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HPW: Israel Makes Videos Mocking Foreign Journalists

The Huffington Post recently published an article about satirical videos posted by Israel's Foreign Ministry. If you watch the videos, you will see that they are making fun of foreign journalists, implying that journalists think Israelis ride camels to work, and so forth. Or at least, that is what you would think from reading the article. User "califlefty" let us know the truth:

"MK Yuli Edelstein, as Information Minister, put together as part of a new Israeli PR campaign. Today, it appears some leftist types have taken a page out of the book of the people who created the porn site 10 years ago. They've created a very similar-looking site at Of course, the site is instead called "Ministry of Truth" and has links to B'tselem and a few other sites, as well as a video of the rock-slinging (in the sense that they use slings to hurl them much harder than could be done by hand) 'non-violent' Bilin demonstrators. Now, I believe it is meant for internal Israeli consumption seeing as it is all Hebrew, and it's possible they're not even anti-Zionists. A whois shows that the site is registered with one Ofri Mann of Rishon LeZion, though he may just be an Internet guy and not one of the people behind the site."

 So far the Huffington Post has yet to update the article with this information, if it even intends to do so. As you might expect, many of the HP talkbackers didn't have much of a sense of humor about it, and responded in the way to which we have become accustomed. Click the link below to check it out.

LOL Israel's propoganda efforts are starting to become really pathetic!

i'd be happy to supply proof. name the anti-israeli government argument and i'll prove it. you've been listening too much to israel's ministry of "hasbara", which means, let's not mince words, "propaganda".

US journalists were not mentioned, because they take very good care of propaganda in US mainstream media.
Don't you understand? Until every media outlet in the U.S. tows the Israeli propaganda line, the U.S. will always be biased against the rogue nation that is Israel.
Why can't you guys just use mandatory government censorship for all news published in the country like the freedom-loving democratic nation of Israel does.
Former Italian President and the man who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio Francesco Cossiga has gone public on 9/11, telling Italy's most respected newspaper that the attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad and that this was common knowledge amongst global intelligence agencies. Why don't all you Israel lovers make a 'funny' video about what the world (of course the U.S. isn't included) already knows. This is a highly respected politician (world to U.S. there are a few respectable politicians, just not where you live) who exposed Operation Gladio, something else I've never heard about here or any other U.S. "news" source. Here in the 'third world' they're teaching it to 12 year olds in the schools.
 [when someone pointed out that this was anti-Semitic there was this response:]
Way to pull out the anti-Semite card. Why do you apologists automatically conflate "Israelis" with "Jews". For your information, most Jews do not live in Israel (my children included). One can criticize the actions of a nation, especially a nation with as many skeletons in its closet as Israel, without it being racially motivated.
Now tell me how I'm an anti-Semite.

What are you telling me shill, that they've codified genocide now and actually have 'Protocols' for it? And yes, I am priceless, unlike you and many of my countrymen I can't be bought. [Other people on thread consider this to be anti-Semitic. I'm not so sure.]

Whenever a country starts lampooning "foreigners" like this it's usually a good sign that they're on their way to a fascist-type mentality. The US does this too.

Paul Hackett
The point is that it's the government who is doing this (and what you call satire most would label propaganda). The purpose of these videos is to de-legitimize journalism in the minds of Israelis so that htey won't listen to any narratives presented that differ from the government's.

If only the Israeli censors could control the international media the same way they control every story printed or broadcast within Israel [lol wut?]. Then the rest of the world would see Israel the same way Israel sees itself.
Hasbara also means propaganda.

why did the government agency take them off their web site? Israel is all about the conflict all the time.

Rachel Brownlee
Ummm, Israel IS the aggressor. It is not Palestinians occupying Israeli land.
And as far as Israel not looking to censor anyone, the Knesset has just passed a law banning Arab/Israelis from commemorating the nakba, and Canada (another Israeli poodle) has just banned the word 'apartheid' in relation to Israel.
Israel also has had people jailed all over the world for their 'thought crimes'.
Mordachai Vanunu? Did israel not brutally censor him?
Unfortunately for you reality trumps fantasy.
Your imagination is a nice place to visit, but you really shouldn't live there.

