Tuesday, March 30, 2010

HPW: White House Passover Seder

President Obama, his family, and White House staff sat down to a Passover seder last night, as American Jewish families around the country did. This is a remarkable event and really shows the good relationship Jews have with the American government. However, even in this decidedly non-political article, some HPers took the opportunity to advance their political agendas or tell us what they really think about Jews.

yes I wonder what the zi0n*st will say about our beloved president now?

I wonder how many of these Jews will celebrate dinner with christians for Easter..

Chrsitians are always honoring others on their religious holy day, but its never giving to Chrstians we in this country cannot even have a christmas tree with some Jewish group suing...

other then that point, happy passover.....to all Jews of good will...

Axelrod, Emanuel , Summers, Rubin...
About half his staff is. 
So much for diversity when 3% of the population represents about half of Obama's senior advisors. The tail is wagging the dog.

I fear nothing except willful ignorance, intolerance and superstition.

Pandering to a ancient sky god faith in this age is absurd. The last time I checked, we don't live in tents, raise cattle, set our women apart when they are menstruating, stone gay people to death, etc. The OT tells us that it's god let a virtuous man 'Job' essentially be tortured because of an ego based bet with Satan.

The seder celebrates the mass murder of the firstborn of an entire nation. That's really something to be thankful for- talk about weapons of mass destruction.

That's some great culture to be celebrating.

I am surprised Obama would partake of something like that with people who are racist and consider themselves above others, especially Palestinians.

?????????? me a bigot? The bigots are the ones that consider themselves the 'chosen'' and are committing ethnic cleansing and theft as we speak.

Nice try at twisting the truth.

Dear Mr. President,

You know I support you, I donate money, write, praise you.

But please stop giving cover to religion, all religion is BAD.
Jud.aism is especially bad since it is the one that spawned Christianity and Islam, these "Three Evils" must go. I KNOW that YOU KNOW what I am talking about.


This is too bad. The Obama-is-an-antisemite meme won't work now. Darn--they'll have to recycle one of their other lies.

Obama’s Passover message:

“The celebration of Passover reminds us to fight oppression everywhere, U.S. President Barack Obama said in his annual holiday greeting on Monday, also highlighting the battle against all forms of discrimination. 
In a statement released by the White House and signed by Obama, the U.S. president wrote that the story of Exodus taught that, “wherever we live, there is oppression to be fought and freedom to be won.” 

“In retelling this story from generation to generation, we are reminded of our ongoing responsibility to fight against all forms of suffering and discrimination,” Obama wrote, adding that by doing so “we reaffirm the ties that bind us all.” 

I hope Mr. Netanyahu is listening. Set the Palestinians free of your military oppression, stop stealing their land and lift the blockade on Gaza!

Can Obama’s message be more relevant?

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