Wednesday, March 24, 2010

HPW: Jersualem Approves 20 New Apartments

The Huffington Post covered a story about the city of Jerusalem building new apartment while Netanyahu is visiting the USA. The comments weren't too bad, though there were a few worthy of note. Mostly the anti-Zionist crowd just insulted people who disagreed with them, though the conversations were in general more civil than they have been in the past.

The fully moderated thread has around 500 comments.

Did he also get a photo-op with Schumer, Spector, and Lieberman ?
...I`m just sayin`
dual-citizens ?....ah, yes, in fact I do

Doesn't matter, Netanyahu has endorsed settlement building always. He has never backed down on this issue.
I'm not buying this cockamamie excuse for one minute! This is just more "hasbara" rhetoric, meant to confuse the masses.
Stop enabling.

YES WE CAN drop support of Israel. What is Israel going to do to 280,000,000 non-Jewish American s: shoot a nuclear missile from one of its American-paid- for submarines?

Realistic options: Stop funding them and underwriting their debt.
Look at England. They just expelled the Israel ambassador as a result of the Mossad passport issue. I am sure the white house is getting good advice from people who have been fed up with Israel for decades.
At first their was sympathy for Jews after WW2, but they have really shown the world the face of a tyrant that has no regard for any law other than the ones they invent.

This story is news. Israel has been stealing Palestinian land continually since the 1940's. The effective is cumulative and dramatic. This is also a slap in the face at the U.S. and the world. Israel must end its' ethnic cleansing.

Was H itler right???

Once upon it was decided that Spain is for Spaniards and not for the dirty Muslims and Jews.
Once upon a time, it was decided that Germany is for Germans and not for the dirty Slavs and Jews.
Today, AIPAC believes that Israel is for Jews only and makes the US taxpayers finance this "chosen race" idea. The Israeli superhumans are against the second-rate citizens of the world. Nice!
Is not this a really good time to show the leaches their place?

Why beat around the bush? Israel is a racist, pariah state inflicting brutul military oppression on people who are living with unimaginable hardships, who are deprived of legal and human rights, who are being crowded into sunless ghettos to a life of misery and poverty because Jews are taking over the best that these people had left for themselves, for a future state after so much suffering for decades.
According to the Geneva Convention, Israel is commiting war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Palestinian people. When is the world going to enforce those laws???
We, the people, want the pandering to stop and the rule of law to be enforced once and for all!!!!!!!

I am one who championed the cause of Jews forming an Israel continguous with Jerusalem in Palestine, and tears of joy streamed down my face on the day Israel was proclaimed. How disappointed I became in the ensuing years to see what you say in your second paragraph come true. I do not feel, however, that this Israel is worth a World War III for us to fight on Israel's enlarged behalf. Israel has become a ratty, ingrate snot-nose of an ingrate country. The political whores in Congress need to get real and know that we are notgoing to stand by and let them make extra income and PAC monies from AIPAC and its legions.
It is now time for us to give up the concept of negotiations and have the PA declare itself a state!

Mr. President, just say No to Israel!
We're standing behind you!
We're sick and tired of being hoodwinked by the zionists!
Enough is enough!

And most people believe muslims are the terrorist .

We have to cut off aid to this terror/st government of Israel.

You got the first 4 words right, and then everything went downhill from there with the weight of a big, fat lie.
Israel is a provocateur and an apartheid state.
Howard Fineman on Chris Mathew's show stated that the polls show americans are behind Israel in large numbers. Maybe in Howard's mind...I do not understand why Israel is given millions of dollars of aid by the US. There suppose to be our closest ally REALLY since when? They send spies over to spy on us and we arrest them. They do not want peace. They treat palestians like a bunch of cattle. I would not give them a penny more unless they decide that on this earth its not all about israel..

It's how Americans are educated. In any examination of WW2, they spend far more time on the Holocaust than any other aspect of the war. Than Israel magically springs up, and it's implied that Israel was created to "make it better" after the Holocaust. Of course Americans, sold a particular understanding of the creation of Israel are sympathetic.

What are you saying no to? Is posting anything besides bigoted and racist comments too hard on you? [Admittedly, the poster somewhat deserved it. If it were coming from someone besides him it wouldn't have been noteworthy.]

Lisa Riley
It's more like ethnic cleansing than war!
Your living in fantasyland. Israel's ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine is about to end. East Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians and the theft of it by Israel will be stopped.
total hasbara distraction/straw man.
Israel has no intention to making peace. And you wonder why the Palestinians feel the only option they have is to turn to terrorism.

That is an extremely weak argument that demonstrates the moral bankruptcy of Israel's position.

This is holocaust making aggression.

No, stealing land, murder and ethnic cleansing are Israel's crimes.

you know I have been a fan of Israel for a long time, but I must admit that I've about had it with their arrogant attitude.

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  1. Its all the Jews' fault. Other nations also have differences of views with the US and no one finds that remarkable. Its only when the Jews get "uppity" and forget their place, that everyone gets incensed. But you won't hear that acknowledged as a double standard.