

Jordan's King Says War "Imminent"
I believe Higgs is saying try the truth when you post, not the Hasbara Kool-Aid.
Jordan's King Says War "Imminent"
So when Israel signs a treaty and gives it's word then their word is worthless.
Thanks, nice to know what liars Israel is.
Jordan's King Says War "Imminent"
You mean turn their backs as Israel burns Lebanese children alive with white phosphorous, like they did Palestinian children?
Jordan's King Says War "Imminent"
Apparently Israel's Hasbara agents now feel free enough to issue threats.

Divesting From Injustice
"Firsters and Hasbara agents blame all Palestinians, and believe all Palestinians deserve the ethnic cleansing and attacks by Israel, because Hamas was elected. Do all Israelis get treated the same as the right wing settlers because Lukid was elected?"

alysheba 3
They are not murdering. They are protecting their family and homes from murdering invaders.
Gee, I thought Judaism was a religion fo peace.

alysheba 3
Perhaps you need to read history.
Who taught the Palestinians that terrorism will get you what you want? Why I do believe it was the Jewish Zionist terrorists who massacred the British and Palestinian Arabs long before Israel was a country.

alysheba 3
So much for remembering what Jews went through.
But we knew it would fall to the wayside soon. Look what Israel does to the Palestinians.

alysheba 3
Could explain why they are deporting thousands of West Bank civilians, couldn't it.
And we thought Israel actually meant t when they stated "Never again". Apparently that's not applicable if your not Jewish.

alysheba 3
Gee, I thought you were going to name Israelis who stood up to oppression and theft, not those who defended and glorified it.

alysheba 3
So you are advocating ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from their own lands. Have you ever heard of the concept of International law? You know, the court that declares Israel's theft of Palestinian land for the settlements illegal?
Oh, that's right. Israel tells the world that the World Court has no jurisdiction and no right to decide anything to do with Israel, unless the Court finds in Israel's favor, at which point Israel praises the Court.
The hypocrisy of Israel is as evident as Israel's intentions to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians from their lands.

alysheba 3
Boy, you really need to read something other than Israel's Hasbara.
Try the Jewish Virtual Library where they identify Jews as less than 12% of the Palestinian population in 1900.

alysheba 3
Your Hasbara does nothing for Israel except increase the people deploring Israel's illegal actions.
Feel free to keep up the lies. Or try some research. You can start with the World Court decisions Israel approves of and praises, then move onto the ones which Israel doesn't like, and so suddenly the World Court has no jurisdiction.

alysheba 3
First let me say I am happy to see you post. Either you were not arrested, or the ordeal is over.
It is unfortunate that Israel refuses to acknowledge the truth about their "most moral army in the world". Israel was created in Zionist violence, and continues to attempt to expand its borders with Zionist violence. How much longer will the world tolerate the illegal actions of this rogue nation?

alysheba 3
There are Muslims in the Israeli government. Not the fault of any country that Jews cannot get elected in Jordon, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, etc. Have Jews run in those countries?
Why does Israel demand acceptance if International Law and UN Resolutions if it favors Israel, but ignores them if it doesn't like the result? Can the rest of the world start ignoring the UN Resolution that formed Israel if we don't like Israel's choices? Or would it be anti-Semitic to act like Israelis?
So why do Muslims have separate laws from Jews in Israel?
What Americans have the Palestinians killed? The ones that chose to move to a country that reinforces their belief that they are superior because of their religion? The ones that moved to a different country not because of a job but because they are given preferential treatment, with government funded homesteading, free medical care and education (gasp, socialism)? Americans that chose their religion over the country they were born in?
If over 1.5 million Americans had been kept in an area the size of Texas, and Soviet weapons had been used repeatedly to enforce that confinement, and commit murder and land theft, do you believe that Americans would have cheered had a similar attack to 9/11 happened on Soviet soil? Of course they would.
alysheba 3
It [a holocaust] is beginning to happen to the Palestinians.
The Warsaw Ghetto is a great predecessor to Gaza.

Israel will scream about anti-Antisemitism over this, and continue to do the same to Palestinians. Except in Palestine the Muslims are already physically attacked. Oh, the hypocrisy.
That being said, no one, Jew, Muslim, Christian (or any religion), Arab, Caucasian, or Negro, should ever have to live in fear of losing their life, freedoms or homes because of who they are.
he perpetrators of hat against ANYONE should have justice served upon them.

Israel Complains Over Spanish Postcards

Perhaps they figured that since Israel uses children for political propoganda it was okay for them.
You are right, they should have known better. Only Israel is allowed to spread propaganda using children. Just like only Israel is allowed to do a lot of things. Break international law by violating the Geneva Convention (along with the US on that one), ignore UN Resolutions for decades with no sanctions, call itself a democracy with laws stating that some citizens, due to ethnicity or religion, are second class,....

Israel Complains Over Spanish Postcards

So you have seen the postcards? Or are you saying an Israeli paper would never li to support an Israeli government position?
 [There are a lot of comments like this, indicating a viewpoint that all Israelis are untrustworthy and potential government agents. This skepticism does not extend past Israel's borders, however.]

