Sunday, March 14, 2010

HPW: Holocaust Memorials Defaced

The Huffington Post published an article yesterday about anti-Semitic slogans being written on Holocaust memorials in Warsaw, Poland. The terms were "Jews Out" and "Hitler Good." Apparently they couldn't even use proper grammar.

Naturally, many of the Huffington Post talkbackers had no sympathy at all for the actual topic of the article. Most of them took the opportunity to either (a) bash Israel or Jews or (b) accuse Jews of exploiting the Holocaust. Norman Finkelstein would be proud. There were others who accused Jews of fabricating it, or deflecting onto Israeli/Palestinian topics.

Right now there are about 700 comments, but the thread is unmoderated, so it is even more informative. Click below to read the comments:

It is predictable and inevitable. Every time Israel's actions get it into political trouble. out come the swastikas again, to trick the world back into feeling sorry for tiny little helpless nuclear-armed and very rich on YOUR tax dollars Israel, trembling in fear of attack from the people whose homes Israel steals every single day and whose children wither under the rain of white phosphorus.

Oooh vandalism, big deal. Tell that to the Palestinian families who get their homes bulldozed by the Israeli army.

Must be more news about the Goldstone report coming out soon. Or The Hague decided to issue indictments after all. These incidents are sometimes used to deflect attention from the bigger news. No other people on Earth enjoy such immunity to name calling especially in the Poland/German region. People can actually go to jail even for a perceived insult against the protected class. Throughout history societies of all different ethnic and religious make-ups have grown weary of the protected class. And as with any anything eventually history will repeat itself.
Glenn, Rush , or Alex Jones..............all warped people.
Rahm Emmanuel, a snake in the grass puppetmaster of Obama.

1947 Palestine belong to the Palestinians.

Israel is a Jewish state by their own admission. Which if you read their Talmud is the most vile , despicable rascist ideas on earth.
Read it!!

IN my book only the lowest of the lowlife would use the sufferings of their ancestors to profiteer and use as an excuse to grab land and commit ethnic cleansin

All Roads (including this one) lead back to Israel. [The video implies Israel was responsible for 9/11]

The Holocaust was a terrible tragedy and a lesson in the "superhuman" mentality.
Unfortunately, Israel has become the modern "superhuman" villain that desecrates the memory of the innocent victims of Holocaust. The thuggish government of the ethnocratic state of Israel is not in a position to protest intolerance in other countries.

Who is to blame for the Iraq war? [The link says that "Zionist Jews" are]

Careful what you post on this forum. If you cite anything close to the truth about Israel and its US connections and influence, you will be banned. Not only from this forum but all of HP.
True, but megaphone types can blast out whatever they want, including direct namecalling. I'm done with HP.
The Megaphonies are outnumbered and we are growing daily whereas they are losing daily because the truth is coming out.

Who cares about this? Enough time has passed since holocaust and with information/news being spread never before, people aren't feeling as sorry for the jewish people since it's becoming very obvious that they aren't any better or holier than anyone else on this planet like they frequently like to claim.
Sorry guys, you're officially like everyone else.... especially with the state of the world being what it is today, you can't have a monopoly on all the suffering in the world either, too bad so sad but thanks for playing.

You don't see Vietnamese whining and profiteering off the sufferings of the more than 2 millon that were incinerated by the USA.
Israel should go back to pre 67 borders. However, my experience in 65 years on this earth is if you give them an inch they will take a mile.
When I was 20 I supported them. Then I woke up to their scams and LIES.

We will see more of this kind of incidents as Israel's policies are again making the news.
Classic diversion tactics.

Bingo, spot on..
Its so predictable.
Expect more HollowCause movies also.

Gaza is certainly akin to a concentration camp. Those held there are mostly of one religion/ethnicity.
Careful what you point out there, chief.

If you want to see a holocaust, just go visit the ever-shrinking Palestine.

Systematic imprisonment, torture, land theft, occupation, oppression, humiliation and murder of a people because of their race/religion is quite comparable to the holocaust.
Oh, but there's no comparison because the Israelis don't use gas chambers or ovens, they use white phosphorous, bombs and bullets instead. And it's been going on for 60 years.
Which makes it okay.

I have been censored......Mossad?

Alright, this thread is getting aggressive with the megaphone types--I'm gonna go walk in the sun before the snow starts later today. G'nite all.