This sick, diseased country will receive its just rewards. That is the way.
Rachel Brownlee
It's an Israeli thing?
Kinda like supporting a government that murders innocent women and children and then claiming that they "bought it on themselves".
Rachel Brownlee
There are a couple of things in the world like the Israeli Gov, there's the Chinese,
the Americans - and a few other countries that invade and occupy other lands.
Of course, there isn't another Gov that is as pathalogically dishonest about its reasons for doing so.
And the only 'point' the videos make, is that the Israeli people are as easily led and as willing self-delusional as we always suspected they were.
Rachel Brownlee
Right, b'coz it's Hamas and Hizbollah who own all the western media corporations.
And which Lebanon war are you talking about - the one where Israel killed over
30 000 people in '82 [a lie], or the latest one where they only killed a couple of thousand but left illegal cluster bombs littering the landscape?
Rachel Brownlee
Sorry, they're not funny, they're lame - and if Israelis are ignorant enough to hold this view of foreign journalists, no wonder they think it's OK to brutally subjugate their neighbours
All countries engaged in genocide get bad press. Why? Because of deplorable, sick behaviour. How many here have seen the videos of Israeli helicopters (gifts of the U.S. taxpayer) dropping white phosphorus rounds on civilians in Gaza and the dead burnt up bodies? What, it wasn't in the NYT? Wow, that's odd. Israel gets bad press because it's engaged in pure evil, just like the U.S. is and also getting bad press. If you want the world to respect you first you must be respectable, understand?

Richard Pearce
Israel, please feel free to tell the world how wonderful Sun City, oops, Tel Aviv is (and hope no-one writes a song about the truth). Make fun of foreign journalists (they have this strange notion that the lives of non-Jews are somehow important). Teach your citizens to sell a picture of a workers paradise, oops, a society of equals. Teach your spokespeople how to Chekov, how to make the claim of being the only democracy in the area seem believable.
But remember, even the best PR campaigns eventually lose their effectiveness, and even the Straw Man, once he saw behind the curtain, figured out what the Great and Wonderful Oz truly was.

Paul Hackett
The Palestinians were thrown off their lands by zionist settlers 60 years ago. Since then they have been living in conditions little better than prison camps, subjected to near continuous brutalization and persecution by Israel. Your blanket characterization of them as being a people "who never missed and opportunity to miss an opportunity" is borderline racist and utterly ahistorical.

Obama Lady 2008
Israle to the world "Never mind that Goldstone report that proved we are guilty of war crimes, look at how funny we are" (Big Eye Roll)
All of this over-the-top demonizing and ridiculing of foreigners is just Israel's way of expiating some of its own guilt. "Look how ridiculous your criticisms of Israel are! We are completely innocent and you're just too stupid to see it!"
Look, we're not people who kill perceived enemies without trial. We're just Jews with a sense of humor.

Misbah Ali
wow... now they are running a propoganda campaign to delegitimize foreign journalists??

When calling your critics "anti-Semites" doesn't work, just make some commercials showing how people "don't understand us".
Awwww, poor, poor Israel. Instead of producing combative TV ads perhaps they should concentrate on the reasons for their Pariah status.

Paul Hackett
Furthermore, it's pretty obvious given your Hebrew name that you are hardly a disinterested party when it comes to this conflict. That's fine, but if you think that any reasonable person should just 'trust' Israel to tell the truth about what's going on here instead of paying attention to independent journalists and humanitarian organizations such as the Red Cross, then you are just being absurd.
The Goldstone Report (which was headed by a Jew) found that Israel committed multiple brutal war crimes in operation Cast Lead in Gaza last year. These facts have been corroborated by many Israeli soldiers who were brave enough to admit what had happened when they returned to Israel after the operation.
Are all of these people "Palestinian leftists" also? Or is it just possible that Israel was very much in the wrong in this case? If you consider yourself a true friend of Israel I would ask you to consider this and consider what actions can be taken to actually bring lasting peace to the region.

This is yet another gret reason to take a stand against the ongoing colonization, land grabbing and deception perpetrated on all the people of The Land!

