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HPW: Biden Says Palestinians Deserve "Viable" State

As I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of Biden-related threads to slog through, but because I didn't have much time last night I thought I would start with this thread. There isn't much to say about the actual article, as there was nothing controversial in it. That didn't stop the anti-Zionists from taking Israel to task, though, mostly through off-topic rants.

The article was fully moderated and has about 300 comments in total.

Paul Hackett
Here are some links that show that 400 children were killed by the way, and below is a video shot in one of the UN schools where Palestinian children went to shelter during Israel's barbaric "security operation". I sincerely would like to know how you feel after viewing it:
Paul Hackett
Why don't you compile a list of the dozens of Israeli terrorist organizations, starting with the IDF and ending with the one that killed Yitzhak Rabin.
You have just engaged in a massive terror attack on the civilian population of Gaza.
Now you are blaming them for no peace talks.
First lesson in a occupation. The more people you murder the less chance of victory.
I have always wondered if there is any significant differences between the Israeli occupation and colonization of Arab lands and the German "Leibensraum" policy. I have been alive and cognizant of the state of Israel since its inception.....and see the same nations that condemned Germany, condone Israel for the same acts against humanity.
If you give colony of cockroaches their own pantry, do you really expect them to stay in that pantry? No! They will spread out and take over your kitchen..and eventually your whole house!
I have had the genetic misfortune of being born part Jew , and I am thoroughly ashamed to admit it in public.
Jews have infiltrated foreign lands , killed the occupants and enslaved the women and children...all under the pretext of God's blessing, since time immortal. It has been documented in the Christian Bible Old Testament ,The Koran, and the Talmud.And the Christian world believes that they are the Chosen People and God wants it this way. To me this is Leibensraum combined with blasphemy.
Seems that control of the parameters of the discussion is essential to you. How about letting people express their own views openly and honestly without so much gatekeeping?
Many interesting topics/discussions have been stifled because current gatekeeping prevents examining the merits of, say, Z!onism. Whole web sites and discussion boards shy away from engaging in these discussions meaningfully. There are even terms for such positions such as PEPs (Progressive Except for Palestine).
But you create your checklist already biased. Take (e) for instance. What is "Israel's territory" as it has never officially declared any boundaries?
The least Israel can do is commit its oppression on its own dime
. The US needs to stop funding it.

Israel is doing practically all the terrorizing.
Palestinians are the victims.

Oh I thought the Jews wanted to wipe out all the Palestinians. Hmmm wipe out each other would it mean peace?

Seems to the world that the Israelis are wiping Palestinians from the earth's face.
I don't like that my taxes support this horrid US policy to fund these horrors.

There is a very wise saying that goes like this: " There is no illness that can last 100 years nor body that can withstand it". Sooner or later, something will give.
I am afraid it will not be pretty. Innocent Israeli's, Palestinians and, many other people will suffer the consequences of the Zionists' intolerance, hubris and lawlesness. As history has well taught us, nothing is permanent and conditions can change on a dime.
The demographics do not favor Israel and their only unconditional ally is the US. Talking about putting all of your eggs in one basket! Unfortunately, the actions of radical Zionists is now afecting Jewish people all over the world as a rise in anti-Semitism has shown. They are their own people's worst enemy. Look not outside for your enemy, it lives within.

Wrong. Muslims and Jews got along for centuries. Islamic countries were always far more tolerant of Jews than Christian nations ever were. If not for Muslims, there would be no Jews in Jerusalem, as it was the Muslims who invited the Jews to return to Jerusalem after they'd been expelled by the Romans and the Crusaders. So if antisemitism is rising among Muslims, it's the Israelis turning their best friends against them.
Is that smart?

Why should there be a state founded on a basis of ethnic preferences that eliminates the rights of those born there and gives them to Europeans and Russians with no connection to the land for 1000 years, if ever? [Attack on Israel's right to exist]

And there were viable black African states all over Africa during the apartheid period in South Africa. We didn't tell all the blacks in Africa to go there and get out of the whites hair. Apartheid was heinous in South Africa and it's heinous in Greater Palestine (including Israel).

And why do you think they want to exterminate Israel? Because Israel is taking more of their land.

Going by these latest Israeli actions and the overall evolution of the state of Israel, I do not believe that Israel intends your question to be applicable.
Their final solution appears to be crowding the Palestinians into ghettos as Warsaw had during WWII...if not their elimination altogether.
History repeats.

What the US needs to demand is certainly not the dissolution of the state of Israel, but it definitely needs to demand that Israel dissolve itself from the extra lands it has taken beyond its original borders in '49. Not only is Israel's security ultimately at stake, but more importantly for us, the security of The United States of America is definitely at a very grave crossroads. To ignore this, out of deference to the AJC's [American Jewish Council] domestic influence, will come to haunt and injure all of us. It would seem sensible, therefore, for the AJC to reflect why their fellow brethren in Germany were perceived as enemies of the state, and to reverse their coercive course of actions upon our politicians to endorse Israel's ambitions for more land.

aipac must have already started circulating the talking points to both democrat and republicans to issue a rebuke to Biden and his trip...

Yes, Joe Biden . . the Palestinians deserve justice and they deserve their own state and they deserve to have their lands returned to them . . so what are you going to do to make it happen .. . pulling the plug on israel is the only way . . . so do it

Israel exports something besides sniper bullets and missiles?

the us congress is earning money from the aipac . . . we all know that . . but Americans are sick of israel and its terrorism and know that israel is the real problem in the Middle East . . .

The U.S. Congress doesn't value Israel, they are terrified that the pro-Israeli lobby will work to defeat them. Eventually the intimidation will stop working.
Only when the aipac money runs out.

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