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Huffington Post Research Data, February 2010

Here is the results for the month of February, 2010. As usual, click here to read information about the Huffington Post research project. There are additional comments to be made on this month's results, but that will be covered in the results post. For now, read below the line for the list.

February 2010
I Finally Meet A Prince (One Who Loves The Environment)-Karin Kloosterman (1)
If Israel Killed Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, Did it Have the Right To?-Alan Dershowitz (493)
Hazon Yeshaya: Providing for the Poor of Israel-Abraham Israel (1)

AIPAC Decides Next Week If California Senate Candidate Passes Muster on Israel-MJ Rosenberg (33)
Dear Mom, I Can Criticize Israel and Still Be Jewish-Levi Felix (11)
Rachel Corrie Gets Her Day in Court-Robert Naiman (215)
Want Democracy in Israel? Acknowledge the Palestinian Right to Return-Mya Guarnieri (262)
I Envy The People Who Hate Israel-Bradley Burston (3)
God Dammit, I was Spat on by The Chosen People.-Brooke Dean (78)
Security Barrier -- AKA a Wall -- in Palestine-Rene Backmann (115)
Once Again, Israel Shoots Itself in Both Legs-Ami Kaufman (7)
How Settlers Prevented The Construction of a Palestinian Hospital-Hagit Ofran (42)
A Mossad Killing in Dubai-Hisham Wyne (94)
The state of Israel-Joel Rubin (14)
Countering Israel's Crackdown on Pro-Democracy Activists-Rebecca Vilkomerson (141)
Besieged by Gaza, Dreading the Truth, Israel Needs Goldstone-Bradley Burston (18)
Brilliant Video on Why Israel's Propaganda Efforts Fail-MJ Rosenberg (23)
Israel Coming Unhinged? A Loose Cannon in a Volatile Region-Sharmine Narwani (217)
The Other Israeli Siege-Ami Kaufman (339)
Israel: Occupation or Apartheid?-Jamal Dajani (188)
One of the Most Dangerous Bills Ever Presented-Mya Guarnierni (51)
Fear of Peace Will Be the Death of Israel-Bradley Burston (93)
Mark Kirk Is AIPAC's Million Dollar Baby-MJ Rosenberg (27)
Former Head of AJC Says Israel Is Already an Apartheid State-MJ Rosenberg (26)
Sifting Fact from Fiction in the Holy Land-Greg Barrett (27)
Ehud Barak Calls Endless Occupation Apartheid-MJ Rosenberg (63)
Despite Police Threats, East Jerusalem Protests Continue-Mya Guarnieri (6)
Point of Desperation: Alan Dershowitz and the Defense of Israeli Conduct (17)
U.S. Can't Afford Military Aid to Israel-Josh Ruebner (52)

Pro-ArabUC Students Shouting Down the Israeli Ambassador: Boneheaded? Perhaps... Illegal? Not So Fast-Marc Levine (103)
Out of Favors in Finding Gaza Party Favors-Hani Almadhoun (4)
Free 11 Muslim Students Representing America's Conscience-Salam Al Marayati (22)

Anti-ArabWhere is the Anger Over Sri Lanka (and Somalia, and Kashmir)?-Peter Henne (137)
Kissing Cousins: Assad Hangs Tough With Ahmadinejad-Amb Marc Ginsberg (225)
Rights of the Speaker Versus "Rights" of Disruptors-Alan Dershowitz (54)
Will $40 Million US Tax Dollars Subsidize UN Agency That Tolerates Teaching Martyrdom to Palestinian Kids?-Heather Robinson (130)
Rank Hypocrisy and Transparent Double Standards-David Harris (163)
Fatahgate: Between Fact and Fiction-Daoud Kuttab (5)

Neither Side
Nasrallah and Ahmadinejad's Banquet of Defiance-Patrick Galey (6)
Is The Mossad Using Iran As a Haven?-Meir Javendafar (31)
The Urban Art of Tel Aviv-Jennifer Utz (1)
Israel's New Drone Not for Use Against Iran-Jeremy White (3)
Remembering the Israeli-Gaza War-Anuradha K. Herath (43)
J Street Creates Fear and Trembling in Israel-MJ Rosenberg (29)
Pro-Mideast in America: Getting Past 'Pro-Israel' and 'Pro-Palestine'-Bradley Burston (258)
Liveliest Debate Over Goldstone Gaza Report is in Israel Itself-Evelyn Leopold (47)
Maybe We Can, in the Holy Land?-Ami Kaufman (1)

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