Friday, March 19, 2010

HPW: Poll Shows Majority of Israelis Support Obama

Short Huffington Post watch for today, about this thread. There weren't very many offensive comments, but enough to warrant writing them down. Check them out below.

Paul Hackett
Spare us your victimhood - you really don't get to play that card when you carve your country out of another people's land and then brutalize them for 70 years.
Israeli Leader Calls Clinton To Defuse Tensions But Wont Halt Anschluss
That's good news because I believe not all Israelis are Zionists. Most of them are comfortable with the idea of an Israel within the 1967 borders next to a CONTIGUOUS Palestinian State (not a bunch of bantustans!). They just want to live peacefully like the rest of us.
The problem is with the small group of warmongering Zionists in Israel and the US with their dream of a Greater Israel that WILL NEVER BE FULFILLED!
They're willing to bring the whole world to the brink of World War III in their obsession with this nightmarish dream. They control the government both in Israel AND the US (through AIPAC and their lackeys in Congress) !! If they're not isolated and neutralized soon, they will wreak havoc on this planet...
israel = South Africa under apartheid... Carter was right.

I am going to start teaching my grandchildren, that deceit, lying and thieving is okay, if you can get away with it.
That seems to be the American and definetly the Israeli way.
The Mossad motto ''by deception we will conquer''. [That's not Mossad's motto]
Nothing will change, they will keep using excuses to grab more land.

not stereotyping , numbnuts.
At age 20 I was an avid fan of Israel. Then 45 years later and lots of experiences all over the world and reading Lots, I am now a great enemy of Israel.

So how would you feel if in the future information comes out that the Mossad were behind 911???
You would probably give them a pass, right?

It is hard to muster sympathy for Israel. They have become vicious bullys.

Paul Hackett
We aren't building settlements in Mexico or launching security operations which slaughter llterally hundred of their children at a time - killing many of them by using horrific and illegal weapons such as white phosphorous. So I don't think your analogy is very good.

Of course they do! They can manipulate him any way they want.

Um, the only problem is, they don't. Israelis rabidly hate Obama. This is a country where 40% of the population believe that Obama is a secret Muslim.

Louis Leo IV
I'm sure Fox News will now find a poll of 500 Israelis who disfavor Obama.. Can we stop with the meaningless polling? The Israeli officials need to clean up their acts and anyone who disagrees is probably ignorant or racist.

Israeli propaganda to the rescue. Did you know that in the last election 65% of Israeli voted for right-wing and ultra right-wing parties! By right wing I mean Likud and everything right of Likud!!

Kadima and Labor are not included in that percentage. By our standards Kadima is Centre to Right, and Labor would be left on some issues but centre to right when it comes to the Palestinian issue.

The only result I believe in the poll done recently is that 70% of Israelis approve of and support settlement contruction, and don't forget that a percentage of the 30% who disagree are ARAB-ISRAELIS!

Therefore the vast majority of Israelis DON'T WANT PEACE!

It is a fact that all good and sane people love / like Obama.
[I don't have strong feelings one way or another towards Obama, but this post is still enlightening]

POLL: American's are getting sick of the Israelis and their self inflicted problems with the Palestinians.

You would be correct. Clearly this [poll] is more PROPAGANDA - just in time to try to manipulate - you guessed, gullible Americans.

Don't fall for it.

The State of Israel is anti-American. We are now focused and intend to do something about it.

Don't buy from Israel.

Boycott '729' Barcode
A barcode starting with "729" indicates that this product is produced in Israel.

Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel

Brands and labels to boycott. Click on company logo for reason why.

List of Products to Boycott from Settlements in the Occupied Territories:

Beware of the American Complex called the Media..

Who runs it? Who do they vote for? What's their agenda??

Beware.. the last few days you would have thought that
Israelis hated this man... who's acting in concert here?

Navel-gazing Israelis love ONLY themselves...and anyone stupid enough to financially prop up their WELFARE STATE. A Nation the size of Togo should not influence American foreign policy. RIDICULOUS.

Skeptical Cicada
Nothing about that miserable shrub land is important.

It isn't worth the blood of one American soldier or one 9/11 victim.

yesterday our tax dollars supported the racist government in South Africa . . .remember?. . . . . today in the "Holy Land" our tax dollars support. . . . white only "settlements". . . . and white only schools.. . .and Arab only BULLETS. .

Last I checked Israel wasn't a state so who cares?!

Totally agree. The RACIST posts from Israelis - (nothing new there) - regarding our President's election was TOXIC. Everything they say/do is via a prism of ethnicity/religion and the US citizens should NOT be propping up this WELFARE APARTHEID STATE.

Actually any cursory read of Israeli blog posts circa the Campaign/Election/Inauguration of our President would CONFIRM Israelis' hysteria at our having an African American President...and their racist, toxic hatred of him via a prism of ethnic/religious animus.

Business as usual for the State of Israel, who gets along with NOBODY on Earth.

Jesse Taylor
I hope they get all of it back, along with the rest of their land that was stolen.

I don't think Israel has any more right to the land they conquered, than post-Nazi Germany had to the land they conquered. Sure, Israel has a myth about being the Master Race (a.k.a. "God's People") and that "You might have seen the guns and tanks that we used to force the Palestinians out of their homes, but that's irrelevant because actually God 'gave' us this land." But the Nazis had a myth about being the master race as well -- and we didn't let them keep their conquered land after they were defeated.

another propaganda piece to control US public sentiment...

Okay, now we are blatantly being li ed to. A vid search on youtube will show Isr students and what they think of our president. A certain small disloyal country is in the process of 'distancing' themselves from us so that when the attack happens on Iran it will appear to be the US acting alone. Instead of being the man we voted to end the senseless wars, what we got is the man who will start WWIII.

Netanyahu is the "Hitler" of our times and Obama is his "Chamberlain". Obama waving peace in our time while Netanyahu is invading and stealing Palistinian land. After he has all of Palistine he will be looking at Jordan, after that he will want Egypt. If the rest of the world does not agree then they are "Anti Semite".

Of course "God told him to do it."

Personally I do not see much difference between Israel and Nazi Germany. They bouth spout a super race creed. They both are military dictatorships. They both practice aparthied, and genocide. They both were and are expansionist.

I am going to start teaching my grandchildren, that deceit, lying and thieving is okay, if you can get away with it.

That seems to be the American and definetly the Israeli way.

The Mossad motto ''by deception we will conquer''.

Nothing will change, they will keep using excuses to grab more land.


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