Sunday, March 28, 2010

HPW: Gaza Violence Leaves 2 Israeli Soldiers Dead

A recent Gaza border incursion by the IDF was covered by the Huffington Post. Apparently, Palestinians were planting a bomb or multiple bombs near the border, and some soldiers went to stop them. A firefight broke out, and a Palestinian bullet hit a grenade on an IDF soldier's vest. The grenade exploded, killing two soldiers.

Short watch for the article, as it usually is when the Israelis aren't doing something clearly wrong, like building settlements. Some of the HPers were complaining about media bias, as usual. Others were, hilariously, arguing that the Palestinians have the right to do whatever they want on their land (at least they're admitting Gaza is now Palestinian land), even if it is plant bombs. Anyway, read on.

chaimschwartz, eight out of dozens.
But Israel is an important part of the ongoing history of mankind. Unfortunately, it is liable to be a very negative part -- in short, it is shaping up to be the death of us all.

Palestine belongs to the Palestinians.

" is an undeniable fact that there never was, nor is there now, a sovereign state of Palestine." Trained as a professional propagandist, were you?

Inserting "sovereign" as a disclaimer - that's clever - but completely irrelevant to the historical fact that the Palestinian people were in Palestine and owned that land for thousands of years before being forcibly displaced at gunpoint by the militant Israelis.

The goal of the Palestinian freedom fighters is to free Palestine from occupation.

I don't think you have to take the comments of WBMD and other hasbara propagadists seriously. They never shy from posting obviously false information over and over again. You may find the reason when you read this article:

You speak against American interests that is why you sound Israeli.
During those 8 years more terror was given than received by Israel.
All the Palestinian rockets killed fewer people that one Israeli doctor.
You say 14,000 some of your friends say 30,000.
How many rockets, bombs, missals and artillery shells were fired by Israel in does 8 years.


I think it is time that you and those who belive that the 'government of Gaza is committed to the extinction of the Jewish state and it's people'
I challenge you to prove this, not with the words of an angry man who has just had his home bulldozed, or crops pulled...but with documentation...not realted to responces to the occupation of Israeli forces, or the blockade, or these 'encursions' as they are described.
I am challenging ANYONE to prove that 'the government of Gaza is committed to the extinction of the Jewish state and the people"

It is time now for us to stop with the propaganda.

Dear Israel,

Palestinians can do what they want on their land. How much more do you intend to steal control of? 50 feet past your wall, 200 feet past your wall? 10 miles past your wall?

Why did you bother putting up a wall if you don't recognize a border, and the right of the native population to do what they want inside their borders?

To defend your country against israeli occupation and aggression is not a war crime.

I agree and I don't like referring to the Gazan freedom fighters as "militants". They were defending their country from a foreign invader, Israel, that has shown itself to be ruthless and vicious

The Israeli incursions into Gaza are frequent and mostly unnecessary - they just do it to annoy and because they can - the Palestinians have really no way to retaliate.

Other than to throw stones and plant bombs.

What to the Israelis do ? KILL PALESTINIANS again and bring in TANKS AGAIN.

What is the matter with these people ??

East Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians - if someone stole my land and property, I would be throwing stones too.

Huffpo needs to get their news right. I bet I'm going to be banned if I say something anti-Israel. That's what happened to me last time.

I think this is another deliberate provocation by Israel to take the heat off Netanyahu. 
If you recall, Cast Lead all began with Israel breaking the ceasefire with an incursion into Gaza. Al Jazeera is saying the civilians of Gaza are beginning to feel very nervous about what is to come.

Pro-Jewish media? Rally support/pity for Israel?

"Israel's military said its troops crossed into Gaza after they spotted militants planting explosives along the security fence on the border. A gunbattle broke out, leaving two soldiers and two militants dead, the military said."

As usual, we only have the IDF word for their aggressive actions. I believe we have learned that the words spouted by the IDF cannot be trusted.

Can you at least be honest?

Palestinian Freedom Fighters trying to free their country from a World recognized illegal occupation.
[apparently, being honest means using Palestinian propaganda code-words]

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