Tuesday, March 9, 2010

HPW: Biden Condemns Israel's Settlements

As Matt wrote earlier, the Huffington Post published an article about Biden's visit to Israel and the latest goings on there. I won't comment any more about it than he did, except to say that many of the Huffington Post talkbackers reacted in more or less the way we expected them to. Click the link below to see the results (so far) on the fully moderated talkback thread.

Update: Since the link was originally posted, the talkback thread has skyrocketed. It now has over 1,900 comments and shows no sign of slowing down. Naturally, this has led to more anti-Semitic comments in one place than we have seen in weeks if not months. You should definitely check it out.

Has not been the world sympathetic to the sufferings of Anna Frank and other poor souls humiliated by the German “supermen?”
Today, the true face of Israel is the thuggish Avigdor Lieberman, a former Soviet who for some bizarre reason claims to be more "native" than the native Palestinians. Add the picture of burnt-alive children of Gaza Ghetto, the victims of Israeli unbridled cruelty.... and now we can see that the Holocaust museums, sprinkled over the entire Western world, are becoming a farce.

This netanyahu guy has got nerve. If this wasn't an insult to america, then i don't know what is.
Israel has got to realize that this kind of behaviour encourages anti-semitism. World war 2 ended over 40 years ago and people are not buying this "we are victims" argument anymore. Their sense of entitlement is becoming appauling.

Paul Hackett
Below you ridiculed a commenter who dared to suggest that Israel bought and sold US politicians. This is exactly what AIPAC does every day and anybody who knows anything about Washington is aware of it. So you are being disingenuous at best when you say that you have never defended AIPAC. And can you please tone down the use of CAPS LOCK?

fifteen pounds
American politicians at all levels are well paid by the Israelis for their services....

You just pushed me to Red Line. You want to use a piece of American History that modern Americans abhor and regret from a time in world history when that sort of thing was regretably acceptable to excuse the behaviour of the modern State of Israel in the here and now. What a sham and shylock you are. You do not even have the intellectual courage to stand on your own, and so a coward to boot. I am sure all sort of anti-zionists are reconsidering their firm opposition to Israeli genocide due to your dishonesty, and I am really sure that at least one supporter of the Israeli State is doing a 180 right now.
You want to spit in the face of the Vice President of the US? Go and pound sand Bro!

You are naive.
Jews are very powerful in the US.

I'm sure Biden will receive his tongue lashing by AIPAC and do a pilgrimage to the altar of Simon Wiesenthal to do penance.

When is the US going to invade Israel?

A fifth column is a group of people, like the Jewish Lobby and Neocons Richard Pearle and Paul Wolfowitz, which clandestinely undermines a larger group to which it is expected to be loyal, such as America.
Israel thanks the stupid Americans who die in Iraq for Israel's land grab.
All the time while Israel rakes in Billions of American foreign aid, or as I call it welfare, for their social medicine and subsidized housing on Palestinian land.
They sit on the beach at Tel Aviv and laugh at how stupid Americans are to fight their war for them.

Three words explain this - unquenchable israeli greed. It's the source of all the troubles in this pitiful region.

I think Jimmy Carter had a point when he described Israel as an apartheid state.

chuck prebys
Joe shouldn't speak up to his bosses like that!!!
He might get smacked down.

If you have any doubt that Israel doen;t control the US, now would be the time to say why.
We were just slapped on the face (again) for 50 years of unaccountable Israeli support by Isreals government.
Like we dont have our own problems, we continue to finance this nation with the worst humans rights record and a moral blank check that never ends.
For the dittoheads, lets tune back to Faux...

U.S. taxpayers are sick of subsidizing the Master Race of the Middle East.
I'm Jewish. I just hate babykillers and genociders. I'm sure you had a mirror image crying about the hatred of Aryans in the 1930s.
Its not "Jew hatred." Americans are tired of funding a government that constantly stirs up trouble and has made Gaza the new Warsaw Ghetto. Everytime someone is critical of Israel's politics, it always falls back to "jew hatred" or "anti-semetic" chants.
They are 60 years old now as a country, why do we have to keep funding them?
That money we give them could be spent here for our citizens.