Zionism hard at work is the number 1 promoter of antisemitism
read what my Jewish friends have to say about it.
Please people....DON'T confuse Judaism with zionism .. this horrible act was committed by confused and _hate-filled people who were blinded by the Zionists propaganda.
please post this .. many Jews , believe the reason of increased antisemitism in the world is Zionism .
along with ignorance of course ...please post.
[responses: "Fanned"]

What happened in Krakow is HORRIBLE. I condemn it TOTALLY and from the BOTTOM of MY HEART!
I have been on Huffpost for more than a year now and I can not remember EVER reading ANYTHING ANTI-SEMITIC or ANTI-JEWS here.
What I have read, are statements that are CRITICAL of the Israeli Govt's handling of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. I have also read statements that are BLIND, UNFAIR, and TOTALLY UNETHICAL in their support for the APARTHEID practiced by the Israelis on the Palestinians.
[posted twice]

Oh puhleeez, your spin is shameless!
Rwanda, remember that massacre,/genocide? I hear a monument over there got vandalised. But you know, who cares right? They ain't jewish
Truly disgusting!! Ironically, however, these defacings and racist slurs bring to mind similar writings on buildings, doors and even mosques by Jewish settler/colonists in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem in their relentless campaign to dehumanize and terrorize Palestinians.

Zionism seems to be the problem----along with the mistreatment of the Palestinian women and children, there are many Jewish people who wish for peace........

They do love their children to that extent in many cases. One's love for their children includes the desire that they have an improved lot in life: in the case of the Palestinians, this has pushed them to kill the Zionist invaders that are filling their ancestral land.

Vandalism takes place all the time all over the world! Yet the media focus on this? Pathetic.

I have often wondered why it was that anti-Jewish vandalism gets all kinds of coverage while other racial slurs, grafitti, and destruction on other religions and creeds, most gets little coverage.
The art of Zionism is always play the victim. And will the media controls in place, everything falls in line.

Yeah, this coming from someone who said he's chosen by God over all others. Megaphone must be going nuts right now though, cuz all the nuts are here.

here is a list of instances where members of the group that were supposed to have been targeted, were actually the perps. it*s called a *hate hoax. they usually happen around the time when legislation regarding hate crimes is being considered. it*s done as a p.r. move to justify the legislation.

Curious. Israel needs a little get out of the dog house sympathy and this happens. And some of it in convenient English no less.
Mossad isn't even trying anymore.

what is being done to the Palestinians on a daily basis should be front page news on hp

Is this supposed to take everyones mind off what isreal is doing to the palestinians because that isnt trucking anymore. and this isnt news.

Only because the live in concentration camps, that is supposed to be a country.

what does that have to do with faux news stories and isreali propaganda? everytime isreal does something against "international law" someone somewhere defaces some synagogue or some other lame thing and all the negative press about isreal seems to dissapear.
Then zi0ni$ts come out of the woodwork to criticize anyone who points out this practice. they say things like "No, it isn't. Though it might inform you as to how the Palestinians feel about sending their teenaged kids into pizza parlors to kill themselves."
Thats old and played out.
no one is trying to get you! there is no monster under the bed. isrealis are the big bad monsters now. everyone is afraid of you. you are what you despised. LIVE WITH IT!

The problem is ZIONISM, raving zionism that people have a problem with-----there are many Jews who want the Palestinians to recieve better treatment and to stop the building----this, I believe is the cause of the graffiti....It's the hard-line of the Israeli Knesset- not the people, that is the problem-----We are sick of the Palestinian women and children suffering-period!

read *the holocaust industry* by norman finklestein, and you will realize that there is money to be made by beating the dead horse.

Exactly my point, let's not give the Holocaust anymore it's the only bad thing that has ever happened. It just seems that is all I hear about in the American press and it's tiring.

Only because of the country who is perpetrating the current geno-cide has 300 plus PR firms in the US promoting them. It's all we here about...let's get present an stop it from continuing like it is again.

i can tell the megaphone/hasbara goon squad is now here on the thread.

Criticizing Israel's policies and treatment of Palestinians has nothing whatsoever to do with the HoIocaust.
Because the HoIocaust happened, you'd think IsraeIi Ieaders would be more sympathetic to other peopIes' pIight. Apparently, not.

Unreal how the abused have become the ultimate abusers !

When people stage a crime against themselves, is it just a call for attention?

And if you don't think the Rabbi's son did it, or someone from the local synagogue, you can buy my bridge in the desert.
Hoax alert. But when police unearth that it is a hoax, we'll never hear of it again, so everyone'll believe these bogus headlines.
It's called: history that repeats itself over and over and over.

Bout time they got some kickback against their apartheid regime.

The fact that this website is so touchy about Israel criticism just reinforces all extant suspicions.
Just saying.

this might have some thing to do with recent thought crime legislation that was passed that imprisons polish people for examining the official story of the holocaust.

'never forget' doesn't seem to apply to palestinians

And that's new? Or even special? it's neither but Israel just committed a silly "overstep" with Biden "in country" .They said they approved 1600 illegal dwelling .So on cue out comes the spray can .And $5 fixes the problem .
Remember the Holocaust (when Israel needs it),Israel treats the "survivors" like second class citizens most of the time.

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  1. It looks like the entire thread has been scrubbed! I tried to post a comment (just before scrubbing)suggesting that since Ariana Huffington is an enabler of anti-Semitism, perhaps a Jewish lawyer in Europe should see if she has an office in a country where that activity is illegal and sue the panties right off her.