Monday, March 22, 2010

HPW: Clinton: Israel Faces "Difficult" Choices

In keeping with the recent tradition of the Huffington Post tracking the ongoing discussions between Israel and the US, the latest article is entitled, "Clinton: Israel Faces 'Difficult' Choices. If you want to check out the article, you can, but there really isn't anything new. Israel is going to have to give things up for peace, and so forth.

Despite the less-than-combative nature of the article itself, though, the fully moderated HP talkback thread was filled with anti-Israel hatred, including quite obvious instances of anti-Semitism. There are about 600 comments currently, but the results here were quite disappointing. I'll start you off with one:

Jeru.salem BELONGS to the Arab Palestinians.
The god of the bible does not exist and if he did he wouldn't be a real estate agent or a county records clerk.
The "state" of Isr.ael cannot be allowed to exist, the UN carved Isr.ael out of land that RIGHTFULLY belongs to Arabs and has for over 900 years.
No j.ews had lived in jeru.salem since the roman siege of 70 CE so the j.ews have NO CLAIMS that aren't deeply offensive to int'l law and that don't place Je.wish Theocratic interests above those of the ENTIRE WORLD.
End Isr.ael NOW!
The Arabs refuse to renegotiate with your lot of mendacious jews. Before the ink even dries on the agreement Israel is back violating the very covenants of the agreement.

dem 01
You do not know the answer, or you pretend you do not know it !
Let me help you if you do not know.
The five US network are run by the "chosen ones".

Come on don't be so modest. Israel photoshopped Saddam's WMDs evidence.The main instigator to the preemptive attack on Iraq. The goal wasn't murky at all Israel wanted Saddam gone, he was becoming a threat. Israel expansions was overly ambitious. Now you are out of the frying pan of Saddam into the fire of Iran.
Nothing at all to do with Obama you managed to fool Bush more than once. Couldn' t fool Putin with the Georgian conflict and you haven't fooled Obama once. He know a con when he sees one. I think Obama should make peace with the Muslims at least they have oil and hang you out for the Iranians.

Our choice: Do we go to war with Israel and who among us will support U.S. interests instead of Israeli interests in that war?

The land was never legally annexed. Go read the history you want to appropriate.
Israel? lawful? hence some250 UN resolution against Israel illegality.
"What law forbidsJews" Rich coming from a set of lawless thugs who confine Palestinians to ghetto. Int. law says under the unilaterally declared jewish state, Israel is still illegally colonizing land it never legally annexed.

No! You be honest! The one to fire the first short was Israel. Israel was provoking with border skirmishes and Egypt lined up the artillery in just in case.
But, let's not confuse Egyptians with Palestinians, shall we? PALESTINIANS NEVER DECLARED WAR ON ISRAEL, and the land that Israel took belonged to PALESTINIANS alone and no one else!
Now you can argue this with me till the sun comes up but if the ENTIRE PLANET disagrees with Israel on this, then you know what? Israel is wrong and in breach of International law and is a rogue state or a pariah state.

israel owns america 
[Responses: "It certainly seems that way," and "That they do."]

Ben-Gurion accepted that deal knowing that he would go on the offensive and start stealing more Palestinian land as soon as he could. By 1949 he had ethnically cleansed 750,000 Palestinians. Ben-Gurion was a war criminal. [Saltzman's revisionist history gets more extreme every day.]

Whatever magical hold Israel has over the US government...... they seem to have the same hold over HuffPost.
biwee Well, the censors today seem to be in a better mood. We actually are able to see some truth.

let's get on with the end of israel. give bibi free rein to carry out the task so no one else can be blamed.

Well, parts of the US government and most of the Israeli government are menaces to the human race. Did she address that? NO.

This language is rather vague. It might be code for nuking all the Arab countries...I wouldn't really put it past Israel, given their penchant for apartheid.

People don't believe that Israel controls US foreign policy or the Congrees. Both policy and Congress are controlled by AIPAC members, oligarchs, and European banking interests.

The US Congress - a subcommittee of the Knesset.

Neither the Knesset or Al Quada should be in control of the US Congress.....but, happy to note that you see the similarities between the two groups.

no that is not it. good try , though.
...and you support an apartheid state.

Israel thinks everyone is a terrrst.
Wonder why that is.....

gymmy genius, then go tell that to the countless numbers of uhhhh err Jewish bigoted anti-Semites.......who clearly are against brutish neanderthal -like Zionists actions and tactics, knowing that more hate has befallen on them because of it

To better understand why they are engaged in misinformation, you can read the following article written by Richard Silverstein and entitled: "Hasbara spam alert --- With Israel's foreign ministry organising volunteers to flood news websites with pro-Israeli comments, Propaganda 2.0 is here" Here is the link
The article cited above identified The Huffington Post as one of the target websites.

