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HPW: Settlement Construction Will Continue in East Jerusalem

Yesterday the Huffington Post covered a pretty average news story, that the Israeli government intends to continue building in East Jerusalem (so far). This naturally led to a massive outcry from the Huffington Post readership, just like it always does. The anti-Semitism and anti-Israel hatred, though, is unsurpassed in a post of this size. Almost one in three comments were worthy of being tracked. The other two were simply variations on the impotent cry for America to cut off aid to Israel.

The thread currently has almost 1,000 comments, and is fully moderated. Click below to read the results. And sorry about the huge blank space in the middle, I couldn't get it off.

Here's some paint..
The controversy and cooperation between Sen goldwater jr[ Jews rule and Money] and Asif Jah the former Nizam of hyderabad [yazidite] was till now not easy to realise the international treason of the 73 constituion engineered to favour The EFU transatlantic Zionist unity and the Islamic organisation The OIC that is Yazidite!
soon the two ... See Morepopuilations will be free InShahallah from this tyranny that created the water and blood check of Mansoorists [those who bled the kalima taiba] and the actual Yazidites [I'm not really sure what he's saying here but it doesn't sound good.]

There is NO POINT in the history of the nation where they wanted peace.

Using might does not make one "right". The Zionists are self-righteous, insecure bullies. Nothing more, nothing less.

Having kept tract of the melodrama of the Genocide Committal Nation's Government with sarcasm towards US, particularly of the insolent, uncouth, unmannerly immature, obstinate butcher and the leader the PM of a self proclaimed terrorist state.
This person should be treated as a White House Shoe polisher of the congressional representatives, opined the Intelligentsia, They further added that the idiot should be given a good dressing down for misbehaving with the US Senator and the delegation when they went to visit Israel.
The thick headed monster should not be allowed to seat with the US President , he should be kept standing like a house servant while he is being given the dressing down by that very Senator whom he and his friends dared to snub, opined the Political Analysts.
The world body should also take him to task one by one and make him apologies for his notoriety during the US Vice Presidents visit said the Elites. Finally, they added that Israel's Nation as a whole should be taught to live in dignified Human Society and leave the habit of committing crimes against humanity.
The Prominent Human Rights Activists is of strong opinion that the President must personally rebuke this cold blooded murderer for his and his government 's audacious behavior with the Americans Senators and citizens.


alysheba 3
Newest member of the Hasbara Parade?
Hasbara spam alert
With Israel's foreign ministry organising volunteers to flood news websites with pro-Israeli comments, Propaganda 2.0 is here

Enough is Enough. How long is the International community going to take all this arrogance, and disregard for UN resolutions? We have to stop sending funds to Israel, folks. $ 3 billion plus, is a lot of money, that is needed very badly over here. Our schools are shutting down, and many kids go to bed hungry in our nation. It is time to STOP sending military funds to a country, who does not abide by the rules, and acts like a bully. We are sending aid to a country who keeps biting the hand that feeds them.
Today that Zuckermann guy was on tv., and he blamed everything on the US media. It is amazing how these pro Israel people in the US, always stands up for Israel first. It seems their loyalty is always for Israel, and not for their homeland, the US.
In this country if you speak out against Israel's policies, it's like you're talking treason. Enough is enough- We are not Israel and you better believe that a large group of powerful zionists in this country have great influence over our government.
"It seems their loyalty is always for Israel, and not for their homeland, the US." It doesn't seem, it is. They send their children to serve in the Israeli army, but wouldn't think of having them join the US military and it's ok with the US!
Dont forget Senator Lierberman- Mr Israel in our midst.

If Hamas starts firing more rockets and religious fundamentalists start targetting Israeli civilians because of the continued expansion of settlements, then don't come crying to the U.S.

god save us from Israel

what that they are the true terrorist

They give us the finger, yet again, and we take it?
Let them protect and support themselves now. It's way overdue and their belligerence toward their sole protector (not to mention millions of innocents) demands they be cut loose.
The checking account of holocaust sympathy is deeply overdraft Israel. Time to face reality.

creation of the state of Israel is the greatest mistake of western civilization.

