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HPW: Koch on Obama

Former Mayor of NYC Ed Koch posted a great editorial on the Huffington Post, in which he discusses how Americans who support Israel should speak out against Obama's recent attempts to keep Netanyahu at arm's length. It's a great piece, and I highly recommend you read it.

Naturally, the HPers hated it. There were a lot of ad hominem attacks on Koch, and reminders that since Netanyahu allowed construction in East Jerusalem he deserves everything he's getting. But in terms of really bad comments, there weren't too many. I've got the ones that were below.

I'm down with Jewish folk, but F Israel. I said it. F Israel. Stealing land and killing kids all for your silly superstitions about a messiah returning. My country needs to stop supporting Israel.

Mr. Koch, my grandfather did not endure torture by the Nazi's in a POW camp in an effort to save Europe and all of it's peoples for those rescued people to turn around and become even worse than those that oppressed them. Israel has become a bully state with massive weaponry and an attitude of holier than thou that is right up there with the arrogance of the Bush's and the Stalin's and the Hiltler's when you become what you protest against then what good are you to anyone...s
top defending the indefensible...If my country did what Israel does we'd be wiped off the face of the planet. Ed Koch you should be ashamed.

Those who live in the U.S. screaming Israel first need to get on the first plane to Israel. Zionism is a cancer to free civilizations.

Israel is the only "rogue" country in the Middle East.

As a Jew, I am so incredibly tired of Israel being portrayed as a Jewish state and a bastion of democracy in the Middle East. In fact, Israel is about as far ethically from the principles of Judaism as one could get. It is militarism posing as Judaism, period. And it is most certainly not a democracy for anyone who isn't Jewish. This idea that Israel represent Jews in any way is fostering more and more anti-semitism around the world because people mistake the nation of Israel for some stand-in of Jewish ethics. It is not. And people like Koch who want to continue to use the tired Holocaust reference as some kind of a defense for truly indefensible behavior are only kidding themselves as well as spitting on the graves of all of our ancestors. If we wanted some kind of pay back for the Holocaust, then we should have set up a nation in Germany. But if we want to build a real nation, then we must learn how to behave with grace, dignity and a sense of creating a better world for all, not just for the 6 million Jews living on a tiny strip of land called Israel.

I wonder what the Palistinians will call this period of their history? Oh, right, there won't be anymore Palistinians by the time history is written thanks to Israel's extermination campaign. It's the same old story, the abused becomes the abuser. It is the Israeli psycosis of victimhood.

I gave my opinion like every other poster. You Israelis always have to attack.

WOW!!!! Netanyahu embarrassed the Vice President of the United States while Biden was in Israel. He then announced more settlement building while visiting Washington. Independent observers have described it a "slap in the face" of the United States.

The fact of the matter is the United States has nothing in common with Israel or its current government. Israel is an apartheid entity with no visible leadership anywhere on the horizon that would see change as a path. Their built-in mindset of Jewish superiority is antithetical to anything American. Just imagine any politician in the US boasting about a neighborhood development only for whites.

Through all of these truths, the US is still forced by organizations such as AIPAC to give billions to Israel (a country with one of the highest GDP growth in the world-- thanks to NY big Banks, and free US trade). Any disagreement by any politician would result in rumors against them, drying up of any political finance money and their loss in the immediate next election.

As general Petraeus recently said Israel actions are threatening the US interest and national security. Time for Israel to either shape up or we should cut the cord, in every shape, form and manner.

It's time to impose "crippling sanctions" against Israel for their sponsorship of terrorism, their wars of aggression and conquest, their agenda of Palestinian genocide, and their illegal nuclear programs. Netanyahu should not be allowed into the US ever again, and the American President should not agree to meet with an Israeli head of state until they have recognized the Palestinian state and withdrawn their IDF death-squads from Palestinian territory.

Israel is not our country, and Israel is not our friend or ally. They are a client state, a relic of the Cold War. It's time to put them off the dole of American money and weapons, and make them deal with their neighbors directly. If Israel were to cease to exist as a result, that would benefit the entire world, like pulling a rotten tooth improves the overall health of the body.

