Tuesday, March 30, 2010

HPW: Rabbi Boteach's Obama's Hospitality

Rabbi Shmuely Boteach has recent written an article about the seder at the Obama White House, and in the process weaved in some of the current US-Israeli politics. It was very critical of Obama, to the point of attacking the President's character. Not something I would approve of in any circumstance, and not surprisingly it provoked a lot of outrage from the Huffington Posters who read it (which were not very many). Some of them crossed the line to make both anti-Semitic and abusive comments, including personal attacks on Rabbi Boteach.

The fully moderated thread has about 112 comments. There weren't very many comments of note, but those that were I thought I should share.

WOW. Where to even begin here?
We don't owe Israel respect. Come to think of it, we don't owe Israel anything. In fact, now that I am going down this crazy line of thought, when it comes to national interest, Israel COSTS us quite a bit, while we essentially derive zero benefits from the state of Israel. So why on Earth should we care?
If Bibi doesn't wanna be treated like Pharaoh, perhaps the nation of Israel should stop acting like the Egyptians in Exodus. If the shoe fits...
And you know what? Pull your AIPAC support of democrats. Go ahead. Do you really think the American Jewish population is going to start voting for republicans? really? Then let's see.

Perhaps in keeping with the season, this was Obama's version of The Last Supper.
How apropos. For now The Rabbi to the Stars, who is ashamed of our President's
behavior, takes it upon himself to verbally crucify him. I say shame, shame when
the holy men in any spiritual tradition are like the Pharisees, ostentatious and
without a shred of humility. [I'm not entirely sure what he's saying, but it doesn't seem quite right.]

Why should we support Israel when their behavior has become like those that persecuted them? This cycle of violence must stop.

Are you related to saraprayline? Your senseless jibberish and anti-American rhetoric makes me wonder. Are you in favor of torture? Are you a 'bushie'? Do you blame others for your own inadiquacies? Of course you do! That's what you do! And guess what? You're terrible at it.

Excuse me - one more thing. Change your name. It sounds like a disease.

Rabii? Hey! Can you hear me? SHUT UP ! You sound like a total fool. The michaeljacksontapes? Really? Income pretty good? Then - SHUT UP ! I used to think being jewish carried a kind of 'cool' with it, but people like you really ruin it.
[response: "Your posts are the best"]

I'm not sure which offends me more, this article or so many of the comments.
Boteach has long since lost any credibility in the realm of political policy by refusing to condemn the outrageous and criminal policies of a state founded by people who intone, "Never again," even as they recreate the very elements of the Warsaw ghetto.

"You want to show American Jewry some respect, Mr. President, then stop treating the elected leader of the Jewish state like Pharaoh."
You need to decide where your allegiance lies - to the United States or to Israel. Mr. Netanyahu is the elected leader of Israel not America and HE dropped the courtesy ball when VP Biden was visiting and was confronted with the announcement of expanded settlements. Talk about political discourtesy!
Unfortunately all this serves to do is place Israel in an increasingly negative position in US public opinion. You reap what you sow ... which is unfortunate because Israel deserves better.

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