Spot on, Gymmy, let's call out all the paid agents of the state of Israel pretending to be honest posters.
Johnb123 is another character on the job today!
It a welfare state that keep taking like a bottomless pit. We can use the money in here and at the same time, we'll sleep better knowing that our money is not used to kill people, mainly children.

There are many comments here concentrating on a few Israeli talking points that are full of misinformation and propaganda. This may be related to the fact that the Israeli foreign ministry has a proactive role in spreading pro-Israeli misinformation on blogs and news websites.
For the proof, see the following article written by Richard Silverstein and entitled: "Hasbara spam alert --- With Israel's foreign ministry organising volunteers to flood news websites with pro-Israeli comments, Propaganda 2.0 is here" Here is the link
Note that the article cited above identified The Huffington Post as one of the target websites.

Tom Canavan
What the hell ever happened to the 'War on Terror'! When are we going to change Israel's regime????

The Israelis use Biblical references for political power against American Christians who blindly support the nation. Mostly fundamentalists who are longing for Armageddon.
These settlements are not worth the global headache they cause. The only explanations I can surmise are those that point to Israelis thrust for political and military dominance in Asia Minor.
I wish they loved peace and were more like the God of goodness and less like the nomadic pilgrims that had no home. Creating that state and giving them autonomy was the worst mistake of the 20th century. They want more, more, more

Apartheid in the Middle East.

Well said. Thenewwave's [an anti-Palestinian poster] comments are classic useless hasbara b.s.

Do you think you are helping Israel by spreading misinformation? You are only increasing anti-semitism and hatred of a country which was built on injustice and agression.
See the link for the truth about how Palestinian land has been confiscated over the last decades
Justice will come sooner or later and Palestinian land will return to the Palestinians.

I've come to the point that if the Palistinians want to shoot rockets into Israel, they have my blessing. As far as I can see, Israel has no mercy on anyone and what goes around, comes around eventually.

Of course, the reichswing in Israel will always do whatever they please; they will foment hatred by stoking maximum fear, just like their cohort in the USA. [I wonder what "cohort in the USA" means]

If you support Israel, then you betray America and all it stands for. Enough of our tax dollars have been wasted on propping up an apartheid state.

don't worry about American pressure, we control America [You could click for context, but there is none.]

Private Rahm will save his Prime Minister!

Reilly Diefenbach
Quite amazing how quickly and how thoroughly the oppressed can become the oppressors.
Cut these monsters off!

Netanyahu rejects the settlement freeze because he knows that the President will do nothing. I am waiting for a letter signed by most in Congress demanding that the President does nothing to upset Netanyahu. It's happened before in a similar situation, see the link below for a list of U.S. humiliations at the end of the article. As I think Buchanan said "Congress is Israel occupied territory". Obama did himself no favors by appointing an Israeli citizen and former IDF soldier as his Chief of Staff [Emanuel is neither of those things].

Mencken Today
None of these comments have any relevance unless AIPAC and American Jews stop blindly supporting Israel.
We can complain all we want but it's their money that controls the strings of power in Washington and the media.

Can some country please bom them and bring peace to the world?

We did not let them into our Country Club and now I know why. They would have taken over.
Israel definition of peace is when they have it all.
Remember Rachel Corey.

It is obvious that the State of Israel, as a whole, does not have a concern for the Palestinian People.
My answer is to have a Single State Solution. End the whole Two State Solution. Give the Palestinians equal status in the New Single State of Palestine. End this Apartheid. This is a Travesty to Humanity. My heart cries out to the injustices that the State of Israel imposes on the Palestinians. Israel's behaviour is a Crime. They need to stop. They need to end their Zionism. The US must end its relationship with Israel, unless this Horror can Cease.

Just one more cog in Israel's "final solution" to the Palestinian question.

Isarel shows no respect to us or their neighbors. They want our pitty based on their history but they show no graces.