 Paul Hackett
Four hundred children were killed in Gaza according to the BBC and multiple other news organizations. It is perfectly reasonable to believe that at least 300 women were also killed given that Israel indiscriminately bombed civilian areas (as was found by the Goldstone Report). Various estimates, put the total death toll to between 1,300 and 1,400 people, and I stick to the statement that half of them were women and children given that four hundred children are know to have died.
The bottom line fact that is relevant here is that horrific weapons were used indiscriminately in civilian areas and war crimes were committed. Do you deny that? It's pretty obvious where your allegiances lie 'juicyju', I don't have any delusions about changing your mind since your opinion on this affair is clearly predefined by your ethnic loyalties (a glimpse at JustMeinNY's avatar tells us where he is coming from also). However I can tell you this - I seriously doubt any dispassionate observer would have much sympathy for your arguments. Could this be why Israel is now the most disliked nation on the planet according to multiple surveys and reports? Nonsense like the propaganda videos posted above only shows how desperate Israel has become.

Paul Hackett
When a government starts making videos ridiculing the entire journalistic profession it really says something about how far they have fallen. Israel is now in the company of Zimbabwe, China and other pariah states which must rely upon naked anti-journalistic state propaganda in order to make their case.

O come on....
An Israeli government website has shown adverts that depict foreign journalists as stupid and condescending, reportedly as part of an initiative to improve Israel's foreign image.
Improve?? That is going to do it put all international reporters in one basket and make fun of them.
Israel does not want peace in the Middle-East and these tactics prove it. [Yes, this is really a smoking gun.]

Perhaps they should try honouring the very treaties that created Israel in the first place instead of destroying centuries old communities and stealing land.
That might go a long way to helping their "image".

Michael Valentine
IDF = Israeli terrorist.

It's unfortunate that Israel can't imagine that criticism of its actions may just be deserved. This kind of narcissism can only serve to alienate the rest of the world.

Me neither. It makes me sad too because there are Israelis who do not support this and want peace and are willing to give Palestinians back all the land from the 1967 border. Unfortunately, their voices are drowned out by the extremists, and they pay the price for the crimes of their leaders. Now, antisemitism is on the rise, and this sort of horror (the video) is precisely why.

So we're under instruction to
Well that wasn't forced was it? [You probably want to click for context.]

Wow, just wow. Insulting the rest of the world is supposed to help improve their image? I'm glad this is happening--sheds even more light on the real extremist Israeli attitude. Too bad normal Israelis will suffer from this stunt by the extremists.
but of course . . israel is still upset by the coverage of their invasion of Lebanon in the summer of 2006 . . that was why they kept journalists so far away during Operation Cast Lead . . . the arrogance of the israeli's is astounding . . . we know what they have done and are still doing . . . the tide of public opinion has turned against them . . .ridiculing journalists is not going to help them one bit . . .

Israel is NEVER wrong, according to Israel. Not all Israelis though--some genuinely want peace--warmongers like ones on this site hurt Israel more than help it. The world has recognized the borders of Israel, and it's the only country now trying to grab land that isn't legally theirs.

You're right. Micronesia is a staunch supporter in addition to the US. The latter is due to the successful influence of AIPAC money. Other than that, UN votes time and time again very overwhelming ask Israel to follow treaties and resolutions.

That is a oneside view of things. One can argue that many are standing up to defend innocent civilians killed by the IDF. Hamas came into existence only after decades of ethnic cleansing and crimes by the Israelis against the Palestinians. Ironically Israel helped support Hamas with the deluded idea it could get Hamas and the PLO fighting each other.
I have sympathy for all victims of this conflict but no sympathy for the insane policies of the Israeli government.

That wasn't much in the way of sarcasm--saying that all of these other nationalities are just stupid? Is it really a good strategy to attack journalists in this way? Um, I think they might get a little peeved and not help with this bizarre hasbara campaign. St. C, you're hasbara I assume--do you think this is effective?

Seems to be some anti Gentilism going on here.

Sorry, but it doesn't make one an "antisemite" to not love Israel or it's policies. You are a poor propagandist.

Exactly, it IS antisemitism. It's awful that the Israeli government's criminal actions are directly resulting in the harming of non-Israeli Jews.

Total hypocrisy. If it's antisemitism, it's bigotry. If it's islamophobia, it's no big deal. For you to deny that Israel's crimes negatively affect non-Israeli Jews is naive at best or even dishonest.

America being Israels lapdog is'nt helping either.
And by the way Missy Sweden or any one country does not make the whole of Europe. Labeling Europeans anti-semite really???
Learn from History or be doomed to repeat it. [What does that mean?]

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