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HPW: Israel Complains Over Spanish Postcards

As I mentioned yesterday, the Huffington Post covered a story about quite blantantly anti-Semitic postcards being sent by 9-year-old children in Spain to Israel. Whether or not the postcards are anti-Semitic is not nearly as unnerving as the fact that children under ten are being instructed to take a side in a conflict that they couldn't possibly understand.

Naturally, the anti-Israel part of the Huffington Post community responded the way they always do when there is an article about anti-Semitism: 1) claiming that the Spanish are only disagreeing with Israel's policies, when that clearly wasn't happening, 2) claiming that Israel always accuses anyone who disagrees with them of being anti-Semitic, as if the Spanish were only disagreeing and 3) deflecting to the famous example of Israeli children writing on bombs.

That last I feel I should probably explain. These pictures (from the Lebanon war in 2006) are often cited as Israeli indoctrination of their children to hate Arabs and to love violence, which in turn is used as proof that Israel is a racist society. To be honest, I'm surprised we don't see it used more often. There are, however, a couple of key differences: The Israeli children who did this can be counted on one hand. There are some Spanish teachers who teach anti-Semitism in their schools, and have done so for quite some time. And as the author of the above article admits, he doesn't know what was written on the bombs. But take a look for yourself: On at least one the word "Nasrallah" is clearly written. The messages were intended for Hezbollah, not for the Lebanese people. Not that the anti-Zionists would ever be honest enough to admit that.

Anyway, on to the thread. I included both instances of blaming the victim (aka that the anti-Semitism was Israel's fault for being so evil) and trying to defend it. Not because they are abusive per se, but because it gives us an idea of where the HP talkbackers are coming from.

What goes around comes around.

No one has to teach them anything! They see it on the news! You can't hide these things from children. In Spain the news is not sanitized, get it?
If Israel doesn't want children around the world hating it, then it should stop killing children. But what I want to know is, have you seen how settler children treat Palestinians??? Maybe you should go to youtube and see for yourself! I've seen one video in where their mother is showing them where to throw rocks at Palestinians walking by to get to their homes! I will try and post it in a separate post in case it doesn't show up.

thank you for the link Backspace2525 . . . those pictures say it all . . . the israeli's accept no criticism . . . they are the self-appointed chosen ones

Flying Dutchman
Damn, they even feel threatened by children, that's really pathetic.
If Isra#li's can't stand the heat, they should get out of the kitchen...

So children have no right to criticize Israel's war crimes and occupation of Palestine?

Israel complaining about children telling the truth.

Whenever someone says something critical of Israel it's anti-Semitic. That's their standard retort.

Give it up, Israel is not the victim and even nine year-olds know it.

"Some had very disturbing messages," an embassy spokesman said. "They asked things such as: 'Why do you kill children?' "
What an articulate child! Any criticism of the Israeli government is masqueraded as "anti semitic". But seriously who do the Israeli government think they're convincing when they deny killing over 900 innocent children and women, then pretend they never threw phosphoros?

I think I agree. Its almost as bad as those Bombs with messages written by Israeli kids.
The important difference is that the Israeli kids were being encouraged to participate in the murder of Palestinian children, whereas the Spanish kids are being encouraged to help stop murder.

So Israel is accused of occupation and bombing on civilian population intentionally killing babies, and thats anti semitism?
If you even accuse of a pothole on roads there, Israeli Govt would use deflection and accuse of anti semitism.
Any criticism of any Israel policy is anti semitism.
Its a convenient ploy and many western nations have fallen for it.

Israel is to quick to label every criticism of Israel as anti-semitism. What the children said was basically true [basically true means partially a lie]. Speaking the truth is not bigotry. What Israel also fails to understand is its' actions end up fanning the flames of anti-semitism by giving real anti-semites all the ammunition they can possibly need to attack Israel. But let me be clear, the statements quoted in this article are not anti-semitic.

lol. good question. It is absolutely RIDICULOUS to claim that 'Semitic' refers to only Jewish peoples and not Arabs AND Jews, as it is ridiculous to continue to deny the Palestinians their land as well.
They should stop whining and make peace with the Arabs. It will be good for them and world for the West will not always be there to help them physically. I fear the increase degree of anti-Israel in Europe.

alysheba 3
Perhaps they figured that since Israel uses children for political propoganda it was okay for them.
You are right, they should have known better. Only Israel is allowed to spread propaganda using children. Just like only Israel is allowed to do a lot of things. Break international law by violating the Geneva Convention (along with the US on that one), ignore UN Resolutions for decades with no sanctions, call itself a democracy with laws stating that some citizens, due to ethnicity or religion, are second class,......................

It is true and revolting that Israeli militants have a policy of indiscriminately killing civilians, including children, but using other children as political pawns should never be condoned. Let's leave it to adults to criticize the crimes of Israel.
when did being "anti agenda" become the equivalent to "Anti Semite"

alysheba 3
So you have seen the postcards? Or are you saying an Israeli paper would never li to support an Israeli government position?

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