Tuesday, March 23, 2010

HPW: UK Expels Israeli Diplomat Over Dubai Murder Case

Before we even get to the comments in this latest piece of news, I had a couple of thoughts about the news story.

First of all, note the headline. This has now become a "murder case?" Why the change? Previously the Huffington Post referred to it as a "killing" (see here and here). Did something change in the nature of the event to upgrade it to a murder? Or is there bias, and if so is it coming from the Associated Press or from the Huffington Post?

Anyway, the story is that Britain expelled an Israeli diplomat because they were mad about Israel's role in the forged passports. There is still nothing in the story to indicate that Israel was behind the assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh. See here:
"However, Miliband insisted Britain has drawn no conclusions over who is responsible for the killing of Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, saying investigation by Dubai authorities was continuing."

Don't expect the readership of the Huffington Post to have read that far, though. Of course, most of them had made up their minds long before this decision was ever made. Right now the fully moderated talkback thread has about 500 comments.

It's only a matter of time before the U.S. and U.K. will be at war with Israel in order to quiet the monster it created.
I hope you're right SR, the problem though is not isolated to Netanyahu and Likud, and it stretches from 1948 to the present day.
This is the kind of friend Israel is. They spy on their protectors, commit espionage against their friends and use their allies to commit the ultimate crime in other countries.
And this nation deserves our friendship and money WHY?
Because the jews were killed during the holocaust
Yeah--weird how gays, gypsies, communists, and others who were persecuted in the holocaust don't seem to get the same consideration. Maybe they need their own AIPACs.

"The Jews are a lot larger quantity and quality than Israel"
They are indeed. It turns my stomach to hear Foxman and Dershowitz bang on endlessly about anti-semitism, when by their very actions - defending Israel's appalling behaviour - they encourage it.
The real (and unintentional) fighters against genuine antisemitism are conscientious jews who speak and act in favour of human rights and solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for liberation. Their actions are more than enough to dispel any stereotyping of jews because of what Israel does.
Whenever the world tries to hold Israel accountable, as any other nation, for their despicable actions, they are the ones decrying "anti-Semitism". Most of us know full well the difference between the Jewish people and Zionists.
Unfortunately, the checking account of holocaust sympathy has begun bouncing checks.
Look up Wolf Blitzer's background, and you'll have your answer. [Might need to click for context]
The Cause Endures
Israel: Your days of abusing global sympathy are ending.
I'd suggest to start acting like you noticed.
Grim Al
Has anyone noticed that:
When a Palestinian civilian is taken into custody by Israel it's a "capture".
When an Israeli soldier is taken by anyone it's a "kidnapping".
When an Israeli soldier is killed or captured an all out attack on civilians results.
When an entire people are held in an open air concentration camp it's called self-defense.
Just two of the smaller reasons why the US "special relationship" with Israel is immoral.

You firsters here are amazing--just like our neocons. You don't care about peace and prosperity for Israel--you're content with nonstop war and international pariah status. Many of us spoke out (and still do) against the egregious crimes committed under Bush, and we hope that someday the culprits will be prosecuted. However, there are also the neocons who want all war, all the time. They are not patriots, they're nationalists. They don't love America, they love an ideology. You firsters are the same, and you're an actual liability to Israel and its interests, IMO.

"if I give an inch they take a mile"
Ha. A woeful excuse for not having the guts or moral fibre to actually criticise Israel's serially vile behaviour.
Expecting people to believe you want to but are stopped by people taking "a mile" is a pathetic attempt to claim victim status.
Why hasn't America followed suit? Is it just me, or did AIPAC and other so-called "American" Jewish organizations like the ADL have members who were actually charged with espionage (AKA TREASON)? AIPAC and others must not be above the law. They must be labeled as foreign agents of the Israeli government. An official request has been sent to the Attorney General requesting this. Please redistribute this link to overcome the media suppression it has faced:

Wow, I wonder how many hasbara computers with megaphone installed have crashed because of this story. I imagine megaphone is freaking out over this one.

Israel needs to learn how to behave like a civilized nation.
Too bad!!!
That's what they get for thinking they're above International Law and for subjecting millions of people to oppression and land theft for decades! [Advocating collective punishment of Israelis. Click for context]

Kudos for a state-sponsored terror organization that required 27 terrorists to kill a single Hamas member. You should be proud :)

Yep, fair is fair, when two terrorist entities go at it.

Any chance Mossad is working the HP?

alysheba 3
Hasbara spam alert
With Israel's foreign ministry organising volunteers to flood news websites with pro-Israeli comments, Propaganda 2.0 is here
Israel recruits 'army of bloggers' to combat anti-Zionist Web sites

Good for them. They need to take a serious look at the Israeli lobby int hat country as well - its just as big a treas0n factory as Aipac

Israel = Gen0 cid e and a part-heid [Posted twice]

yet another hasbara tactic... play the "plain guy"... gee, aw shucks, i dont really know, but...

drumsgirl - don't forget the megaphone bandits - we're supposed to be shouted and screamed at into submission. [How ironic, Tony]

it's amazing how the Israelis get away with doing whatever they want.
You know why. They are special; read their Book.

Hahaha right. And Israel is an upstanding moral nation which is not leading in human rights violations, and breaching international treaties.

If only the US had courage to stand up to Israel when they break the rules. Our Congresspeople are all indebted to the AIPAC, and cannot censure Israel at all. Didn't Sharon brag that Israel controls the USA?
Israel is fast becoming a rogue nation. The US is joined with Israel at the hip. Yesterday Netanyahu made a fiery speech, indicating they will do as they want, and that the US is always with them too. Sad.

it's more than sad Rianna . . it is sick . . . the US has to cut the israeli albatross from around its neck . . . israel is a rogue state . . that scoffs at international law . . . the Palestinians deserve justice . . if our government had any backbone . .they would outlaw the aipac

clear cut hasbara tactic. it's in the handbook. distract and obfuscate by siting all the wonderful things like pickles and stuff. total strawman, has nothing whatsoever to do with the argument at hand. oh, and you forgot to accuse them of being antisemitic....

I just heard the Israeli Prime Minister once more declare that Israel's claim to East Jerusalem dates back 3000 years. So open warfare against civilians in the area is perfectly legal.
I sure hope the Native Americans don't get wind of this.

The hasbara crowd is certainly starting to do a lot of name-calling. Usually means they're losing the argument and getting desperate

There was no State of Israel in 1944 to find itself alone. You are making an equation between religion and state that only Israeli apologists are allowed to make.

Yank in France
Great Britain is doing the right thing by taking action against at country which abused its diplomatic privileges.
But, of course, for those whose loyalty lies only with Israel, the latter is beyond reproach!!

[To a pro-Israel poster] I hope you get paid to post inflammatory rhetoric.

Indeed they did. It's also time to call into question why people are dual citizens to begin with. You either have faith in your nation, and are completely loyal to it, or you aren't. There is no need for a safety net of a dual citizenship if you believe in your country.

nkhogan - you've given a way too sensible answer....it's not what the spoon fed hasbara posse want.

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