Friday, March 12, 2010

HPW: Israel Apology Thread #1

Before tonight I am going to record as many comment as I can from the 300+ comment thread here, the first Israel-apology-to-Biden article. There isn't much more to be said, so I'm going to jump right to the comments, and update it when I get the chance later.

israel is going to down but before usa down first because israel and usa are not normals countrys they like blood of human and like to kiile childrens tall true what about the people original of amrica and palestin

and thats why your people will never know peace.

It is high time that the illegal siege of Gaza was smashed wide open. Its time for the Royal Navy and any other right thinking nations to sail through the siege and into Gaza with relief supplies for the starving children.
Its just a tragedy that foreign policy has been taken away from public opinion in the West because if the people had their say then Israel would be treated like the rogue outlaw nation that it is.
Free Palestine.

If only these nations could must the courage of an 11 year old with a rock in his hand in Palestine - who will be charged with attempted murder by israel if he throws it, choose to throw it anyway.
Our so called leaders are bought and paid for. We are effectively a client state of Israel now, and they are importing their war mentality into ours. Take a look who is guiding Obama's decisions on Iran, on Extra judicial assassination of American Citizens, Military courts rather than civilian courts, and now Real ID. Dennis Ross, Rahm Emanuel, Chuck Schumer. They don't have a constitution in Israel. Why would these dual citizens respect ours?.

Israel couldn't care less what Biden or Obama thinks because they control Washington DC "by proxy", if you know what I mean...

See Israel don have the intention to have a peace they like killing people wow they building 1600 new homes and all those Palestinian will be homeless. I always wonder why Palestinian hate the Jews but now I understand why. And I also wonder why the Jews do the such a hatred to other people when they live trough just amazing

We wouldn't be supporting ethnic cleansing.
Besides I keep hearing how strong and independent Israel is, so clearly they don't need our dirty money.

What hasbara claptrap. The 4th largest military in the world that has over 200 nukes with nuclear submarines that have second strike capability is not facing an existential threat.
Playing the perrenial victim is a threadbare agrument and and isn't working, especially when Israel is the only nuclear power in the Middle East.

you mean "with the final solution:" [Click for context.]

You are misinterpreting Hamas. You are saying that the Palestinians, after their land and property has been taken at gunpoint, is supposed to say that theft was "right". If you were raped at knife point, how'd you feel about your rapist moving into your home, the cops make you live in the garage, and the cops say maybe you can live in the spare room if you agree that your rape was the right thing to do.
Oh, and you have to remain unarmed, and your rapist keeps the knife.
That sound like a good basis for negotiation to you?

Does anyone in Israel recognize the irony of a Jewish state ghettoizing their genetic brothers of a different faith?
They obviously do not want Palestinians as citizens because their numbers would cause Israel to cease being a Jewish State.
They have a security problem in that many of their ghettoized brothers hold 1500 year old deeds to property that they have been barred from seeing since 1948.
What will be Israels fin@l solution to this Palestinian question?

any doubt that our country's greatest enemy is israel and its enabling sponsors in this country?

Json, this apology while perpetuating the injury, is only the latest of a long string of actions that indicate Israel is,indeed, an implacable enemy of U.S.
I agree it is not our greatest enemy. That honor belongs to ourselves.

Israel makes it very clear they have no respect for the United States which is understandable given our total subservience. No american government will ever stand up to them.

Comments are one thing--but even better, if you support Biden's uncommon courage: take a few seconds to let him know directly:
Thank him for courageously addressing the bad faith tactics being employed by Israel's hardline right-wing government.
Encourage him to stand with JStreet and other inclusive organizations who rightly see that peace and a two-state solution is the proper path for Israel's future--not illegal expansionism under military occupation and ethnic cleansing via apartheid-style policies.

Another in a long line of embarrassments to America, courtesy of Israel.
And yet nothing really happens. No reprimand, no punishment, no funds witheld. Just a diplomatic slap on the wrist to maintain the pantomime for the world. America is owned by Zionist interests. America, Judaism and ordinary jews around the world will pay a colossal price for Israel's ideological fixations and it's aggression toward it's neighbours unless Americans can muster the simple will to stop funding the nightmare with their dwindling tax dollars. In the meantime, asymmetric retaliation is all the Palestinians have to defend what little of their dignity is left.

My question is: What is it about israel that the usa feels they must support ? i never understood that....israel is the most dangerous, corrupt country and the usa keeps protecting her, feeding her, letting get away with anything it's heart desires...
can some clarify this with a serious answer. and i don't want to hear from some pro-israel fanatic....sick of that too. i'm tired of her portraying herself as the victim.....when she is the one pulling the trigger

Israel is behind all the attacks on our administration. Why? That is the question you should ask.
You are correct, the Bush Administration was a puppet and they want the current administration out and a new puppet installed.
We are Israel's puppet. Any US administration (Repub or Dem) will cry a while and look angry but cannot upset AIPAC too much or else will lose the election next time.... and no leverage will be used on Israel; we will still continue to subsidize the illegal settlements by giving them handouts.
Yank in France
America is Israel's puppet, although the Obama administration is showing signs of critical brain activity.
Talossa, I know such a position may seem hard to fathom, so let's review the basis for two seconds.
America is a democracy which means that all is not decided by one leader or even one branch of govt. American presidents have often tried to bring Israel to heal (including Ronald Reagan) but the Jewish lobby in the US has effectively blocked them in Congress. The American media is pro-Israel all the way although it is slightly less so than before the 1967 war.
So even popular American presidents (Obama and Reagan) runs scared when it comes to tangling with Israel. Note, I did not say "criticize". We have obtained the right to criticize Israel without being called antisemites by fanatics like yourself, but actually taking action is another story!!

Maybe those "shoot pregnant arab women" t-shirts could be repurposed with the Vice presidents features?
the Israelis keep showing what a lovely bunch they are.
A sharpshooter's T-shirt from the Givati Brigade's Shaked battalion shows a pregnant Palestinian woman with a bull's-eye superimposed on her belly, with the slogan, in English, "1 shot, 2 kills."
 [Misrepresenting the story to make racist comments about Israelis.]

That was another slap in the face for good measure, not an apology.
Is our congress and house so morally compromised and devoid of actual concern for the nation in deference to their own political careers that they can conscience continuing to fund these settlers even as they spit in all of our faces?
Keep in mind, they would be OVERJOYED to see another terrorist attack in the US, in that they feel it would bring us even closer to them.
Just think of it. The US is the only nation on earth actively supporting the only other nation on earth that is engaging in violently enforced colonial settling. The US Congress, EVERY ONE OF THEM, should be fired if they allow this to continue.

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