Monday, March 15, 2010

HPW: AIPAC Lashes Out At Obama Administration

Today the Huffington Post covered this story, in which AIPAC said that President Obama was using "escalated rhetoric" and called it "a manner of serious concern" and wanted him to reduce tensions with Israel. You can read the whole thing for yourself on the link, but basically they were asking Obama to back off. There is as yet so far no response from the White House.

The Huffington Post community, on the other hand, had quite a lot to say. The unmoderated (sort of, there are still comments that get moderated) thread so far has over 2,500 comments. We also saw the arrival of two major anti-Israel trolls, "JohnHumphreys" and "AIPACbeGone2012," one of whom made the threatening comment above. Here are the results so far for the first 20 pages, that was all I could get through before I went to watch the first episode of "The Pacific."

These are the clowns that have us in the mess we have now... dam the jews !
Quit sending them money today !

AIPAC is an Israeli 5th column dressed as Americans. Israel is not a real friend of America, that is why they call themselves special friends. An example of a special friend of Israel is HuffPost itself. Only they can't talk about it. That's part of the specialness of the friendship. I got you on a timer HuffPost. Let's see how long it takes you to delete this comment.

Obama apologize to Israel???? If he does I 'mdone with him.
Seriously we've vetoed countless of UN resolutions against Israel illegal tactics and policies, we fund them, we protect them ... He// we do their dirty wars and that's how they thank us? they insult us completely?
This is not a strategic alliance except for the zionist Wall St crowd who can careless about the blood and resources sacrificied for this so called "FRIENDSHIP".
And AIPAC and all Holocaust drama queens it's enough ! we aren't falling for it any longer especially when we see that you use the same violent repressive tactics on Pals.
Yes Hamas is no friend but Israel is far from being the democracy it pretends. As long as the extremes drive the process there won't be peace. it's against their business model.

These AIPAC Jews better decide which country they are loyal to. If it is the United States, they need to demand that we cut off all aid to Israel and sever relations with that rouge nation. If Israel is where they invest their loyalty, then they better move to that barbaric nation of killers before we deport them all.
There is NO benefit to the United States from a continuation of our support of Israel, in fact, it is detrimental to our security. We need to kick AIPASC and its supporters OUT of the U.S. before they get us into another war.

The chosen people want special treatment while treating other people as subhumans.
So you boil Palestinian kids alive with the white phosphorous out of frustration....and continue demanding reparations and respect from the world in memory of Holocaust. Very rich.

Why don't they just round the Palestinians up in camps and exe_cute would be a quicker way to get to the same goal..
Better yet, we should make it one country.. and then outlaw their apartheid system..

Israel has been a problem for America for too long, and all I have to say about Israel is we need separation and get the Jewish Neocons out of our foreign policy. The world will not trust us as long as we are the puppet of Israel. Pay attention to the Senators who want to invade IRAN, and news outlets that push the Israel Agenda and don’t be fooled.

because they think they own the united states, they are like a obsessed girlfriend, they keep threatening us like we need them or something

fifteen pounds
And, likewise, look what happened to the NAZIs when they wanted."Lebesnraum">>.or what happened to the Boers when the world said, enough, no more apartheid.......It is time Israel faced facts. there will be no peace until they settle with the Palestinians....either abandon Zionism, and create a greater state with religious liberties guaranteed, or wait until the US collapses economically and the demographics in Israel change to an Arab-Druze-Bedouin majority.....Sooner or later, the Israeli house of cards is going to have to come to terms with reality.

Explain in what way, shape, or form, this is "getting rid of the Jewish people". Explain. Your desire to be a victim at all times is appalling, there are people in the middle east that are actively being "gotten rid of" and they're not Jewish. Lesson learned from what happened with the Nazis: don't let it happen again, TO ANYONE.

Had a post deleted by HP ... there was nothing but truth in the sentence. It referred to Israel riding on the tears of world compassion for having suffered thru the Nazi era.

Well I hope Israel attacks Iran because it will be quite nice to see all of Israel be hit by Cobalt 60 Amalek
Good thing is it only has a half life of 5 years so they get their land back with buildings intact for the next crop .

For a foreign Nation the size of Togo...w/3 million citizens who couldn't fill a Manhattan block, river to river on a business day.
The State of Israel doesn't KNOW how to be a friend or have friends/neighbors. It is a war profiteer and spies on anyone/everyone. The State of Israel is TOXIC.
American taxpayers should NOT be facilitating and/or subsidizing this Nation...and ignore the petulant name-calling from this pipsqueak and STOP treating them like they are more than they are. Don't buy their PR and propaganda.

