Friday, March 12, 2010

HPW: Israeli Supermarket Ad Sparks HP Racism

The Huffington Post covered a story about an Israeli ad in which the Dubai assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh was parodied. Between this and the "foreign journalists" one last week, it seems like the HP is focusing quite a lot on Israeli television. But that is a discussion for another time.

Anyway, the Huffington Post community responded with a (not unexpectedly) negative attitude toward the ad. Comments attacking the ad itself are not being included, but many of the Huffington Post talkbackers thought they would show how much they disapproved of the ad by making blatantly racist comments about Israelis, including some loaded with anti-Semitic undertones.

The article was fully moderated, meaning that all of which you are about to see was approved before being posted. There are currently 120 comments, but I wanted to write this post now in case some get deleted, which hopefully they will.

its official isreal can bo longer claim anti-semitism for anything this just shows a double standard. this is some boolchit

Yep, indicates the bought-and-paid-for status of the US. Gross.

ok lets revoke dual citizenship and invalidate us passport for israelis lets see how funny they find that

These people just love to wallow in their own filth.

Low class arrogant chutzpah.
The Zionists are in charge folks, all you can do is sit around gnashing your teeth.

Unfortunately, it fits a pattern of arrogance that is far to widespread in Israel.

Right. They brag about it. ["Buying" the US. Click for context.]

Covert operations that involve murder are one thing, but gloating is another. This is bad taste, and encourages trivializing of the taking of life.
Israel seems to be having a moral crisis. This type of action is far from the teachings in the Torah.

its called the abused turned into the abuser. and what is worse, is the jews in israel who want real peace, see the pals and others as brothers and sisters...their voices are silenced. but they are there.

I'm going to assume, then, that the Israelis will find an advertisement parodying the Holocaust to be equally funny? [Yes, because it's the exact same thing.]

North of 49
Imagine if Palestinians made an ad mocking a suicide bombing in a crowded market place
"Avoid the crowd.... *Boom!* Shop at!"
Israel would carpet bomb Gaza to, uh... smaller rubble.

@North of 49...after reading about this commercial I find myself really desiring to see something like what you've just described. I'd totally dig a pro Pali, Israeli shopping center goes boom! ad.
In fact, my guess is that when this hits Youtube there WILL be a rash of video responses just like that to it. Watch them make the evening MSM news, where this one probably won't as it sort of exposes the classlessness and cruelty of this faux democratic, terrorist state.
While it is hard not to agree with you, personally, I'll not be baited into surrendering my humanity as have they, both in the act and in the ad.

Only in the Middle East would a group of murderers be considered 'funny' and suitable material for parody.

lets be honest. the amount of semitic blood in israel is just about gone. no blonde semites.
Pathetic, let me enlighten you, despite the fact that keeping people ignorant is the best ally of most Zionists.
The assassins used credit cards by Iowa based Meta-Bank, the theft and forging of the passports have caused diplomatic rows (this despite the impunity which the Israel is often is privileged with), potential criminal charges against Meir Dagan, the theft of the identities have put the real passport holders at risk, Interpol is likely to issue warrants against Netanyahu and Dagan, 11 agents have been publicly exposed and won't be able to do the dirty work anymore, it has exposed an egregious and racist double standard when it comes to Israeli violations of int'l law.
People are no longer buying into the Zionist line, the hubris and narcissism is eventually going to catch up, and the propeller hat belly aching and the lack of argumentation is a sign of a very desperate and despotic movement.
Sensitive Bunch those Israelis!!! NOT.

Stay Classy, Israel...

Wow. How incredibly arrogant. What hubris to think that this is funny or appropriate in any way.
In the wake of their announcement to increase settlement in the occupied areas this merely reinforces the need to give the Israeli leash a sharp yank with some sanctions.

Keep on keeping it classy Israel...

This is a new low even for Isreal.

wow . . . you must be an israeli terrorist . . . you sound like one . . . amazing how commenting on a supermarket ad can get you guys upset . . . you must have a bad conscience lurking somewhere inside you . . .

Israelis are actually proud of their killings and flaunt it like their jewelry

Just wait till the day they call you a terrorist.
No Killing is justified.
Isreal kills five year olds in Gaza and calls the terrorist and you agree with it.
Blair/Bush invaded two countries and justify it by just labelling them Terrorist nations and you agree with it.
Well,I have got news for you, EVERYONE OF US is a terrorsit to this people. All you have to do is claim your right and they label you a terrorist,defend what is yours and you are a terrorist.
Dont forget,even Obama is a terrorsit to these people.

dfredward - what's a hamas lover?
Someone who doesn't swallow hasbara wholesale?
Someone who doesn't believes in The Rapture?
Can't wait to read your comments here.

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