The Jewish Population in the United States of America is 2.2% of our entire population. That actually is not enough to dictate and impact foreign policies or elected officials. The bark is loud but the bite is toothless.

It is LONG past time to end the biased explanation of Israeli Foreign Policy--actually, NO discussion has taken place, we have only been told Israelis are victims---although it is the 4th largest MIC in the world.

There should be space and room for debate and discussion between America and Israel.

US interests are not the same as Israel's.

The people of the USA have no idea how many oppressive and racist policies our tax dollars are supporting.

Time for Israel to start playing by the rules and obey International Law, sign the NPT and get inspections for their arsenal of WMD's.

AIPAC stranglehold on our Government needs to end. Obama is smart to ask Israel to play FAIR.
Please take the time to watch this, thanks.

Mr Koch are you American or Israeli where does your alligence lie . If your heart is in Israel by all means let your body follow your heart but do not tell americans that israel has to be in their heart too
The Israeli government has shown disrespect for congressmen , our vice president and our nation but we behaved in a calm fashion considering this. The days of controled information about what is happening there is over , and we can make up our own minds as to what we think . Either Israel's policys changes or there will be consequences , .... but when you slap a "friend" they just might slap back . Israel slapped their friend and now you say dont you dare slap back? Now this IS change we can believe in

The problem is, Israel might be upholding these values, but at the same they revel in dropping bombs on innocents, killing thousands.

Not to mention holding an entire people hostage for 50 years, in what for want of a better term are nothing more than ghettos.

And all of it being done on the dime of the American tax-payer.

Ever get the feeling you're being cheated?

Obama's main errors vis a vis Israel have been 1) to remain silent, as President-Elect, during Israel's mass slaughter of 1400 Gazans and systematic destruction of its hospitals, community buildings and many hundreds of homes, 2) to remain silent during most of the Obama presidency on the subject of the subjugation and humiliating (speaking of humiliating!) treatment of all Arabs in the West Bank and refusal to allow Gazans to rebuild or to have freedom of movement, freedom of access to basic goods [the story today that Israel allowed a number of truckloads! into Gaza is considered remarkable] -- Obama should be standing up with the rest of the chronically-shocked world against this blatant one-sided aggression; including bull-dozing generations-standing Palestinian homes and orchards to make room for Israeli
settlements. 3) Obama has done nothing to impose consequences
on Israel for their illegal, immoral behavior -- our government
sends billions of dollars to Israel each year. Why should we? This
just keeps a bully in place.

No, we should never forget the Holocaust. But this rabid right-wing Israeli government has forgotten. Netanyahu/Lieberman/Livni/etc. Are now identifying with Nazistic approaches, ruthless, care-less, bullying of a group of people they consider beneath them, as the non-human 'other'.

old timer 37
Each day a new, very slanted repetition of the same right wing Jewish talking points is written and published. The first two I read as probably spontaneous and honestly held beliefs. This looks like orchstrated diatribe. It'd be willing to bet that the same things will be repeated in an endless drip drip drip by a string of other people. It's getting to be as bad as listening to the so-called personal opinions of Right Wing Republican Congressmen.

Come on Ed, Benjamin Netenyahu is Israels answer to George Bush, albeit more articulate and better educated. We would have been far better off had the British Prime minister been brutally honest with him prior to the Iraq war than by being Bush's lap dog. Do you honestly expect every American President to be the lap dog of every Israeli Prime Minister..... that's not a sign of friendship, its a betrayal of the office of President to pander to a particular constituency in the US.

When it has not been in the interests of Israels government to support the USA, they haven't hesitated to undermine our status in the Middle East; the East Jerusalem housing project being just the latest example. So be it, that's how politics works; Israel must sort out its leaders and act on its principles. So must the USA.

Which country are you a citizen of?

alysheba 3
Never again should the world allow actions that lead to the attempted extermination of a group of people.

Or does "Never again" not apply if it is Jews doing the atrocities?

Don't be ridiculous, Koch. We will never get anywhere in the Middle East until we deal with it even handed. Right now Israel demands to things from America: a) money, and lots of it and b) for our soldiers do die as their surrogates in Iraq, Afghanistan, and hopefully,l as they try, Iran.

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