Rachel Brownlee
Sorry, but Israel has broken more UN resolutions than any other country.
And I'll think you'll find it is AIPAC that controls congress, something Haartz confirmed just last month when it published an article on how ALL US political appointees must be vetted by the Jewish community first!

Hogwash. Your Hasbara thinks repeating lies will make it true, but it won't. Geneva convention tells us you can't move your people into occupied territory. End of story.
If you think what Israel is doing to non-jews is good, maybe we should treat the jews in this country the same way.

The arrogence of israel will be it's undoing.

The arrogance of the jews will be their undoing.

Compared to Israel, Iran looks like a peace loving nation.

Rachel Brownlee
Did you vote for Obama and Biden so that AIPAC could tell THEM how to govern?

He's not telling Israel .....how to govern.
He's telling them not to be the brutal oppressors ..............that they are.

alysheba 3
Except Israel isn't a democracy. And I think you forgot about Turkey.
If Israel is a democracy then why can Arab Israelis not have spouses receiving citizenship? In some cases they even have to live separately.
Why are Jewish women not allowed to pray where they want?
Why does Israel act like a country they claim is a dictatorship, beating and jailing journalists?
In a democracy are there laws forbidding women to ride on the same buses as men in certain areas of a country?
 [Alysheba preaching her usual.]

America needs to stop feeding the ISRAELI WAR CRIMINALS.

alysheba 3
I condemn any country that uses sophisticated weaponry to steal land, murder civilians, including children, creates open aired prisons (controls all movement in and out), and denies human rights to a population of millions.
But apparently you support a country that performs those actions.

I believe the subject is Israel, not Saudi Arabia. Stay on topic.
Commitment to justice and human rights? You mean like keeping impoverished people fenced in like dogs?

Grim Al
Now lookee here!
The reprehensible persecution of Jews ended with World War II. It was carried out by Germans, not Palestinians or other Arabs. To visit the same on them dilutes the claims of victimhood of that era.
And lest we forget - criticsm of Israel does not constitute anti-semitism. To make this analogy also dilutes valid claims of anti-semitism.

hear, hear.....but, but, .... they will ride that pony of 'anti-semitism and 'chose people' forever.
just sayin

Of course they are sworn to destroy it. Israel is sitting on their property. Are you kidding? Jews and Arabs are all the same. Zionists poisoned the well.

Tony Gagliano
I believe jews are getting murdered world wide "BECAUSE" there is an Israel

Like the congressman said of the banks..."they own this place"
AIPAC runs our foreign policy (and most of what the banksters don't).
Zionist believe that non-Jews are lesser beings, so they will take our treasure, and use our young men and women to die for their war of expansion against Iran... and to them, while perhaps it is unfortunate, it is no more sin than swatting a fly.
it's equally obvious they OWN US. they don't need us except to fight and die for their wars, they need our money and power.

it is pathetic to see USA so controlled by a rogue state and its cronies with their dirty mafia money.

Biden 2012. Israel is committing cultural genocide, and we should not be afraid to say it.

Adrienne Williams - Huffpost Blogger
 As my "Jewish" stepmother always says, Jewish not Jew, (which is sort of like the N word) I have to agree with Joe! He tells it like it is... Peace and love my brothers! [WTF?]

Israeli propaganda: deflect and distract, distract and deflect.
When is the US going to invade Israel the original terrorist country?
Gee I thought it ["Israel"] was spelled "occupation" and murder of innocent civilians.

Alex Thomas
Jews, your fast pass should have expired years ago. Now you should be held accountable for your actions.

I despise the way the Israeli's treat the Palestians. A Holocaust was perpetrated on the Jews in Europe, and then the Jews in Europe proceeded to perpetrate the same treatment on the Palestians. Here is the verbage of the Balfour Declaration (the declaration of Israel's founding by the British in 1917):"[quote edited for length]" Please pull the plug on aid to Israel.

