Tuesday, March 2, 2010

HPW: Dubai Bans Israelis from Visiting, Even Those With Alternate Passports

You can get the idea of this story from the headline. Even though Israel has yet to admit responsibility for or to be proven guilty of the killing of Mabhoud al-Mahoud, the UAE has forbidden access of all Israelis to their country. Even though this act is clearly collective punishment (not to mention racist), the HPers rallied around the UAE's decision. Read below for their thoughts in the unmoderated thread:

Every country should ban I.

Hmm...this means that Sen Lieberman and Rep Jane Harman won't be able to travel to Dubai. I haven't heard them renouncing their Israeli nationalities. [They don't have Israeli nationality, unless he means Jewish nationality?]

I'm sick and tired of Israel's self-created karma and self-pity. It's about time Israel is held accountable, for this act of payback against the violence that results from decades of oppression against Palestinians and decades of flouting International Law and scores of U.N. resolutions.

ONion Soup needs to read some history, not more Israeli propaganda.

Israel is essentially a theocracy masquerading as a democracy. Ask yourself; would a Muslim ever be elected to a high government post?
[in response to, "Israeli Arabs serve in the Knesset and on the Supreme Court"]
The word tokenism comes to mind.

Apples to oranges [Osama to Hamas]. Your terrorist is another man's resistance and freedom fighter.
It's a well known fact that injustice and oppression breeds violence.

Israel has threatened to use them [nuclear weapons] on every single arab country and have also threatened to use it over Iran. Instead of protecting this right wing do anything government of Israel, why don't you use your effort for peace. No one has ever threatened to blow Israel out of the map. Just the criminals in the Israeli government out of power.

There is a huge difference between what Amadinajad says and what Israel does. Amadinajad's remarks about Israel are political hogwash and said for effect. He has absolutely no intention of doing anything. Israel on the other hand has indulged in genocide and land theft for their own personal gain.

By these acts of terror, Israeli's are endangering every European or American, who travels to middle east. The Israeli government has been taken over by self centered morons who have no clue what they are doing. The act of terror they committed will hurt them more than Hamas. A little sanity is called for, but apparently there is none in the current Israeli government.

We should do the same thing here in America.
They OWN America! We dance to their tunes only.

israel bans palestinians and other arabs...not quite sure why that's ok and there arent articles about that?

Robert Joon
Israel behaves like the vanguards of 1940's Germany

Gee I wonder why no one trusts Israelis?
Sorry, there's not enough room on this page to outline the reasons.

Hamas is a resistance force like the ANC and the KLA who are presently governing South Africa and Kosovo.
Israel is imprisoning Palestinians on their own land. In Hebron, 500 Israeli settlers are squatting in the midst of 170,000 Palestinians, and because of this, Israel has made certain main streets off limits to Palestinians and the only way they can get to where they need to go is over rooftops! [Um, what?] Because of those squatters 170,000 Palestinians are subjected to all manner of oppression and indignity. This is discrimination and Apartheid. Now Israel is trying to take over Palestinian holy sites.
Israel is subjecting Palestinians to injustice and systematic cleansing on the West Bank and East Jerusalem. As history has repeatedly shown us, injustice and oppression breeds violence.

Therefore not everyone agrees with your "black and white" conclusion.

I think the EU should follow suit. Using stolen passports to carry out a hit is too much.

They didn't say anything about JEWS. They are talking about Israelis. The Israeli government has committed an act of terror, the Dubai authorities have every right to arrest and call any Israeli citizen an enemy combatant and hold them forever. They also have a right to water-board them or any other enhanced interrogation technique they decide is appropriate, since all of that is practiced in Israel in the open.

Guess they'll have to go elsewhere to purchase their underage sex slaves.
[response: How ever will they manage?]
So anything goes?
So much for pretending that their religion celebrates life.
Why does it take 26 Mossad agents to drug and suffocate a single unarmed Palestinian? Best answer so far: one to commit the murder and 25 to scream "ANTI-SEMITISM"!!!
[responses: "LOL well put", "made me laugh", and "yep"]

If there is any question of Hitler's actual death, I suggest we begin the search in Israel.

GOOD FOR DUBAI. Somebody had to show some responsibility here for that person's de.ath. It's a sin and a shame how people can go to other countries and do more damage than what they are already doing in their own. Pitiful.
I praise Dubai for that action.

Excellent decision. Israelis are carrying out acts of terrorism against others as well as being a racist regime which is practicing apartheid against it's own Palestinian people. Sanctions against that pariah country should be applied until they stop what they're doing and become good global citizens.

Profiling is wrong.
However Dubai also has the right to deny anyone entrance to their country based on the belief that that person is an Israeli, or that the person may be harmful to their country.
Israel does it to people all the time. Do you support Israel's right to deny entry to anyone they want?
[Yes, but you don't. Hypocrisy]

Rather ignorant statement. Hamas has a military wing, but they also provide social services. I think your statement would be more correct if you said "Israel does not understand anything other than violence"

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