The only difference between patriots and terrori$t$ is who gets to write the history. Israel's gen0c1de (approved by the Sunday fundie neanderthal can'tservative RepubliK-K-Kants) is just as much gne0c1de as that of Al Qaeda.

Jews and AIPAC go with which ever way the wind blows. They play both sides.............WATCH.
Always have...
This time they took Obama because of Rahm and their controlled media built up Obama and McCain was chosen as designated loser. John McCain knew it also. Why do you think he chose Palin? All theater.
its all a game and you folks aren't aware of it.

All hail USA and it's people, prostrate youself before the great Israel. Then stand up, turn around, drop your pants and bend over for your reward.
Only thing they get from me is a nice round between the eyes if they come near my house.

Rahm is the puppetmaster. Its all just good cop bad cop right now.
Israel willl continue to get funded and do what they want....................until they get introduced to Cobalt 60 Amalek.
Mention Amalek to an Israeli and watch his face go pale

I used to be pro Isreal. No more! Stop your abuse of others, and I might change my mind. You keep referring back to the 1930s in Germany like you were the only ones selected to go to the gas chambers that Hitler conceived for your demise. That is just not true. Many other nationalies also suffered, and no one has spoken up for them. Enter the 21st century, and learn to live with people that don't always have your best interests at heart, or go to war, but don't hide behind the U.S.

Israel supporters here make ridiculous statements like Israellis are smart and talented.
Germany in the 30's had lots of talented and smart scientists. In fact, so smart the USA give many of them a free ride to work in the Pentagon.
Operation Paper Clip and the 4th Reich is alive and well it seems.

hey AIPAC, you don't like it? move to Israel.

Why don't move to Israe/l, you will feel right at home with your ra/c/is/ts friends.

how much do you want to bet, that during the AIPAC meeting.......the jewish holcaust will be front and center.....lets put the AIPACERS on the next plane to israel, one way, with no return........that way, they won't have to put on the false face of their loyalty to america..........

TDB AIPAC, get over it. He is the president of the United States of America, if you don't like it, move to Israel. You certainly love that country more than you love this one. Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.

Germany 1940 Israel 2009
Some glaring photos
It's just sad! That's why I will never trust what zi/on/ists say. They are a bunch of savages, we need a serious investigation into ai'pa'c's because they are the 21st century Na///z/is.

show your support for the obama administration on this issue and tell them to hold off american money from getting into israel until they shape up on the white house website.
seems like aipac members are more israeli than they are americans. if they love israel so much they should just move there.

As I have said earlier, Israel has, for so long, taken for granted our undying support. They have manipulted us to continue their own agenda and held the world hostage in faulting it for Hitler's sins. For too long Israel has taken advantage of our friendship and protection to cover for its (borderline) terrorist acts. Now, they show disdain and dispespect for our President without regard to the fact by disrespecting him, they are doing so to all Americans. Our media seems to rejoice in the lack of support Israel polls shows towards President Obama as if they are legitimate. Israel is for Israel and they could care less if they dragged us into a war to meet their ends. Israel holds a 4000 year old grudge and NOTHING we say or do will settle it.
The arrogance of Israel knowingly building the settlements would cause discourse in the region did so anyway. Then AIPAC has the nerve to blame us for being upset after the blindsiding. It is like slapping someone and then blaming them for having their face in the way.

I don't think so.
Are you supporting racism and ethnic cleansing?
if you support Israel YOU ARE.

Because Zi/on/is/m=Ra/c/ism
 [response: "bravo"]

Google isreal cameramen frontline...I saw the show on pbs,,,it proves that Isreal should go on a list of terror states.
As far as I am concerned they are terrorists and treat them accordinlgly
Locked and loaded here.
I think they just a mod shift change. A Megaphone person at the desk [of the HP moderation system] now
you're completely correct. it's like a release valve for people relentlessly bludgeoned by the elite NYC money owned mass media. [click for context]

The US should stop genuflecting to Israel and call them out for what they have become-TERRORISTS. Terrorists who slaughter innocent women and children.

Who killed our Jesus Christ?

I've never understood how anyone with any sense of justice could rationalize the stealing of land which once was a nation known as Palestine from innocent people to create the country of Israel. Unless or until this injustice is rectified, there will never be peace in the Middle East.

Isreal is the thug here.

America, AIPAC is the mouthpiece of a foreign, hostile power. Their representatives should be either expelled from the country or tossed in jail.

why does AIPAC hate america and the peace process?
Because Zi/on/is/m = Ra/ci/sm

So because they have a democracy we should be their ally regardless of the fact that they murder their neighbors, steal their land and bomb their babies with regularity?

Apartheid isn't true democracy.