Right...with Emanuel systematically eliminating African Americans who hold House committee chairmanships in the government and replacing them with those politically aligned with himself.
Why did Pelosi back off the Pete Stark appointment (Rangel)? And why did it go to Levin? Business as usual for the I's. And Obama has enabled it. [Conspiracy theory]

I thought these people believed in God.

Because they're the Chosen People. [Not as bad as it sounds. Click for context.]

Good for Biden. Bad on the Israelis, who insist on committing additional provocations thru settlements on disputed land.
Freenation above is right - suspend ALL US aid to Israel and regulate AIPAC, who we can thank for the Iraq War.

Finally somebody to stand to the Israeli bullies.
Israel does not want any peace, they have done everything possible to stop it, they have gone as far as killing their own leaders to stop the peace process.. they will not stop until they destroy all palestinias, that is Israel's final solution.
Way to go, Joe! We should cut off all aid now and tell Israel we will do nothing to defend them if they are attacked by their victims. Add Israel to the list of terrorist nations and treat them as such.

The United States CONSTANTLY goes against its own BEST interest by supporting the Zionist state called Israel.

Please cut any new tax payer supplied funding to Israel immediately. We Americans have provided them with enough welfare for the last 4 decades. No more US welfare for our true middle-east enemy, rael!

I don't know, maybe a decrease in the ter rrist attacks that aren't false flags? Maybe the peace that comes knowing you've done the right thing protesting a genocide being carried out WITH OUR MONEY WITHOUT OUR CONSENT?
What do you think?
All of these are for the show.
Biden and BaBu are on the same page and have the same ideology and it is the $10 question everybody knows the answer to and nobody says it aloud.
US has the power to force Israel to stop building in occupied territories, by stop sending foreign aid checks to Israel. But how can you do this to the masters? They have US by balls. They control the money, media, congress and people's mind.
US will soon lose its leading position as a superpower and our moral status in the worlds is already lost.
Historians will not have mercy on us. Because the victor will write the history.
These people then go to the next superpower and corrupt their government, they are starting to learn Hindu and Chinese.
I pray to God that they leave us before the total meltdown but they will suck the last drop of blood from our economy and will bankrupt US before they leave us alone.

Biden seems to be under the impression that Israel actually wants peace.
Clearly that is not their goal.

Israel quite effectively demonizes itself with actions like these.

“Israel approved the construction of 1,600 new homes for Jews in disputed east Jerusalem”
Israel is disputed territory, East Jerusalem is OCCUPIED territory. Words matter and using biased terms to push a political agenda is not reporting, its propaganda.

Until the final status of both Israel and Palestine is certain, it would be wise to withhold recognition of either territory as an independent state. The current crisis is the result of the world's nations acting too quickly to recognize Israel's government.

Clarity in the American position would be achieved if AIPAC money were banned from American politics. This ridiculous praise of Israel makes no sense. A client state should not be praised, even if you stand by it!

 Darwinia Amazonia
Biden Urges Israel To take Risks For Peace; and confirms the World suspicion that the Obama administration serves the universally despised Israeli Lobby.

No space between the US and Israel? All I see is space between my taxes dollars and the poor children right here at home, who's health care and a hot meal is more important to me than an apartheid embarrassment on the other side of the world.

Bleh! Same crud, different day. The US is apparently still willing to forfeit all credibility and indeed our own security at the service of this rogue nation. I absolutely cannot understand it.

Because of misplaced guilt over the Jewish holocaust, fear of being labeled anti-Semitic and bad religion, we have the mess known as the Israeli Palestinian conflict, which began when 'civilized' men partitioned the Holy Land which had previously been occupied by the Brits and before them, the Turks.
In Tel Aviv "on March 10, 1948, eleven men had a meeting in the Red House headed by Ben Gurion. The eleven decided to expel one million Palestinians from historical Palestine. No minutes were taken, but many memoirs were written about that fateful meeting. A systematic ethnic cleansing of Palestine began and within seven months the Zionists managed to expel one half of all the Palestinian people from their villages and towns."-Dr. Ilan Pappe.

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