Israel Complains Over Spanish Postcards
I see. So speaking to Israelis is supposed to tell us the truth? Israelis have never lied to defend their actions? [See?]
I have spoken personally with Israelis who will tell you the children were happy to send heir greetings to the enemies of Israel. That are what some Israeli children have been taught to call the Lebanese. That is how they are taught to think of innocent Lebanese children.
Of course, teaching these children to send their messages with bombs instead of postcards is so much better. Just ask the bombers in WW2 who used to do the exact same thing.
“That's a lie, but then I really don't expect anything else from someone who defends illegal actions by Israel.” 

Are you defending the actions of Israel against an innocent civilian population? Or are you one of the Israeli supporters who claims there are no innocent Palestinians?

 alysheba 3
Perhaps you need to read the views of people who live there before declaring Israel a "democracy".
alysheba 3
The illegal actions are done by Israel.
alysheba 3
Does that include all the Hasbara Israel's supporters keep editing out [of Wikipedia]? Like the information about the number of Israeli PMs that were declared terrorists for their participation in Lehi or Irgun?

alysheba 3
Lt Gen Tamim said the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhuh, a founder of Hamas’ armed wing and whose death has been widely blamed on Israel’s spy agency Mossad, was “no longer a local issue, but a security issue for European countries.
Related Links
His warning came after Mahmoud Zahar, a senior Hamas leader, hinted to Europe that while his militant organization – which has carried out scores of suicide bombings -- had restrained their operations to Israel in the past, complicity with Israel’s spy agency could change lead them to reconsider the policy.
In other words Mossad may have opened the option of the entire world becoming a battleground for Hamas. If Hamas decides to start killing Israelis in other parts of the world it is Israel's own fault. If innocents also get slaughtered then I hope the world remembers who started this.

alysheba 3
Can you understand that the attacks will continue as long as Israel continues it's aggressive land grabs and apartheid actions against the Palestinians?
Why would any group of people not fight for their freedom to live on land that has been theirs for generations, for their children to walk to school in safety, to access medical assistance, to educate their population, to have electricity, to grow their own food on their own farms, to have equal access to water in a desert,............. (shall I keep going)?
Perhaps the people who claim to be Israel's allies are smarter than the Israeli's (I think the stupidity of Mossad recently and Netanyahu over many years proves that point).

alysheba 3
Israel is not a democracy.
[edited for length]
Great "Democracy", isn't Israel?”
 [click the link for the whole thing and my response in which I prove her to be utterly wrong.]

alysheba 3
How many more indications of Israel's lack of honest negotiating are needed?

alysheba 3
The Israeli Foreign Ministry accused Turkey's prime minister of fueling anti-Semitism with his criticism of Israel, officials said Tuesday, threatening to spark a new diplomatic row with one its few Muslim allies.
So, will the Israel apologists still tell us that the high incidences of anti-Semitism Israel counts are truly based on hatred of Jews and not criticism of Israel? Apparently any country which voices disapproval of the slaughter in Gaza last year is anti-Semitic.

alysheba 3
[Responding to "Are the Druze occupiers?"] As long as the Druze are serving in the IDF and contributing to the oppression of and war crimes against the Palestinians through collective punishment of civilians and the stealing of land then YES, they are occupiers.
Israel is always open to talks because that means it can continue to do as it wants (war crimes), while constantly saying "But we are trying."

alysheba 3
Only if Israel agrees to a one state solution, and they are attempting to transfer or kill enough Palestinians so that if the one state solution ever happens Jews will still be in the majority.

 alysheba 3: 
When has Congress ever worried about truth when supporting Israel's illegal actions?

  alysheba 3 
"More scare tactics from Israel.
When ever anything critical is said about Israel it seems that suddenly Israel has new threats that the world must take notice of. Has anyone else noticed this tendency? If Israel is so worried than maybe they should start negotiations and end the illegal settlement building." [Hamas is hardly a new enemy, and if you read the Hamas Charter, you will see that no amount of negotiating will stop their threat of violence]
permalink Posted 09:58 AM on 11/03/2009

 alysheba 3
"Goodness knows an Israeli newspaper wouldn't give the edge to an Israeli, would it?
Obviously there was something wrong if the Israel police wouldn't accept the paper with the court verdict."
Posted 08:54 PM on 11/03/2009
"Like an Israeli supporter would know what is democratic. Israel isn't.The public did not elect Abbas or Fatah, and I can guarantee the Hamas Members of Parliament did not vote for Abbas to head the government. The people who voted for Abbas to lead the Palestinians were the US and Israel. No democracy in action there."

alysheba 3
Israel has the empire and revenge complex.
Whose borders keep expanding? Not Palestine's.
Who kills thousand, and creates apartheid? Not Palestinians.
Who ignores UN Resolution, which as a member of that organization the member state is supposed to honor? Not Plalestine.
Who collectively punishes a population of millions on a daily basis? Not Palestine.

alysheba 3
Because the Jewish people scream antisemitic if you don't. [dwell on the Holocaust]

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