Wednesday, March 3, 2010

HPW: Alan Dershowitz's "Forged Passports OMG!"

Yesterday Alan Dershowitz wrote yet another impressive article on the Huffington Post, this time attacking the bruhaha centered around Israel's alleged use of fake passports. His points are pretty simple:

-This is something that every intelligence agency on earth does.
-The Australian Prime Minister himself admitted that to save the lives of his people, he's willing to do what he's got to do.
-Israel is getting singled out, as usual.
-It's better than using military force, as we know.
-Dubai should have arrested Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, he should not have been there in the first place.

Dershowitz's point are succinct and clear. It helps that he is right: All spies do this kind of thing, and it's a very petty thing to be getting on Israel's case about. Therefore, the anti-Zionists on the Huffington Post don't even try to argue with him about the actual content of his article. They instead resort to simple attacks. On Dershowitz, Israel, anyone they can find. Click below to read from the fully moderated thread:

Is bin Laden supporting a resistance of an illegal occupation and repression of a people based on their religious beliefs (Christian and Muslim)? [Ascribing false motivation to Israel.]
If yes, then yes to your question
If no, then certainly not

It's what happens when you give ppl so MANY reasons to condemn what israel does.
The Palestinians and the millions of eager activists are waiting for Israel to grant the Palestinians equal rights. That'll be the day that Israel will be championed as a light unto the nations and condemnation will practically be minimal. Until then, OFF WITH THEIR HEAD!

"Blatant hypocrisy"? It takes one to know one!
Believe it or not. I believe Alan Dershowitz and people like him, help the Palestinian Cause more (inadvertently) because their lack of humanity oozes out of every sentence they utter and they are so delusional to know it. Keep going Al !!!!!!
Alan Dershowtiz, a man for whom no Israeli misdeed however terrible can't be explained away with the right propaganda spin.

Keep digging, Al. It's clear you no longer possess the humanity to understand your inhumanity, and by proxy, Israel's...

Disturbing logic and unfortunately lost credibility for Israel.

So, forged passports are ok? Pre-emptive strikes are ok? Gathering up groups and putting them in segregated camps is ok? Wow - I had hoped we would never forget.

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