Monday, March 1, 2010

Huffington Post Blogger Archive

This post will be used as a reference page for future posts about or in response to Huffington Post bloggers, not including HuffPoWatches.

Max Blumenthal
Max Blumenthal Battles "Media Blackout" 
Max Blumenthal Covers a Pro-Israel Rally 

Bradley Burston
Countering Burston's "Israel Needs Goldstone"

Michael Carmichael
Anti-Semitic Myths Alive and Well on the Huffington Post

Ben Cohen
A Response to Ben Cohen's "Inconvenient Truth"
Ben Cohen Clarifies His Position

Kevin Coval
Fisking Kevin Coval

Joseph Dana
Joseph Dana On Pandelas

Hagai El-Ad
Hagai El-Ad Tells Half the Story

Larry Gellman
Larry Gellman Incites Jew Hatred 

Amy Goodman
Second Rachel Corrie Thread, Journalistic Integrity Still Absent

Mya Guarnieri
HuffPo Blogger Calls For Israel's Destruction 
Mya Guarnieri Shrinks Heads
Mya Guarnieri Tries To Scare Us
May Guarnieri Loses Touch

Richard Greener
Richard Greener on Israeli Settlements
Richard Greener Vs "The Self-Hating Jew Myth"
Richard Greener Laments Jewish Influence

Salam Al-Marayati
Salam Al-Marayati Needs to Reread the Constitution 

Ahmed Moor
Fisking Ahmed Moor's "Zionism Is Not Judaism"
Ahmed Moor's: "The Zionist State"
The Case Against Ahmed Moor's "Case For One State Solution"
Ahmed Moor on Senator Schumer
Ahmed Moor On the West Bank (Part 1)
Ahmed Moor On the West Bank (Part 2)
Ahmed Moor: Pro-Palestinian?

Robert Naiman
Robert Naiman Strikes Again
Sharmine Narwani
Sharmine Narwani Flips Out
Sharmine Narwani Defends Terrorism
BoJ Exclusive: Narwani = EnMasse?
Sharmine Narwani Calls For the Destruction of Israel 
Sharmine Narwani Goes On the Offensive
Sharmine Narwani Attacks "Jewish Groups," Defends Hezbollah (Part 1)
Sharmine Narwani Attacks "Jewish Groups," Defends Hezbollah (Part 2)
Sharmine Narwani Gets It Backwards
Sharmine Narwani Spreads Falsehoods
The Triumphant Return of Sharmine Narwani
Narwani vs Friedman: Nobody's Right If Everybody's Wrong
Interview With a "Terrorist"

Paul Jay
Paul Jay Enlisted to Defend Helen Thomas

Ami Kaufman
Ami Kaufman's Latest Complaint 

Amy Klein
Amy Klein Has Choice Words for the Jews
Daoud Kuttab
Daoud Kuttab Strikes Again
Daoud Kuttab On the General Petraeus Saga
Daoud Kuttab Tells Half the Story
Daoud Kuttab Exemplifies Palestinian Arguments

Iara Lee
Iara Lee And The "Good Guys" of IHH 

Jared Malsin
Jared Malsin Finds A Home on the Huffington Post 

MJ Rosenberg
HuffPo's MJ Rosenberg Making Abusive Comments
MJ Rosenberg's Latest Strawman
MJ Rosenberg Strawmans Again
MJ Rosenberg Keeps "Jews Control the Media" Myth Alive
MJ Rosenberg's "Sable Video"
MJ Rosenberg Stereotypes AIPAC
MJ Rosenberg Tries to Make Something From Nothing
MJ Rosenberg's False Dichotomy
MJ Rosenberg: Mind Reader and Ad Hominem Master
MJ Rosenberg Gets Taken Down
MJ Rosenberg Puts His Blinders On
Elder of Ziyon vs MJ Rosenberg
MJ Rosenberg Plays the Race Card
MJ Rosenberg: "AIPAC Owns the Senate"
My Letter to the HP (MJ Rosenberg Edition)
MJ Rosenberg At TPM
MJ Rosenberg Stereotypes Again
MJ Rosenberg Weaves a Tangled Web
MJ Rosnberg: Israel "Ethnic Cleansing," Carrying Out a "Pogrom."

David Shasha
What Israel Means to David Shasha (Part 1): The Image of the Jew
What Israel Means to David Shasha (Part 2): The Raging Bull
What Israel Means to David Shasha (Part 3): The Racism Comes Out
Jerome Slater
Jerome Slater Denies Israel's Right to "Self-Defense"
Jerome Slater Returns With Old Arguments

Cenk Uygar
Furkan Dogan and The Anatomy of an Execution

Geoffrey Wawro
Geoffrey Wawro Distorts History To Make Offensive Comparison

Stephen Zunes
Stephen Zunes Tries His Hand At Law

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