Someone asked .. who killed Jesus?
Answer here
[Video is of a drunk settler claiming he killed Jesus.]

Terrorists,,pretty well describes Israel today,,,keep sucking the USA in,,,and leaves us in danger
and we turn the other cheek,,,enough already,,treat them for what they are!

AIPAC acts like a foreign hate group.
America don't need such a organization.

AntiSemite? Arabs are Semites. Palestinians are Semites. How can you be an Anti-Semite for criticizing /sr@el?
It's a ridiculous claim. I'm Pro Palestinian rights, therefore, I must be Pro-Semite.
I'm Anti-D3mon. If the shoe fits........
David Rozgonyi
Fanned and agreed, even though nobody ever buys that argument, unfortunately. Nevertheless, who cares if they do or don't. In my heart, I know what is a criticism of a country and its policies vs a ha.tred of an individual religious group. Histrionics by others to the contrary are thoroughly ignored; I suggest you do the same!

Let's get rid of this artificial country and return it to the Palestinians.
 [response: "faved and fanned"]

AIPAC is one of the most powerful lobbies in the U.S.. Most politicians in the U.S. are terrified of them so basically they do whatever AIPAC demands. AIPAC will give money to it's "employee" politicians and will fund the adversary of any politician that does not kowtow to them.
The answer lies in the common citizen asserting itself for justice and survival. Vote out any politician that continues to vote for $7 million a day in taxpayer gifts to Israel. Vote out anyone who supports or is quiet about the war crime blockade of Gaza or other illegal occupations by Israel. Boycott, Divest, and Sanction Israel, and any person, country or business that profits from illegal occupation. Demand a full hearing of the Goldstone report and the murder of Rachel Corrie, and the U.S.S. Liberty. Consider a one secular state solution for Palestinians and Jews, and Christians. This is the model that worked successfully before Zionism created a rogue, apartheid state, that is armed with nuclear weapons, ignores international laws, and commits the war crime blockade of innocent Gaza children

Mark Savage????????? Really! You are just another ra/c/ist zioni/st who lie, cheat and deceive to no end.
David Rozgonyi
If it weren't for the last clause of your last line, I'd have sworn you were talking about the plight of the palestinians.... boy is my face red! [might need to click for context. Implying the Palestinians are undergoing a genocide.]
lsraeli citizen, and former war time israeIi army empIoyee Rahm EmanueI works for AlPAC against the USA. What kind of government can afford to have such a spy in the White House?
AIPAC people should reassess where lies their allegiance...If it is to the US then fine but if it is
to Israel then we have a serious problem of Israeli moles in every branch of our government...
If Israel is your cause no matter what then perhaps you need to renounce your citizenship and move
..I am sure that Jehovah will bless your decision...

Wow, are we supposed to be surprised here? Israel can NEVER do any wrong and anyone who dares to question that stipilated fact will reap the wrath of this organization. Joe Biden should turn the other cheek ..... so Israel can smash the other side of his face too! How dare he question the motives behind Israel's " God given" right to occupy Jerusalem !! Screw the peace initiative and all those who think there is a solution to this problem of settlements. Possession in this case is a total 100% of the law and to hell with anyone who dares to think otherwise. God's chosen have spoken and we know what they say, so why waste our time thinking there may be a chance at peace. How dare we hope for a solution, How dare we question the motives of AIPAC?

AIPAC in no way talks for American Jews. AIPAC is an Israeli PR front whose only loyalty is to Israel. On the other hand, American Jews are real Americans whose first loyalty is to America. [It's a moderate comment, but even implying *some* American Jews are secretly loyal to Israel gets you up here.]

Israel should be treated like the enemy of America that it is.
Outrage? This group has successfully intimidated/bought 12 US presidents, by my count. Why should it stop now?
I don't think many Isrealis believe in two way streets. To them, all streets are one way and flow only in their direction. I've dealt with many personally. It's a strange, alternate universe they live in. [Or you're just a racist.]

Doug Sawyer
How about this link that has members of the AIPAC linked to spying on the U.S.
once again,the U.S. needs to have a very long talk with the Israeli government about their,anti-U.S.
policies and anti-Palestinian policies...
This is a perfect time to really kick Joe Lieberman in the family jewels
because that guy does so much for Israel
,its ridiculous.
Is there any way to effectively lash out at AIPAC?? I cannot think of any organization short of the KKK or Al Quiada that is doing more harm to America right now. Can these people be declared terrorists? Is there a no fly list they could be put on?
How ironic...Isreal has adopted the land-grabbing tactics of the Nazis.

Israel, you crucified the Savior, and still, you want more.

