Friday, March 19, 2010

HPW: Middle East Quartet Calls for MidEast Peace

I'm doing a fast HuffPoWatch as well before I go for a walk in the nice weather. The latest Mideast peace related thread was about the Quartet making quite a lot of demands. The article was unmoderated, but there are still only around around 140 comments. Click below to read the ones of interest.

Paul Hackett
Using historical crimes of the past to justify Israel's ongoing brutality today is beyond pathetic. It also shows how that people who support Israel have nothing better to use to justify their behavior. Like I said - pathetic.

Zionism or the notion that one race of religions is somehow better than everyone else must be banned and repudiated by human beings around the world.
It is no different than the NaziGermans who somehow thought they were the master race.
Zionism permeates every facet of the USA govt and media.
This is the REAL problem. not Judaism.

The Zionists believe in a ''Greater Israel'' .
Do you underestand what that entails?
It means many people will die.
People who the Zionists consider ''lower human beings''.
When they even brag about it and say ''One Jewish life is worth 10,000 Arab lives'' then what is THAT????

Backing this kind of behavior is what make the Muslim world hate us. Stop supporting Israel until they start acting like a peaceful Nation.

Israel on the ropes. The world see's thru your lies.

What was said was not a hate-filled post towards Israel. It was a realistic criticism of Israeli crimes against humanity.

I take it then that you support Israels' slaughter of hundreds of Palestinian children in retaliation for the firing of rockets into Israel by a few terrorist that had killed less than ten people.

The Isrealis elected Bibi. They are just fine with his program to stamp out the Palestinians and establish an all Isreali State. Your optimism is not validated by anything the NETANYAHU government has done or said. The US will continue to complain. The Isrealis will continue on inn their own best intereset. Its been like that for 30 years.
There is a faction in Israel that will be satisfied with no peace that doesn't include the total expulsion - or extermination - of the Palestinian people. That faction is a shame to those of us who would love nothing more than to support Israel with all our hearts and resources but simply can't.
It is long past time for Israel to be held accountable for its malicious and illegal acts toward to a people whose only crimes are the result of having NO other way to fight a national "Goliath" for their own simple right to survive.
For the unquestioning supporters of Israel, shame on you for encouraging my brothers and sisters there to do to another nation EXACTLY what was done to us in Germany!
Israel's occupation of Palestine is undermining US war efforts and foreign policy. The Israeli occupation is Abu Ghraib x 10,000. Imagine if the US Army had tortured millions of Iraqis including women and children. That is what Israel is doing to the US and US troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The US is wasting money, time and lives as long as we continue to fund Israeli's crimes in Palestine and their global death squads. US foreign policy will continue to stagnate as long as it works at cross purposes.
Israel still doesn't give a damn! It's time for an economic boycott of that little pesky non-country!

Actually not true in the past and even less true today.
MS and Intel are rapidly moving a lot of their development work to India and China to tap into the enormous brain resources in those two countries.
Israelis are no more intelligent than any other humans on earth, they just delusionally think they are better than the rest of the world.
The hard reality is Israel has nothing to offer the world that can not be obtained (often cheaper and with less hassles) from many other places on earth.

the nazis and the imperial japanese invented a lot of things too, that made them ok?

Not so many. Israel is too busy making heinous weapons to destroy more and more and more humans.

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