AIPAC is pressing Obama to attack Iran. Big mistake. Israel has become a cancer on the USA. AIPAC is a bizarre organization with way, WAY too much sway over our politicians. Forget the political theatre, SHOW THEM THE DOOR. Take your money and GET OUT, go to Israel if that's where your allegiance truly resides. GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY AND GET YOUR CLAWS OUT OF MY GOVERNMENT.
It's time to take a sledge hammer to that "rock solid" commitment to Israel. Please, Madam Secretary, explain to the American people exactly how we benefit by making the world hate us because we support the barbaric nation of Israel? Do we get our oil from that pathetic nation of killers? No. there's no oil in Israel. Do we benefit from Israel's naziesque persecution of the Palestinian people? No. In fact, it drags us down into the sewerl. Do we benefit when Israel attacks other nations and kills thousands of innocent people? No. it just makes us appear to be like Israel's mentors from an earlier time: Nazis.
Write to your elected representatives and demand that the U.S. cut off all aid to Israel. That pig nation cannot survive without our continued efforts to prop it up financially. Let Israel DIE.
Hillary won't be addressing AIPAC...she'll be supplicant in the face of her paymasters.

That's why a lot of Americans are angry. We are also angry over the USS Liberty, but characterizing a Veteran's site as "whackjob" isn't going to get you anywhere. When dual-citizenship Israelis in government starts supporting America first, instead of a mercenary state with mercenary agendas counter to the US, we will look more deeply. As it stands, Israel has drawn a line in the sand that no nation, including the US and our military people, are ever going to cross - that of giving in to a mercenary nation. I will do four more years and fight against *israel*, if need be.

USS Liberty.
Add to that billions of the American taxpayers’ money and the dead boys and girls sent to Iraq by Wolfowitz, Feif and such. The whole US media is infested with Zionism apologists. The "chosen people" of Israel are trying to outdo the main characters of the Nuremberg process
[posted twice]

Big mistake. Tell Israel that it is one its own. If our brave jewish congressmen complain, tell them it is time that they started being Americans first.

Asking why the US sponsors a demented apartheid state like Israel is entirely reasonable.

"Then hearings must be conducted on the behavior of Jewish politicians. "
All in due time, my pretty. All in due time.

Their last suicide bombings were those in Gaza recently using phosphorus bombs, thus bringing on the slow ultimate death of extremist nazi-like right wing Israeli muthas in the Occupied Territories. The end may not be in immediate sight, but, thank God amighty, it's on the way, I do believe!

I wish that was enough to stop them, but they have already shown that they don't view Palestinians as human - A tragic irony from a once widely prosecuted religion.

In a way, the United States is funding those settlements,.
Let stop the funding, and use the money to help pay for health care.
I'm tired of my tax dollars going to help other countries.
How about building some settlements here in the US to help out Americans who have lost their homes.
Ungrateful Israelis piss me off.

Fired by WHOM?? People keep saying that rockets are being fired from "Gaza" The SAME people MASSACRINGin "Gaza" are DOING THE REPORTING.

I did. Israel's basically got them over the barrel with nuclear blackmail.
'Unless we facilitate Israel's fascist policies in the ME, they'll go nuclear.

[In response to a post asking why America supports Israel]
because they are Ruthless in their Revenge.
Anyone who challenges them gets smeared, AND their eyes poked out!

Israel calls the shots. Plain and simple. The US is simply along for the ride.
Those who are seriously interested in the peace process need to look to the East. There can be no peace until there is a major power committed to the process, and more importantly, willing to spill Jewish blood to enforce international law.

Yes, but Israel has all the "mainstream media", anyway. No gain their. Maybe there really was a "official outburst of anger", but then that was quelled when the Israeli insiders worked their "connections". Makes you sick !

If we cared anything for Israel and their peaceful, secure future we would immediately cease all payments to their vicious little government, support boycotts, sanctions and divestment as well as lead the United Nations to enforce the many UN resolutions Israel is defying.
Unarmed Palestinian teenagers are being murdered by the IDF who lie and say they are using rubber bullets, but doctors are pulling live ammo out of their bodies as we speak.
They were protesting attempts by settlers to steal their village water well.
Yup, another day in the "world" section @huffo. And the slow grind of ethnic cleansing goes on in the occupied territories.

AIPAC has bought and paid for our government support. AIPAC is a segregationist organization.

"Joos" might or might not control the US, but they do control the US and I'm sick of it! "Joos" -- I mean those living here in the US -- seem to be more pro Israel than pro America.

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