While all of that [a list of humanitarian things Israel has done] may be true, Israel is still an apartheid nation whose goal is to remain a theocracy no matter what the cost to the rest of the world.

I am totally sick of Israel. They are muderous butchers and we, the U.S> should not be supporting. Anything bad that happens to them is a product of their own aggression. I wish they would go away...soon!

Time for Americans to decide which side they are on!
Are you for Freedom, Civil Rights, Equality, and the US Constition
Are you for bronze-age Judayo-nonsense, rooted in racism, aka Apartheid?

Your overlords have spoken. Now OBEY!
God, what has America come to...

It's madness and maddening when you see the Jews employing some of the exact same techniques used by the Germans. They allow absolutely no reporting or documentation of any of their military offenses. When a rocket lands in Israel, there are thousand of news outlets with access to the site. The same access to ground zero in palestinian occuppied areas; struck by bombs, is not granted. The reason: the Israeli military cannot guarantee the safety of journalists - Translation from yiddish: We will shoot you!
I find the lack of empathy shown by a people who have suffered a great deal in recent history, dishearthening. Sins of the Children?
Israel is treating the Palestinians just like we treated Native Americans and the British treated the Indians.
"We got the guns, you got the land. Sorry!"

Israel is like a cancer on all of us. Israel is a disturbance of our harmony.

Can there ever really be a country for a people who consider themselves "gods chosen people"
I mean, C'mon, really?
Does anyone really believe that this mess in the middle east is going to end well?
The ONLY POSSIBLE good ending is this: Isr.ael is renamed to Pales.tine (its real name) then, the Palestinians are allowed to return HOME.
Then a new government is formed with equal and proportional democratic representation for Arabs.
Problem SOLVED.
Any Is.raelis who don't like it can MOVE TO ANTARCTICA, if they are really gods chosen people then god will take good care of them, I'm sure.

People forget that one of the major reasons Islamists attacked on 9/11 (and will continue to attack) is because of our unquestioning support for israel. Thank goodness that we appear to have an administration now who will take a risk in condemning their brutality instead of lending it tacit appoval.

Maybe AIPAC, in the spirit of brotherly love, can throw some of the seemingly unlimited money and influence toward single payer. Hey what do you say AIPAC? You've been sucking the citizens dry for decades why not throw us a bone?

Israel is a failed rogue State, sad to say. Maybe northern Greenland would be a better relocation area though I am sure the Greenlandese would have something to say about it. Israel begs to be demilitarized as it has become increasingly rabid over these last 2 generations.
We cannot afford another World War and we must begin identifying the Israeli spies in the Pentagon,State Department,Treasury and all thru Washingon. There are thousands.

The problem is simply that AIPAC has most of congress in it's pocket, and if anybody gets out of line they will fund another candidate to run against them.

J*ws are greedy monsters willing to commit murder to drive the Muslims out of Palestine. [He writes a similar comment with the reverse, though]

Gee, how much land has Israel lost to the Muslims? Terrible, isn't it. And how many Israelis are displace permanently? Awful. And how many massacres have the Muslims committed lately? Those rotten guys!

I think the United States should drop Israel off in a bad part of town (tell them to deal with the middle east themselves) and let Israel find their way back home on their own (tell the world we won't unilateraly support Israel anymore).
Palenstinians are who the US should be siding with, since they are being subjected to the Israeli form of a holocaust (cut off from the world and slowly killed, kind of familiar right?). Jews should know better.

Apparently it's the "promised land"
When the end comes, some want to be on the "side" of said "chosen ones" in stealing their promised land

It has been my experience that even second and third generation Jewish Americans are Israeli citizens first and US citizens second. This always comes to the fore when we have conversations regarding the latest boondoggle in the Israeli/Palestine saga.
There's a difference between a lobby that works to destroy the careers of members of Congress who disagree with Isr e al and the EU who do their own thing but are allowed to criticize!
"The Administration should make a conscious effort to move away from public demands and unilateral deadlines directed at Israel, with whom the United States shares basic, fundamental, and strategic interests."
Really? What are those interests exactly? For my entire lifetime, Israel has been nothing but a contentious issue with the majority of the people in the middle east.
Also, anyone else wonder why it is OK to support a Jewish theocracy but not an Islamic one?
v eyepete
The people involved need to decide where their loyalties are. We would not need allies in the middle east if Israel would not be the noisy, land grabbing oppressor it is. Now they condemn their own president in favor of this rogue state? This is absolutely ludicrous. Someone needs to publish the names of its members and why they feel it necessary to support Israel at the expense of the security of their own nation.

Now comes the political kickback for criticizing their brutal apartheid policies. Disgusting!

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