The american people, whoever they are, evidently have no say in what we do for Israel. Even after they attacked the USS Liberty and killed some of our sailors.
Check out who rules the news media and the guvment.

Causing trouble at every chance.

The Unites States needs to demand that Israel release the Palestinians from their concёntration camps. If any other country did what they're doing the US would condemn it and call it genocidё. [response: "I couldn't have said it better"]

Israel and its ideologies are the biggest threats to America...

1600 today, 500 tommorrow, everyone knows how the Isrealis work.

Too bad that the leaders of Israel are giving Jewish people a black eye. Too many American Jews support Israel in ALL that Israel does and that is truly a shame. The very same people that were persecuted are now doing the persecution.

No. It's not worth it.....
The fact they have nuclear frightening.
How far would they go?
I sense that there are those among fanatics that make those fanatics pale before them...
What do you do with a mad dog?

I know....
The behavior is strikingly similar to an abusive spouse....which is why I am grim....
If I can't have one can....that sort of stuff...
The OJ Simpson of nations.

Israel is creating it's very own apartheid and undermining not just it's security, but the security of the entire world.
Papa Smurf
“Netanyahu also said he was willing to broaden indirect talks with the Palestinians to include the main issues dividing them…Netanyahu's refusal to budge on east Jerusalem – whose fate lies at the crux of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – defies a U.S. demand to cancel a major new housing project at the heart of the feud.”… So in other word Netanyahu once again spreads the lies of the State of Israel and the ethnic cleansing will continue.
What a pathetic representative and what a pathetic government. I feel so very bad for all the good Jewish people whose images are unduly tarnished by monsters such as Netanyahu and his ilk.
Sadly there is simply no way for me to support the state of Israel. It is a canker festering within the middle-east and has brought the world nothing but tension and hatred. It is long past time the world stop showing this nation our support – that is until they learn to behave like a civilized nation. This statement is in no way an attempt to remove blame from the Palestinian nation or the other neighbors of Israel who act through violence to achieve change, this is simply a critique focused on the State of Israel.
Israel must change its ways or face the consequences. I am one US citizen who will be petitioning my representatives in my government to cease all contributions and support to and for this oppressive and terrorist regime.
Time for another Hollywood Holo$cost movie to get Americans back in line.

~ and this is precisely why everyone else in the middle east hates the israelis.

The defiance of Israel in this matter is calculated and based on the contemptuous view (certainly deserved) that they have of the United States by this countrys past subservience to the demands of Israel. However Israel should take great care; the negative change in attitude towards Israel by the American public is almost palpable. 
You are wrong, they do give and take. They give orders to America and take American money.

Imagine it, begging a cup of sugar from the neighbor whose orchard you just destroyed. Well, chutzpah is an Isrli word after all.

THAT [Rachel Corrie's death] is the incident that most pissed me off. That was murder, pure and simple. I then became more educated on the issues and I have despised the actions of Israel since.
The Israel Defense Force targets Palestinian civilians, inclubing schools, for bombings. That's the ttruth. No more of my US taxpayer's money for Israel

Too long the Israelis have hidden under the umbrella of 'Being Victims'.
All the while spreading their own unmatched brand of terrorism. Netanyahu must know something we dont like nothing the US Govt says will keep Israel from getting its financial aid from us, even as our own economy is tanking. AIPAC and its powerful members are there to pressure POTUS.

Netanyahu knows AIPAC has bought Congress.
3 point plan:
1. Immediate suspension of all financial aid and earmarks
2. Change status of AIPAC to foreign lobby (this will solve 50% of Bibi macho issues)
3. Any Congress member who sides with Bibi than Obama should be booted from office and reminded they are serving US and US people [What was that about McCarthyism?]
without this Bibi will be playing more muscle game with US and further undermining the peace process...
Have always wondered how they can do to others what was done to them. Saw a doc on LinkTV last night that explores that very question. A Jewish lady who lost her son and is working for peace explained it. Victims victimize others. That simple. You got beat as a kid, you beat your kids.
People do not know how rabid Jewish racism is over there against Arabs. There are Refuseniks who describe how cruel they became, contrary to their own principles.

Strange behavior from a country/government that wants to constantly remind the rest of the "Never Forget"...
white mende man
Don't worry there are a lot of people in Palestine and in Lebanon that will never forget the savagery of the Israeli armed forces... everyone has their own reasons for "Never Forget".
Israel doesn't care what any country or individual thinks. They do not care what the UN or any NGO thinks. They don't care that they live in a theocratic apartheid state. Their closest ally, historically, was apartheid South Africa which they shared, and still do, a dislike of constitutions that provide equal rights and process under the law. Yet, we continue to claim, unilaterally, that Israel is our ally? We provide Israel with protection. What does Israel provide us with? I can't think of anything except hit squads and dubious self-serving intelligence, which they excel at producing.
Time to divest, cut 'em loose.
And there are more Isr citizens in NYC than in Isr.
EVERYBODY: notice that this article uses the word "war" to describe the massacres in Gaza.

"Build a house" in israeli most often involves bulldozing some repressed minority's family home.
I can't even IMAGINE what this feels like...and the savage minds who would/could justify it.

Yes. A Nation the size of Togo is a thorn in the entire world's side. It would be funny IF the hardpressed and overly generous American people hadn't been duped into PAYING for this WELFARE STATE the last 61 years...repurposing the retirement of the boomers in the process via welfare subsidies annually and a neverending series of Neocon/AIPAC wars that have ALSO compromised the security of the American people in our own homeland.
Time to END this gravy train - and let the State of Israel PAY for its own security, FREE lifelong healthcare and education for ALL of its citizens - and pay the CONSEQUENCES alone for its decisions and actions.
ENOUGH with this joke.

Here we go again with "Israel Exceptionalism" Why didn't Germany or US give them parts of their land after WWWI? They highjacked the US government and now we all have to abide to their racist policies....

You would think that Jewish people would be a little more sensitive to the plight of a group of people that they are massacring.

Grew up with the phrase, "pushy Jews". Did not understand then;now I do.

Israel has held the US hostage with its "we are the only democracy in the ME and therefore we are vital to US security" claims....
They don't need our money or our weapons and I suggest that we cut way back on financial aid of any kind in both the public and private sector...We have no business propping up their regime and our own image in the world suffers for it. The primary motive for terror against our country is our support for Israels ethnic cleansing of Palestine... why should we live in fear and on a war footing because Israel can't withdraw from its NAZIesque behavior???

The root cause of anti-Semitism is Semitism. You exemplify it perfectly. Instead of "cesspools," you could have said "unclean Gentiles."

Israel is an ethical and moral cesspool. The only reason we give Egypt money is to keep them neutral in the ME. If Israel would quit stealing land, we wouldn't have to pay either one. a win-win.

All those things, for Jews only. Yay. And a concentration camp in Gaza.

just saying54321
Maybe the israelis should be moved back to germany for 10yrs, as a reminder of how far they have come with the help of the U.N. and U.S.!!!

i can't wait until god removes all these satan goverments only then will we have world peace

These are supposedly gawd's chosen people, let the old iron age goat herder sky daddy take care of 'em.
Sorry, need to interject... this is a stone-age war god, not a goat herder. Ever wonder why there is that first commandment? Because back then they killed everyone that wouldn't convert or offered any competition. A society built upon bloodthirsty savagery, and dressed in pious righteousness.
Stop the military and financial aid now.

If they are God's chosen people, why can't they get their money directly from China?

Why are we giving these arrogant/self righteous piggies money?

"And people say anti-semitism is dead"
Haha. Where would Isr be without the A-S tactic? It is your most valuable tool. (outside the US government that is)

Why does America continue to support Israel? It's time to cut off aid, and treat them like the terrorists that they are.

"The American public is with you on this one! We are not all AIPAC!"
Ob ama may know we are with him on this one. But hold no illusions SEB, he will never bite the hand that feeds him. It didn't go so well for the last president who decided to put America's interests first.
[Links imply that Israel was behind the JFK assassination]

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